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      TEB Side Story Ch 9

      TEB Side Story Ch 9 Cover
      by STAR Despite that, the intense friction continued. Finally, as Renard tightened his grip on Liev's buttocks, leaving a clear red mark, his inner genitals swelled inside and ej*culated sperm from the swollen tip like a beast. Even though there was already something inside his stomach, it seemed as if the space was filled to see how far the space could expand. Ah, ah... Overwhelmed by the intense pleasure that felt like his eyelids would turn inside out, Liev gasped for air and tossed his head back. After a…
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      TEB Side Story Ch 8

      TEB Side Story Ch 8 Cover
      by STAR “If that’s what Liev really wants to do... Hmm... I don’t want to, but..." At the moment when Renard finally gave his reluctant consent, Liev realized what Renard was misunderstanding." "What are you talking about? "Remember? You wanted to last time." "What? When?" Renard's embarrassed expression, as if this were not the first time, clearly showed that there was something strange happening. Liev also looked embarrassed and said. "Ah. That's because before, at the Dahlia sister's…
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      TEB Side Story Ch 7

      TEB Side Story Ch 7 Cover
      by STAR "Stay still. Don't push yourself too hard and leave everything to me." "Haa..." What do you mean by "leave everything to me"? Liev wanted to complain, but considering he was helping take the magic crystal out from his body, it was hard to refuse. There was no other way to resolve this difficult situation without Renard's help.  It would be terrible, not to mention impossible, to think of vomiting something the size of a baseball. He didn’t want to do this either. But other than…
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      TEB Side Story Ch 6

      TEB Side Story Ch 6 Cover
      by STAR The second finger pushed through the space between the inner walls, which tightened as a reflex reaction. Liev's most sensitive spot was now being grazed by the hands that spread open his insides like scissors, and his p*nis was raising its head. On the other hand, Renard was wearing his perfect outing attire without even removing his clothes. Only Liev was so excited that it caused his hips to tremble as if going crazy. It was different from before, when Renard had been thrusting his erect d*ck first.…
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      TEB Side Story Ch 5

      TEB Side Story Ch 5 Cover
      by STAR "Well. I said I don’t want to do anything that Liev doesn’t want to do.”  “What?”  As Liev raised his eyebrows and lifted his head, Renard continued,  “Liev carrying my egg would be incredibly sexy and cute but I also hate seeing Liev in pain. So I don’t want to do that right now.”  The one who seemed ready to pounce at him at any moment was now speaking with a serious face, so it didn’t seem like he was just saying it to match Liev’s mood. It felt…
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      TEB Side Story Ch 4

      TEB Side Story Ch 4 Cover
      by STAR “What do you mean by that…?” As both Renard and Liev tilted their heads in confusion, the divine dragon clicked his tongue again. “It seems that a magic crystal has solidified in a very small crack that formed when the soul was twisted and reattached. It will come out on its own when the time comes.” “Excuse me…? I don’t understand.” “What is that?” Just as Liev was about to ask politely, Renard, as always, asked directly. “Tell me.” Liev tried to give Renard…
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      TEB Side Story Ch 3

      TEB Side Story Ch 3 Cover
      by STAR “What did you do without me knowing!? You said you wouldn’t do it!” Liev raised his voice in anger at the unexpected betrayal, and Renard also reacted with a matching expression. “I didn’t do it! It’s not something I can do alone.” Renard seemed genuinely more frustrated than I was. He was also confused about what had happened and was bewildered. You really don’t know? But just a few months ago, you were making all those remarks about making me lay eggs... However, seeing him…
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      TEB Side Story Ch 2

      TEB Side Story Ch 2 Cover
      by STAR In the original work, it was a region that was casually mentioned in other chapters, but since Liev’s interest was in that direction, he couldn’t help but be left with a strong impression. Moreover, the manager of the laboratory where Liev worked had once conducted research there, so he had only heard about it through eavesdropping. It was a place where one could observe wild animals that had become demonic without the interference of artificial facilities, and because of the long and proud talks he…
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      TEB Side Story Ch 1

      TEB Side Story Ch 1 Cover
      by STAR "Oh, wait, it's hard...." "Don't be such a baby. Ugh... You said this much was okay." With strength surging through the hand gripping the wall, the veins on the back of the hand became even more prominent. He had already lost count of how many times he had ej*culated. Liev took rough breaths, leaning his chest tightly against the wall. There was no hope of escaping, but instead of feeling a slight relief in his breath, the pressure from behind intensified. "Ah...! Ugh...." With every deep,…
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      TEB Ch 111 (Main Story Completed)

      TEB Ch 111 (Main Story Completed) Cover
      by STAR "I'm a little sorry for Suhyuk, but he wasn't the first one I tried with. To be honest, I was a bit hesitant to bring in Suhyuk from the beginning. He was too much of a cheat code, you know? Bringing a veterinarian means basically asking a high school student to do multiplication tables. So at first, I brought in someone who was a bit ordinary." And the result was a crushing defeat. Perhaps it was because of the power of the dragon and the many things it could achieve with that power. Everyone tried to…

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