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    • RSL

      RSL Cover
      by Sorai — “Did my marriage mean so much to you?”
      KR • Mature • Modern • Yaoi
    • Pregnancy In Action, As Well As The Timing For Possession!

      Pregnancy In Action, As Well As The Timing For Possession! Cover
      by Sorai — Amidst the turbulent and melodramatic twists of fate, will Ji-an successfully give birth to the baby and return to reality unscathed?
      KR • Omegaverse • Transmigration
    • Stardust Moon

      Stardust Moon Cover
      by Sorai — What is the truth behind the relationship between Ryu Chae-yoon, Jin Seong-woon, and Baek Sang-hyun?
      Entertainment • KR • Modern
    • Dirty Shower

      Dirty Shower Cover
      by Sorai — My life had been reduced to shambles due to poverty. I thought it was a life with nothing to lose, but now, it started withering in the hands of an evil person.
      KR • Mature • Modern • Omegaverse • Psychological • Yaoi
    • March

      March Cover
      by Sorai — My name is neither Sakura, Hongdan, nor Samwol.
      KR • Mature • Psychological
    • Comeback: No Choice But

      Comeback: No Choice But Cover
      by Sorai — If only I was Yoon Hye-an in reality rather than Choi Hong-seo as I thought I was.
      Entertainment • KR • Mature • Psychological

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