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      Ch 60

      Ch 60 Cover
      by Springlila The first thing Ding Xuerun did was to overthrow the so-called "confession." He suggested to the procuratorate that there was a discrepancy between the suspect's explanation and the content of the transcript. With his assistance, not only was Xu Dashan acquitted at trial, but the true offender was also brought to court. It turned out that the prisoner was Xu Dashan's nephew. His nephew is addicted to online games and frequently spends the night in Internet cafes, staying up all night. On the night…
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      Ch 59

      Ch 59 Cover
      by Springlila Ding Xuerun's first lawsuit was to defend his old classmates. Before transferring to Liu Zhong high school, he had a classmate who was deaf and mute in the special class. Ding Xuerun has the greatest regard for this group because of his mother. He understands sign language, can read lip language and does not ignore them. That is why he is able to befriend them. Ding Xuerun has not yet graduated, and few people will hire a law student who is still studying to be a defense lawyer even if he has passed…
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      Ch 58

      Ch 58 Cover
      by Springlila Summer vacation in the third year of high school was long enough. When Ding Xuerun took Lou Cheng home, Ding Zhaowen greeted him warmly and entertained him. He admired Ding Xuerun's little classmate, who was about to reach the height of a door frame. After preparing a sumptuous hometown meal, Ding Zhaowen asked Lou Cheng at the dinner table, "Where are you staying at night?" "I don't know, Uncle Ding. I haven't decided yet." "Don't stay in the hotel. Runrun room is big, just stay with him!" Lou…
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      Ch 57

      Ch 57 Cover
      by Springlila Lou Cheng remained silent for at least a half minute before taking two dissatisfied bites from his jaw. "Tooth decay hurts, Runrun, you can treat me," he said pitifully as he propped up his arms and looked down at Ding Xuerun. "I'll look into the Hainan dental clinic for you later. Tomorrow, I'll take you there." Ding Xuerun had the sensation that he was lying on the sand, with sand all over his clothes, which had gotten into his clothes and turned his skin red. "...I'm not going to the hospital, I…
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      Ch 56

      Ch 56 Cover
      by Springlila Lou Cheng admitted his mistake: "I shouldn't have lied to... you." He felt that the most aggrieved thing was that it didn't work out. He couldn't even have s*x after an hour of hugging and kissing. Ding Xuerun asked him: "Then which rank did you get on the exam? Second?" "Not second..." Lou Cheng lowered his head. "Third?" Lou Cheng shook his head again, this time buried his head deeper. "So, what rank are you?" Lou Cheng's voice was imperceptible, mixed with loss: "Eleven..." Ding…
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      Ch 55

      Ch 55 Cover
      by Springlila "However, your uncle is really young and handsome." Ding Xuerun responded and glanced at Lou Cheng. Lou Cheng didn't know why, so he raised his eyebrows. The volunteer time in the afternoon had come to an end, it was almost evening when they left, and the street lights were turned on. Lou Cheng was turning sideways to help Ding Xuerun buckle up his seat belt when he heard him say abruptly, "Lou Cheng, uncle?" "This...I can explain." He buckled Ding Xuerun’s seat belt and looked up at him and…
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      Ch 54

      Ch 54 Cover
      by Springlila Ding Xuerun was shocked. He breathed a sigh of relief when he heard Lou Cheng's voice, then turned angry and scolded: "Lou Cheng, there's a limit to your jokes! You scared me with your immature act of pretending to be dead and lying to me..." Lou Cheng hurriedly showed a pained expression on his face and murmured miserably when he realized he was truly angry. "Ouch, My head hurts. I must have hit it!" "Where does it hurt?" Ding Xuerun was helpless and wanted to call an ambulance. "Stop it, it was…
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      Ch 52

      Ch 52 Cover
      by Springlila Ding Xuerun had no idea that Lou Cheng would be so bold. He watched the white flag-like curtains being raised by the wind, floating in the breeze and eventually settling. Ding Xuerun had not yet reacted. His head was blank, and all he knew was that Lou Cheng was supporting the back of his head with one hand, pinching his chin with the other, and pressing his lips down hard. Like a slow and long movie scene, he could see the silhouettes of classmates in front of him, some standing and some seated,…
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      Ch 53

      Ch 53 Cover
      by Springlila Ding Xuerun was almost crushed by him. He fell on the wall next to the hallway. Lou Cheng pushed him against the wall along the way: "Why don't you wear gloves?" He touched Ding Xuerun's cold hand. "I forgot since I was in such a rush." His sweater was pulled up over his shoulders. Lou Cheng's palm was warm and his hand was rough and calloused from playing basketball. Ding Xuerun was itchy, so he grabbed his hand and stopped Lou Cheng’s movement, his eyes soft: "Is this how you acted in the exam…
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      Ch 51

      Ch 51 Cover
      by Springlila Ding Xuerun competes in a variety of competitions from September to November. He would have collapsed under the pressure if he had been an average student, but he was so relaxed that he won several first prizes in the province at once. Perhaps it is known that he won the IMO's international award, and the provincial competition committee of the three subjects of Physics, Chemistry, and Biology recommended him to compete in the finals. There is also a computer programming competition. Ding Xuerun did not…

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