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      BITM Ch27

      BITM Ch27 Cover
      by soapa Han Naeyung stood up. He picked up the cell phone given to him and took out the slippers from the shoe rack. With his bandaged foot, one slipper fit snugly. Standing in the entrance, Han Naeyung looked towards the living room. The dog opened its long snout and bit his pant leg. Han Naeyung patted Nari’s head.   “I’m sorry.”   He detached Nari and looked around his house.   And then...   “I’m sorry.”   For…
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      BITM Ch26

      BITM Ch26 Cover
      by soapa “What’s the schedule for today?” “If we exclude the Ogori case from the off-duty hours, we just have a few minor things.” “Then let’s wrap up as quickly as possible and head out.” As Jin lowered the stack of documents, his gaze fell on a passage at the bottom of the page. The parents request leniency. Despite being born into a wealthy family, the defendant committed theft due to parental neglect, and the victim also desires a settlement. It was a simple criminal case. As Jin…
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      BITM Ch25

      BITM Ch25 Cover
      by soapa She sat across from Han Seongwon. "You saw Naeyung recently, didn't you? Did you think I wouldn't find out? I've been waiting to see when you'd tell me, but it seems you weren't planning to say anything until the end." "Did you put someone on me?" When Han Seongwon reached for the bread, she slapped his hand away. "You used the card. Near Naeyung's hospital, no less." "Looks like a text was sent." Han Seongwon nodded reluctantly. "Just as you said, after meeting Naeyung, I had a cup of…
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      BITM Ch24

      BITM Ch24 Cover
      by soapa Jin placed what he held in his hand onto the desk. Why on earth...? Jin frowned as if a headache was coming on. It was a pill bottle that had fallen from Han Naeyung's pocket to the sofa. Pentobarbital Sodium. He was well aware of it as an animal euthanasia drug from the Ogeori case. After all, wasn't Han Naeyung a veterinarian? He tried to think it was no big deal but couldn't easily get over it. The face soaked with tears as if snow were melting remained vividly in his mind. Jin stared at the…
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      BITM Ch23

      BITM Ch23 Cover
      by soapa It was the spring after the cold snap had passed. From that day to today, the animal hospital had gone on indefinite leave. An announcement was posted on the glass door covered by blinds: Closed for a while due to personal reasons. The notice was printed by a computer, not handwritten. No one answered when the bell was rung or when a call was made. There was no response even to the message that said there was something to discuss regarding the requested matter. Worried that Han Naeyung might have…
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      BITM Ch22

      BITM Ch22 Cover
      by soapa "Being able to distinguish people by the smell of their breath is an amazing ability." "Even so... it's not scientifically proven." "Just because it isn't proven doesn't mean it doesn't exist." The therapist gave a gentle smile. "It seems like you have a sensitive nose, Naeyung. So, what does my breath smell like?" Han Naeyung closed his eyes and took a deep breath. "A kind... smell." "You're not talking about the aroma candle smell, are you?" The therapist joked. "No." "I'm…
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      BITM Ch21

      BITM Ch21 Cover
      by soapa One afternoon. An unexpected visit. The man in the dark brown cashmere coat and stylish fedora scanned the animal clinic as if exploring it. Only after politely responding to Lee Seolhwa's greeting and thoroughly inspecting everything from the floor to the windows and display shelves did he approach the desk. ‘No companion animal, just looking around… strange,’ thought Lee Seolhwa, though her smile didn’t falter. “Is Dr. Han Naeyung here?” “Our doctor? May I ask the purpose of…
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      BITM Ch20

      BITM Ch20 Cover
      by soapa “Thank you, Hyung.” “Oh, I just help out every other day and get a meal in return.” “You have to acknowledge Jang Hyung’s humility.” Han Naeyung chuckled softly, being careful not to let his smile show too much. "But that's..." Jang Juntae pointed to the documents in Han Naeyung's hand. “Hyung, you seem to have many connections. You said you know someone in the police who will help find the runaway kids, ha ha.” Han Naeyung fixed his gaze on Jang Juntae, appearing…
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      BITM Ch19

      BITM Ch19 Cover
      by soapa "Why don't they leave him alone? He barely found his mom, so why make them separate again?" Jaemin couldn't understand my tearful sorrow, and today was no different. "Jaemin." "Yes, hyung?" Jaemin's eyes were glued to the TV. "Could you live apart from me?" "Apart?" "We'd each go to a different home to live." "No way!" Jaemin jumped up. "I don't want to!" I quickly covered his mouth as he screamed. "Shh, you'll get in trouble if you make noise." I whispered, glancing…
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      BITM Ch18

      BITM Ch18 Cover
      by soapa Han Naeyung couldn’t give any answer to Jin’s confession. However, Jin didn’t press him for one. He didn’t interrogate him about what he used him for. He simply continued driving in silence. Han Naeyung bit the tender flesh inside his mouth. He had deliberately provoked Jin's pride, cowardly telling him to stop coming around because he was using him. But even after confessing his true feelings, Jin didn’t leave. Instead, he drew him closer. During the drive to Jin's house, Nari continued to…

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