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      YA Ch 15

      YA Ch 15 Cover
      by Springlila “If they’re going to do this, why did you run so fast that you’re out of breath? I thought you had to stand in front of the camera as soon as you arrived.” “It doesn't matter who does this kind of minor role, so took them quickly. If it hadn't been for running here, maybe one of the passers-by here would have taken on this role?” Ji-an explained while pointing his finger in a straight line at the spectators standing sparsely around the set. The reason he exaggerated a little was because…
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      YA Ch 14

      YA Ch 14 Cover
      by Springlila "Of course! Everyone here knows that. Except for the kids who go to the practice room like you." Ji-an smacked Woo-young, whose behavior was nothing short of rogue, then smiled softly at him. Seung-joon asked curiously. “…Did you like working in the past?” Ji-an paused for a moment because he thought it was a strange question. He rolled his eyes up to the ceiling as if pondering an answer. He gently closed his eyes and opened his lips after choosing the words.Taking a deep breath,…
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      YA Ch 13

      YA Ch 13 Cover
      by Springlila Ji-an was a person who changed his entire outfit to a more elegant classic when Seung-joon said, 'It's a formal meeting, but don't you think wing tip shoes stand out?' The attitude that Ji-an showed when Seung-joon was eating tteokbokki was also unfamiliar. Ji-an made Seung-joon pay more attention to him. Although Ji-an was young, he was naturally gentle. He was always armed with a noble aura and occasionally behaved so well that he felt proud of himself. It wasn't just that he was gentle and kind,…
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      YA Ch 12

      YA Ch 12 Cover
      by Springlila There was nothing wrong with Secretary Jang's words.  Even if he is successful in making Ji-an fall in love with his eight-year-old younger Alpha self, Seung-joon won't have a happy ending.  In that case, Seung-joon would have to spend the rest of his life with only the empty shell of Ji-an, who had someone else in his heart.After winning Ji-an's love, there was actually a way to convince him that Seon Woo-young and Seung-joon were the same person. It was not difficult to prove it…
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      YA Ch 11

      YA Ch 11 Cover
      by Springlila The name was indeed a great camouflage. Seung-joon was then unable to pass the snack bar in front of the SJ Entertainment building and was chewing on fish cakes even after ordering tteokbokki with tempura, sundae, and gimbap because it wasn't enough for him. Because he was so mesmerized by the flavor of the tteokbokki soup with sundae, Seung-joon was just listening silently to CEO Oh Seok-hyun's report that he had signed a contract with Ji-an. CEO Oh recognized Seung-joon as the…
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      YA Ch 10

      YA Ch 10 Cover
      by Springlila Ji-an heard the announcement in the subway and quickly pressed the call stop button. He almost missed the station where he got off.Ji-an, who had already moved into the dormitory, was on his way to SJ Entertainment to thank CEO Oh Seok-hyun and talk about future plans. It seemed like he hadn't used public transportation in nearly ten years. The subway ride he hadn't taken in a long time was pleasant enough to make him nostalgic. Jian felt bitter that she had become a face that no one…
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      YA Ch 9

      YA Ch 9 Cover
      by Springlila That crane-like man was so tall that the top of his head would stick out even if he was buried among aspiring models. Despite the fact that the body was in a natural standing posture, the well-stretched skeleton had no bent or shrunken parts. The slender waist that stood upright displayed a strong form of strength. Thighs and calves dropped coolly in a long straight line. So he looks great in just jeans and a white T-shirt.The man was like a human god, which the sculptor calculated and refined the golden…
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      YA Ch 7

      YA Ch 7 Cover
      by Springlila After finishing shopping at the department store, Seung-joon stopped on the way to the parking lot. It was in front of a franchise hamburger restaurant. Because of this, Secretary Jang, who had gone a few steps ahead, looked back at Seung-joon. “Secretary Jang. Isn't it time for us to eat?" “It has been less than three hours since you had lunch.” In fact, just 2 hours and 47 minutes ago, Seung-joon alone ate 12 servings of Korean beef, marbled soybean paste stew, cold naengmyeon, and spicy…
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      YA Ch 8

      YA Ch 8 Cover
      by Springlila Ji-an, who had been looking around the living room, fell silent for a moment. Seung-joon carefully lowered his head to the table's side.Ji-an was looking up at the large window that had been cut through the wall that fell diagonally from the ceiling. It had been a long season, but only a soft light that was nothing more than a remnant of the day permeated the window. "I know. Should I call him my ex-husband now?” This shocked Seung-joon. He assumed Ji-an had run away from home…
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      YA Ch 6

      YA Ch 6 Cover
      by Springlila Ji-an seemed to be living in the home of a group member who was active as an idol but retired early. By Seung-joon's standards, it was a villa in a run-down neighborhood that was no different from a slum. The thought that Ji-an was living in a space of about 49,6 m2 with only two rooms made him feel uneasy. Ji-an, who was previously thought to be frugal by nature, has spent the past year lavishing on luxury, behaving as if he was about to spend all of Seung-joon's wealth. It was a luxury that…

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