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    0. Apocalypse

    A trial was held under the shade of a fig tree.

    A shabbily dressed man in purple clothes gazes up at the sky. Through the branches of a pale-white fig tree, the sky, intensely blue to the point of hurting the eyes, stretches out above.

    The man recalls the blue sea, thinking of the traces veiled by the scattered stars.

    The path to truth always loses to power. People desire justice, not salvation.

    Salvation indefinitely postpones judgment and abolishes good and evil, but justice grasps onto good and evil and judges them. Creatures consumed by desire for power thereby commit murder against their creator.

    The judge clad in a blue robe queried the man adorned in purple clothes.

    “Are you the King of the Jews?”

    “That’s your own words, not mine.”

    The man in purple clothes replied calmly.

    “Your own people have accused you. So what have you done?”

    “My kingdom is not of this world.”

    “So, you are a king then!”

    “As you say, I am a king. I was born to testify to the truth and for that purpose I came into the world. Whoever seeks the truth will listen to my voice.”

    The short trial came to an end.

    The shabby man who proclaimed himself as a king was sentenced to death. He was taken away by soldiers and executed by crucifixion. A soldier pierced his side with a long spear, and people spat on his corpse.

    A woman in a red dress, wearing a blue cloak, clasped her hands as if praying, mourning his death.

    For three days, blood streamed from the torn and mangled corpse, dyeing the ground crimson.

    The king, who had come to judge the world, finally accomplished salvation through his blood and flesh, and perished.

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