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      Bl Ch6

      Bl Ch6 Cover
      by soapa Lu Qing remarked, "Hmm?" Peng Deyu, who dyed his newly graying hair black every month at the barbershop, twitched at the sight of that head of silver hair. "I wanted to ask yesterday... Is this the trend among young people nowadays?" A group of young police officers strongly denied, "We young people don’t do that! Please don’t generalize!" "Sorry, I haven’t shaken off some habits from abroad." Yu Duqiu quickly searched his mind and picked a phrase he thought was appropriate to greet the…
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      BL Ch5

      BL Ch5 Cover
      by soapa Early in the morning, sunlight streamed into the bedroom, filling the room with brightness. It was as if the shadow of death that had loomed over everyone last night had never existed. Yu Duqiu had forgotten to close the curtains the night before. The sunlight shining in irritated him, and he blindly reached out for the automatic curtain control button on the bedside table with his eyes closed. "A bit to the left." "!" He opened his eyes abruptly, then quickly lowered his head to ease the sudden…
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      BL Ch4

      BL Ch4 Cover
      by soapa Yu Duqiu calmly pressed the bedside bell while maintaining his grip on the man's neck. Within ten seconds, a commotion arose at the suite's door. The facial recognition lock had recorded his entourage’s faces. Lou Baoguo's face was the largest and the first to be recognized. He burst into the bedroom ahead of the others, shouting, "Young Master! Are you—" Two disheveled figures on the bed looked up in response. One was pinned down with his neck being held, and the other, shirtless, was…
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      BL Ch3

      BL Ch3 Cover
      by soapa Midnight At midnight, all was silent. While the police officers of the Xinjinqu Public Security Bureau were still busy collecting evidence in the banquet hall, most of the frightened guests in the hotel rooms had already gone to bed. In the prestigious city-view suite on the twenty-fifth floor, the silk curtains hung on both sides. The pitch-black night scene outside the window offered nothing to see. Inside the room, only a bedside lamp with a stained glass shade provided light, casting a warm…
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      BL Ch2

      BL Ch2 Cover
      by soapa 11 PM. Even at a lively place like the Grand Hyatt Hotel, it's about the time for the public festivities to end, though what kind of revelry might continue behind closed doors is anyone's guess. However, tonight, not a single luxury car had left the premises, and several police cars with flashing red and blue lights had instead gathered at the entrance. The hotel area was cordoned off, and after the police and security personnel calmed the guests, they were all sent back to their rooms. Those who…
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      BL Ch1

      BL Ch1 Cover
      by soapa Prologue In the deep autumn of October, a rare torrential downpour fell. The streetlamp at the alley's entrance couldn't penetrate the dense rain curtain, only illuminating the edges of the rain lines. The silvery light flickered like blades falling from the sky, rushing into a swift and cold murder. The alley, only three meters wide, led ten steps in to the back door of a neighboring bar, which directly connected to the kitchen. Three half-height garbage bins stood at the door, with the store…
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      Born Lunatic

      Born Lunatic Cover
      by soapa Strong pair with younger seme, double madmen, beautiful and tragic, bodyguard X young master.
      CN • Modern • Psychological • Yaoi

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