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      Chapter 2 Part 3

      Chapter 2 Part 3 Cover
      by Canaan "...Do you... do you... remember? The things I said to you?" "What things? ...No, that's not possible. Maybe... I mistook you for someone else." "....." He covered his forehead with his hand in confusion and fell into thought. Yoo Min-ho, who had been messing up his hair mercilessly with his long and neat fingers, suddenly banged his forehead against the glass window of the store with a thud. Before his confusion vanished, I quickly asked a question. I wanted to stir up more turmoil in his…
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      Chapter 2 Part 2

      Chapter 2 Part 2 Cover
      by Canaan 'Go out first!' 'For now, you go out!' Yoo Min-ho's voice, shouting as he held off the zombie horde just minutes ago, still echoed in my ears. ...Why was I so concerned about this kid dying? He didn't even remember what he had said. I had tried to die first knowing I would reset, but why did he sacrifice his own life for just mine? Even though he was right in front of me, I couldn't ask him. The current situation was the same. No one would remember anything after a reset. However, despite knowing…
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      Chapter 2 Part 1

      Chapter 2 Part 1 Cover
      by Canaan Once again, I was inside the cafe. In a half-dazed state, I looked around and checked the time, confirming that it was 19:21. Suddenly feeling an itch in my eyes, I wiped them with the back of my hand and felt moisture. Realizing that I was crying, I was overwhelmed by feelings that were hard to describe. I spent the remaining two minutes before the first manifestation, where the woman bit the part-time worker's throat, staring at Yoo Min-ho's face on the phone. Only then did I seem to understand the…
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      Chapter 1 Part 11

      Chapter 1 Part 11 Cover
      by Canaan "What are you doing?"  "I'm so fucking scared right now, I feel like my heart is going to explode. I feel like I need to hold onto your hand."  "....."  "I never thought I'd spend my last moments in life with a fucking stalker... Damn."  Now, the fingertips of a twenty-year-old kid were trembling excessively. Maybe it was because there was someone next to me who was even more frightened. I felt relatively calm in comparison. While Yoo Min-ho may feel like everything is new…
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      Chapter 1 Part 10

      Chapter 1 Part 10 Cover
      by Canaan Could it be that someone came to rescue me even in this nauseating situation? If there was such a person, it would probably be Do Ji-hyuk. He is mature, just, and selfless. Thinking that way, I used the palm of my hand to wipe away the blood that was obscuring my vision.  "...Damn, did you already die?"  But in front of me was a man who was different from what I had expected, holding a fire extinguisher and gasping for breath as he looked at me.  ...It was Yoo Min-ho. The voice…
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      Chapter 1 Part 9

      Chapter 1 Part 9 Cover
      by Canaan As I pressed my forehead against the glass door and looked at the opposite side where they were walking, I noticed a zombie in a school uniform slowly approaching. As the horrifying scene of a gruesome massacre unfolded in my mind, my heart raced, and blood drained from my face.  Do Ji-hyuk and Yoo Min-ho were both incredibly talented and remarkable individuals, but in front of the zombies, they were nothing more than mere flesh. Whether they were a beloved top star or someone living a miserable life…
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      Chapter 1 Part 8

      Chapter 1 Part 8 Cover
      by Canaan As soon as I left the cafe, I thought about how to block the back door, but unfortunately, there was no suitable method. The back door of the shopping complex was designed to be locked only from the inside of the cafe. Moreover, there was no noticeable object to block the dim corridor. Frustrated by the constant time pressure in this damn world, I quickly gave up and started searching for the management office somewhere in the building, as I had initially planned. I believed that there must be a way to…
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      Chapter 1 Part 7

      Chapter 1 Part 7 Cover
      by Canaan It was 20:01.  I had barely checked one phone, and there was no time left to try anything else. Should I go back to the real estate office again? Perhaps sticking close to the protagonists was the only way to find even the slightest clue. By the way, I remembered the real estate agent mentioning that the shutters can only be lowered from the outside. It seemed to imply that there are individual buttons to operate the shutters for each shop. However, no matter how much I thought about it, I could…
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      Chapter 1 Part 6

      Chapter 1 Part 6 Cover
      by Canaan "No way, is this your doing?"  "....."  "...Why did you lock the back door as soon as you came in? What's the reason for dragging the bookshelf and blocking the entrance?"  "....."  Yoo Min-ho grabbed my collar and spoke with a menacing expression. The fake smile he had been maintaining seemed to disappear. I felt strange, as if I was being looked at with a hateful gaze, as if he was looking at a disgusting bug. Even though I knew it was not directed at me, but rather the…
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      Chapter 1 Part 5

      Chapter 1 Part 5 Cover
      by Canaan Inside the real estate agency, the atmosphere was calm and relaxed, as if the zombies roaming outside were a lie. Although I could sporadically hear the sound of zombies hitting the glass door of the store that I had just entered, it quickly quieted down when I pulled a bookshelf to block my line of sight. My hypothesis was confirmed when I saw the zombies that couldn't open the back door. It seemed that their intelligence deteriorated to a level below that of birds when they turned into…

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