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      TGHD Ch16

      TGHD Ch16 Cover
      by soapa The next day, Ryubeom woke up early. He was startled awake the moment the faint morning sunlight streamed through the shabby window and brushed against his eyelids. It seemed he had dozed off without realizing it, sitting up against the wall. He had been on guard against “it” until the early hours of the morning, worried it might reappear, but Yeohwi had reassured him. Yeohwi had said it was unlikely to show up again after sensing the tiger’s energy. And it was during that conversation that…
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      TGHD Ch15

      TGHD Ch15 Cover
      by soapa Ryubeom’s mouth hung open. The entire Hyojomyeon was experiencing this problem? He had looked at a map before coming here, and the area of Hyojomyeon was by no means small. Could an evil spirit or yokai be that powerful? Or maybe it had to be of that caliber to be called a Sagwido. “But… how are we supposed to check in the middle of the night?” He hadn’t expected it to be an easy task, but with the thick fog and pitch darkness, he couldn’t fathom how they were going to investigate the…
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      TGHD Ch14

      TGHD Ch14 Cover
      by soapa As soon as they left the house, a chilly wind blew. The cold air carried by the pouring rain felt even stronger after coming from a cozy space. When Ryubeom shivered, Yeowhi tried to take off his coat to give it to him, but Ryubeom quickly stopped him. “No, I’m fine. I’m a tiger, so my body is strong.” Even though Yeowhi was taller and had broader shoulders than Ryubeom, Ryubeom perceived him as weaker. This was partly due to his education that tiger shapeshifters were stronger than other…
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      TGHD Ch13

      TGHD Ch13 Cover
      by soapa As Ryubeom arrived at Yeowhi’s house, a downpour started. He had taken a taxi, got off nearby, and visited a fruit store. The rain started pouring as he left the store. There was no place nearby to buy an umbrella. Even though he had felt it would rain all morning, he was so focused on the last chance he got at Daehogwan that he completely ignored the weather. In the end, Ryubeom had no choice but to run through the rain. So when he arrived at the door, he was half-soaked as he rang the bell.…
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      TGHD Ch12

      TGHD Ch12 Cover
      by soapa As soon as Ryubeom returned to his attic room, he began packing his belongings. He had been told not to think of returning to the family until he had resolved the issue, so he would likely be away for a considerable time. He could come back to report progress, but he wouldn’t be able to stay. Preparing for a period of at least three months, Ryubeom gathered clothes and various daily necessities. He collected the money he had saved bit by bit and estimated his living expenses outside. Though Ryubeom…
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      TGHD Ch11

      TGHD Ch11 Cover
      by soapa Thud… Ryubeom slowly lifted his head at the sound coming from the window. He had been curled up by his bedside, lost in thought for so long that he had lost track of time. The branches, swayed by the cold early spring wind, intermittently tapped against the attic window. The barren branches extending beyond the window seemed like cracks in the sky. The sky was entirely overcast, suggesting rain was imminent. Ryubeom stared blankly at the fragmented sky. Although it had been a while since he…
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      TGHD Ch10

      TGHD Ch10 Cover
      by soapa Cheon Ryubeom’s world was very small. Although he was curious about why his mother left the Tiger Clan and how his father knew so much about ghosts and sorcery, he didn’t ask. Being together with his parents was enough for him. He thought that, as a child, he didn’t need to know such complicated things yet. He believed that someday, he would hear the stories from his parents. So, for now, he focused on the clear fact that they cherished and loved each other. Believing nothing else mattered,…
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      TGHD Ch9

      TGHD Ch9 Cover
      by soapa It is said that people usually have few memories before the age of three. However, perhaps because Cheon Ryubeom was a beast-man, or perhaps because the moment was exceptionally vivid, his first memory was being held in someone’s arms, gazing at the falling snow. Snow blanketing the earth in white, a world sinking into silence. The presence that had come through the dazzling snowy field was enveloped in the biting winter wind. But the touch that tapped his nose and stroked his cheek was…
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      TGHD Ch8

      TGHD Ch8 Cover
      by soapa The head of the security team, trembling as he spoke, delivered his report, and Ryubeom’s face hardened. The man kept his gaze fixed on the family head, explaining the chaos that ensued due to Ryubeom’s sudden absence and the efforts made to cover it. The elders turned to Ryubeom with fierce expressions. Startled, Ryubeom raised his hands to explain. “It’s not true. The team leader down there—” “You crazy bastard!” Thud! With a fierce shout, Ryubeom’s head snapped to the side.…
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      TGHD Ch7

      TGHD Ch7 Cover
      by soapa The image of a human mauled to death by a tiger was thrust before Ryubeom’s eyes. “Please, stop…!” Ryubeom ran swiftly, but there was no way to escape the shadow. The alley had turned into a labyrinth. Was he caught in an illusion spell, or was his mind not functioning properly? Whatever the case, it seemed to be a result of his own weakness. Ryubeom had often been tormented by Changgui in the past. At first, he tried to seek help from his family but was met with disdainful looks. A tiger…

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