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      PEN Vol 1 Ch. 15

      PEN Vol 1 Ch. 15 Cover
      by Yannie 2. Shadow 2 (Part 10) The man snorted at Sejin's harsh term for his father and corrected himself. Yeah, kids who ended up with the wrong dads. Then he opened his mouth once again. "You think a spot will open up in a week? Think logically. The kids in the shelter went there because they had problems in their lives. Do you think those problems will be solved in a week? Is it possible to resolve a problem severe enough to make them leave home in just a week? They're forced to be kicked out. They…
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      PEN Vol 1 Ch. 14

      PEN Vol 1 Ch. 14 Cover
      by Yannie 2. Shadow 2 (Part 9) “Hey, Sejin. What did you buy with the thousand won you picked up?” He knew that the thousand won bill that had fallen near the school gate belonged to Lee Haegyun. However, he didn't feel any guilt picking up what they had dropped. Sejin was too hungry to refuse the one thousand won. “Show us quickly. We made a bet on what beggars buy when they pick up money. Did you buy bread? Or tofu? Bean sprouts? By the way, my bet is on tofu. If you didn’t buy tofu, you’re dead…
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      PEN Vol 1 Ch. 13

      PEN Vol 1 Ch. 13 Cover
      by Yannie 2. Shadow 2 (Part 8) At Cheon Sejoo’s brief command, Sunhyuk gently pressed the accelerator. Throughout the entire trip from the office to the club and back, Cheon Sejoo’s mind was occupied with thoughts of Kwon Sejin. He needed to find out why he was being called a homeless person and what exactly he was up to. If only he hadn't met Kim Hyunkyung, he wouldn't have to be dealing with this. Every time he thought of Sejin, her desperate voice of pleading with him echoed in his mind as if it were a…
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      PEN Vol 1 Ch. 12

      PEN Vol 1 Ch. 12 Cover
      by Yannie 2. Shadow 2 (Part 7) The man looked troubled at Cheon Sejoo's curt command and nodded. The two were already acquainted. Cheon Sejoo narrowed his eyes, noticing the manager’s hesitation despite knowing who he was. It suggested that whoever was inside must be quite high-ranking. "Who is it? A congressman?" The manager shook his head at Cheon Sejoo’s question. If not a congressman, then a spoiled rich kid from a chaebol family? The manager shook his head again. With those two ruled out, there was…
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      PEN Vol 1 Ch. 11

      PEN Vol 1 Ch. 11 Cover
      by Yannie 2. Shadow 2 (Part 6) Clang. The pliers fell into the large sink with a loud noise, rolling around. Turning on the tap, Cheon Sejoo lathered his hands with soap, thoroughly washing off the dried blood. When his calloused white hands finally emerged clean and he turned off the water, Sunhyuk, who was standing next to him, handed him a towel. "Are you going to leave right away?" "I should." The second delivery man who had been dragged by the disposal team had finally declared his surrender…
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      PEN Vol 1 Ch. 10

      PEN Vol 1 Ch. 10 Cover
      by Yannie 2. Shadow 2 (Part 5) After hanging up the phone, Cheon Sejoo stubbed out his cigarette and went to search for Ehwagak’s manager. It was because Chae Beomjun had asked him to fetch some side dishes from her as a favor. “Ah, Manager Cheon.” He soon spotted the manager near the kitchen. She was carrying bundles of side dishes in both hands. It seems like she had just finished packing up the items Chae Beomjun had requested just in time. "Let me carry that." Cheon Sejoo reached out and…
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      PEN Vol 1 Ch. 8

      PEN Vol 1 Ch. 8 Cover
      by Yannie 2. Shadow 2 (Part 4) Steam leaked out from the slightly open bathroom door. Cheon Sejoo finally found the person he was looking for. Kwon Sejin was inside the open shower stall, cleaning the floor with the showerhead. His eyes, which had been wary, froze with surprise. Kwon Sejin is alive and well. D*mn it. “Sorry…” Feeling relief for only a moment, Cheon Sejoo quickly apologized and closed his eyes, realizing that he had done something he shouldn’t have done to a girl. However, the…
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      PEN Vol 1 Ch. 9

      PEN Vol 1 Ch. 9 Cover
      by Yannie 2. Shadow 2 (Part 5) At Cheon Sejoo's irritated retort, Sejin shouted, and yet he continued to look at Cheon Sejoo with the same eyes, clearly baffled by him. Cheon Sejoo met his gaze, rubbing his forehead as a headache started to form. If there were any reason to throw Kwon Sejin out immediately, it would be that Cheon Sejoo was a gay man with a penchant for young, pretty boys. However, Cheon Sejoo had no intention of touching a minor, specifically, nor was he interested in a child more than five…
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      PEN Vol 1 Ch. 7

      PEN Vol 1 Ch. 7 Cover
      by Yannie 2. Shadow 2 (Part 3) “Manager, are you awake?” Moon Sunhyuk called out to Cheon Sejoo in a cautious voice. Lying on the sofa with his eyes closed, Sejoo responded without moving. “Yeah,” he replied shortly, as Sunhyuk turned on the living room lights and stepped out of the room. On the 10th floor of the same apartment building, Cheon Sejoo was staying for the second day in the apartment where the disposal team members lived. He insisted on sleeping on the sofa, refusing to use anyone…
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      PEN Vol 1 Ch. 6

      PEN Vol 1 Ch. 6 Cover
      by Yannie 2. Shadow 2 (Part 2) After dinner, Sejin returned to the room to rest. Although it was someone else’s house and he was suspicious of the man's intentions, he couldn’t fight off sleep. He thought he wouldn’t sleep well but fell asleep almost immediately. He slept so deeply that he didn’t hear the man knocking on his door. When he finally woke up, it was already evening, a day later. Sejin was shocked to realize he had slept for nearly twenty hours. How could he have been so unguarded?…

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