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    After Choi Sung-hoon returned, I did a few more tests.

    My back and stomach continued to hurt despite the fact that I was taking several medications. The doctor’s expression still wasn’t good.

    I just finished the test and came back to the hospital room alone.

    Choi Sung-hoon was called by the doctor, it was Professor Chae or something, and they went to talk to each other. The doctor’s expression was not good during the examination, so I cursed to myself, but I was annoyed because he didn’t tell me the results and only call out Choi Sung-hoon.

    How can I get him to stop calling out only Choi Sung-hoon?

    From the time Choi Sung-hoon returned, the gangster-like brothers had disappeared, so I was the only one in the hospital room. Instead, there was a vase on top of the drawers next to the bed.

    Choi Sung-hoon returned from a business trip with a rose bouquet. The flowers were carefully placed in the vase by the bald gangster-like brother. I stroked my lower stomach while looking at the rose.

    I took out the ultrasound picture from the drawer. It was the first picture I received the day I found out I was pregnant.

    After a long time looking at the too small Kongkongi with my fingers, the door finally opened. Choi Sung-hoon entered the room with a few documents.

    “You haven’t changed clothes yet. It’s cold, so hurry up and change.”

    I was only dressed in a gown for the exam, but the room was so warm that I couldn’t feel it. Choi Sung-hoon personally handed me my maternity clothes. He asked me to take off my gown.

    “What does the doctor say? It’s really funny. Why didn’t he talk to me and only whisper to Choi Sung-hoon ssi?”

    “Are you angry?”

    “No, I am not angry. Why would I be angry?”

    I understand what the doctor was trying to hide from me. I’m not stupid. Perhaps Choi Sung-hoon mentioned that I had attempted suicide and that the doctor would be cautious with me now that Kongkongi’s situation was not good. And I’m not the kind of person who gets angry with this person and then vents on that person. Of course, I wasn’t angry.

    “Tell me how bad things are right now in person. He doesn’t say anything, but his face is filled with worry and concern. I’m at a loss for what to do. But I’m not angry.”

    “But you are angry.”

    “I’m not, really. What’s the matter with you? I’m not angry. Choi Sung-hoon ssi also needs to speak with me. How bad is Kongkongi…”

    I stopped talking.

    Choi Sung-hoon was looking down at my body while taking off my gown. It seems that the dark eyes were gradually going down from my collarbone to the protruding part of my chest, isn’t it?

    “What are you doing?”

    “Looking at Seo-yu’s body.”


    Choi Sung-hoon swept his hand down my shoulders, neck, collarbone, and chest. At first, I thought he was checking my health, but his eyes weren’t that way.

    It was black, dark, and ferocious.

    It was like a beast savoring the scent before eating a well-prepared supper.

    It’s been a long time since we met bare skin, but in such a serious situation, how…

    I gulped and swallowed my saliva.

    His eyes made me nervous as well. Choi Sung-hoon’s big hand on my shoulder was tense. If the big, hard hand between the thin gown touches my bare skin…

    Sex in the hospital room, how great would it be…

    Choi Sung-hoon bowed his upper body. He grabbed my chin and kissed my lips. I wrapped my arm around his neck, feeling sorry for the short kiss that fell after only touching my lips. Choi Sung-hoon then kissed me while wrapping his thick arms around my waist.

    A big, hot tongue entered my mouth and knocked on the roof of my mouth. We exchanged saliva while wrapping our tongues around each other. My body gradually leaned back. My mouth was filled with a tongue as big as Choi Sung-hoon’s size, making it difficult to breathe.



    A soft blanket touched the back of my head. Suddenly, I lay down on the bed. Choi Sung-hoon, who seems to weigh more than three digits, placed his thick arm on the bed and kissed me without putting any weight on me.

    It was like a hot fire. My mouth was full because his tongue was too big. My back side was becoming increasingly hot. I arched my back and rested my hand on his shoulder.

    At that moment, Choi Sung-hoon got away from me.


    He raised his upper body and looked down at me with excitement still on his face. As I exhaled a hot breath, I reached out to him, who still had a dark, black gaze fixed on me.

    “Hurry up…”

    “…change your clothes.”

    Choi Sung-hoon, on the other hand, acted harshly when he opened my gown and handed me the maternity clothes.

    At such a horrible sight, my heart was pounding faster than I could cool down.

    It was obvious that the big man standing by the window with his back to the window was looking after my health. He was suppressing his lust. The extremely dominant Alpha who claims to have the world at his feet… Even though there were many ways without having to put it in.

    The memories from the past merged.

    Our first relationship took place when I was drunk in a heat cycle, but after a few days of our first relationship, Choi Sung-hoon did not fall for the same drunken temptation. He asked what he was going to do with a drunkard and walked away with his back as he does now.

    I knew we were sex partners from the start, while Choi Sung-hoon thought we were lovers. I was never a sex partner to him in the first place.

    I changed into maternity clothes and thought that I wanted to go back to the past. Those nights would have meant something different to me if I had known it was sex with a lover rather than a sex partner.

    How overwhelming and happy it must have been day by day.

    I was so sad about that.

    * * * 

    After dinner, while watching TV in Choi Sung-hoon’s arms, Choi Sung-hoon said he had something to give me and moved while holding me. A large, bulky, and slightly hard object was rubbed against my tailbone.

    Shit… Was he doing this on purpose when he’s holding it in?

    Choi Sung-hoon handed me the binder he had placed on the drawer as I shed my eyes. A number of documents were embedded.

    [Marriage Registration Form]

    One column was left blank, while the other was completely filled in.

    “It’s a marriage certificate.”


    “Choi Sung-hoon ssi, your handwriting is very mature. Really handsome.”

    “I’m also curious about Seo-yu’s ssi handwriting.”

    Choi Sung-hoon put a pen in my hand.

    “I heard you were planning a special marriage proposal…”

    “I want to register our marriage first.”

    “You say you’re going to work hard on courtship.”

    “I’ll register our marriage first.”

    He hugged me from behind and kissed the top of my head. I leaned on his hard chest and pondered as I looked at the marriage certificate.

    I will marry Choi Sung-hoon. Apart from how I don’t regard his feelings as eternal love, I will marry him. Because I won’t be able to raise Kongkongi without a father. And I want to do it again.


    Choi Sung-hoon whispered in my ear in a very sexy and low voice to me who was pondering.

    “Didn’t you want to live your life the way it was?”

    “That’s it… It was.”

    “Or am I not good enough as a spouse?”

    “You’re brimming…”

    “Do you not like me?”

    “…I like you.”

    “Then what’s the problem?”

    Choi Sung-hoon was an idiot.

    That’s the problem.

    That I like you. That I fell in love with you.

    Even if I hadn’t loved him, I would have mentioned how thrilled I was to have captured the extremely dominant Alpha, who was wealthy, handsome, and physically fit.

    But when I fell in love with him, everything changed.

    Now that I know Kongkongi was bound to go wrong, Choi Sung-hoon doesn’t have to take responsibility for me.

    “I never thought you would be so worried. Because you resigned, I assumed you had made a decision.”

    As I stared at the marriage registration certificate that was left blank, Choi Sung-hoon said softly.

    I did not resign to marry Choi Sung-hoon. What I thought was…

    “Once again, I was mistaken for my own good.”

    As if reading my mind, he increased the strength of the arm that was holding me.

    I bowed my head and felt sorry for him. Then Choi Sung-hoon muttered in a low voice saying that he also had a lot to learn.

    “I’m not telling you to fill it right away. I’ll put it here first, so think about it slowly.”

    He placed the marriage certificate on top of the bedside drawer. Next to the vase of roses.

    I grabbed Choi Sung-hoon’s thick arm as he slowly began to stand.

    “Where are you going?”

    “I’m going to spread the bed.”

    Choi Sung-hoon got up and spread the bed next to my bed after I let him go. It was originally a sofa, but when you lay it down, it transforms into a bed. The bed was long enough to accommodate Choi Sung-hoon’s size.

    There was another bed on the other side of the wall, but Choi Sung-hoon slept here every night. To be close to me.

    He opened the bed and hugged me, then said,

    “After I leave for work tomorrow, some people will come. It was just like when I was on a business trip.”

    “Is it the gangster-like brother?”

    “…Yes, the gangster-like brother.”

    “I’ll just be by myself. I feel like I’m being monitored. It’s really uncomfortable.”

    “I cannot leave you alone.”

    “I don’t like it, Choi Sung-hoon ssi. I just want to be alone.”

    I pushed him away and looked straight at him.

    Choi Sung-hoon looked down at me as if he was sighing inside.

    “All right. If I call, be sure to pick it up on time.”

    “I’ll go into the bathroom with my phone.”

    “Don’t be late to reply to messages.”

    “…Oh right. Choi Sung-hoon.”

    I suddenly remembered because the message talk came up. I jumped. I raised my upper body in such a hurry that my head was spinning.

    “Seo-yu ssi, are you okay? Please lean back slowly.”

    Choi Sung-hoon quickly supported me.

    I realized I had drooped in front of him. Choi Sung-hoon supported me with one arm and held the cushion in place with the other. I told him the situation while leaning on his back and following his strength.

    “Give me your cell phone. Hurry up. It’s urgent.”

    “…My cell phone.”

    “Yes, quickly.”

    Choi Sung-hoon paused for a moment before standing. I’ll never forget how he agonized over it for 5 seconds.

    Choi Sung-hoon handed me his phone, which was kept in his coat. There were three missed calls, but none were from a saved number.

    I went into the phone book and looked up my number.


    When I saw the saved name, I was shocked.


    How could this be? How could you just write two words so blandly…

    “Is there a problem?”

    “Yes, there’s a big problem.”

    I gave him my cell phone. Put the name [Sung-hoon ssi♥] on the screen. And I put it next to him to compare his desolate [Seo-yu].

    “Look at this. What’s this. You said you liked me.”

    “…It’s cute.”

    Choi Sung-hoon smiled proudly while looking at his own name.

    “I’m going to change it to [Choi Sung-hoon]. Take away all the hearts.”

    “You can’t do that. Can I put it on your name too?”

    “Of course you should.”

    He kissed my forehead with a full smile as if I was so cute when I was dissatisfied.

    I watched Choi Sung-hoon add ‘♥’ after my name with his hard fingers. After he was done, I took a picture with my camera.

    “Are you going to post it on social media?”

    “I’m going to post it on Choi Sung-hoon’s family chat room.”


    I never said I wouldn’t post it if you didn’t like it. I was worried you’d say no.

    Choi Sung-hoon, who had a lot to say and a complicated face, sat there and watched me post [Seo-yu♥] pictures in the family chat room. But he didn’t stop me until the end.

    That day, I slept with great satisfaction and had a dream in which I was wearing a nametag that read ‘Seo-yu ♥’ at a meeting with Choi Sung-hoon’s family.

    * * *

    Choi Seong-hoon went to work, and Won-jo came to play in the empty hospital room. I didn’t announce the visit on purpose because Choi Sung-hoon would be upset, but when Won-jo entered the hospital room, he asked, “Why are there so many gangsters here? Are they all your lover’s subordinates?” If you see it, he may have already heard it.

    “It’s so small. Is it a boy or a girl?”

    Won-jo looked at the ultrasound picture while eating a banana. He brought drinks and fruits as a gift, but he was the one who eat them all.

    “I don’t know the gender yet. Originally, I shouldn’t have told you.”

    “Still, you tell me everything.”

    “The gender doesn’t matter. I just wish it was born healthy and well.”

    “Why? Do you have a miscarriage?”

    “No, you fucking bastard. Aren’t your words too blatant?”

    “A pregnant person is swearing. I’m still good enough, tsk.”

    Won-jo clicked his tongue. I pouted my lips out of dissatisfaction.

    What do you mean ‘you fucking bastard’ is swearing…

    I showed the marriage certificate on top of the drawer to Won-jo who was eating a banana in front of a pregnant person suffering from morning sickness.

    “Look at this. Choi Sung-hoon wants to marry me.”

    “You have a child together, so of course you should get married.”

    “Choi Sung-hoon said he thought he was dating me from the beginning. He said he likes me. Does that make sense?”

    “It’s such a unique taste. You don’t even look like an Omega.”

    “I am debating whether to get married or not. Also this morning he said, ‘I’d be happy if Seo-yu’s name was written on it when I came back.’ and left.”

    My heart warmed as I remembered the morning atmosphere. Choi Sung-hoon looked down at me with a loving gaze and kissed me as I tied his tie. If we get married, we’ll always have mornings like that.

    “Should I get married…”

    “You really should. You said that you had resigned from your job. The extremely dominant Alpha also likes you. If you get divorced, alimony will be full. Alimony will be paid in full if you divorce. What’s the point of hesitating? If I were you, I’d marry him right away. First and foremost, you must keep hold of him.”

    “Anyway, I can’t communicate with a bastard who doesn’t know love.”

    “What the hell, you fucking bastard.”

    “Don’t curse in front of a pregnant person.”

    “What do you mean ‘you fucking bastard’ is swearing…”

    Won-jo mumbled timidly. I lay down on the bed holding the marriage certificate. Looking at Choi Sung-hoon’s hard and neat handwriting, I thought about the future.

    How dangerous was Kongkongi in this situation? I’d like someone to tell me for certain. I should ask Choi Sung-hoon when he will arrive today. I’ll have to make a decision after I hear it clearly. Things concerning my future…

    However, I don’t think I could really ask…

    That’s how it’s been all along. I could strongly question what the doctor said only to Choi Sung-hoon, and Choi Sung-hoon would respond.

    But I didn’t ask. I’m afraid of the response that will be given back… Choi Sung-hoon may not have said it exactly because he was aware of my complicated mind.

    My feelings were complicated as I listened to Won-jo speak while eating bananas that flowed through one ear.

    * * *

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