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    Children gathered around the blooming muscari.

    The muscari, with flowers blooming from under its long stalks, seemed like it would make a tinkling sound if touched. The deep purple flower stems emitted a musky scent as they swayed in the wind.

    Jaemin and Woomin sniffed the air. Then Jaemin scratched his chin.

    “Hyung, why do flowers have fragrance?”

    Standing next to the kids, Gyojin glanced at the two bent heads as if they were cute.

    “Come on, hurry up and tell us,” Jaemin urged Woomin, nudging him.

    Woomin, twiddling his fingers, spoke in a soft voice like cotton candy.

    “Because flowers breathe too.”

    “Flowers breathe!?” Jaemin exclaimed, surprised, his mouth wide open.

    “Didn’t you learn that all living things in the world breathe? You shouldn’t step on them or kill them. Their breath stops.” Woomin looked up at Gyojin as if to confirm, right?

    Instead of answering, Gyojin awkwardly scratched his cheek. Jaemin, standing up and brushing off his bottom, ran towards the opposite flower bed. Watching him, Woomin reached out his hand to Gyojin. Laughter bubbled up at the gesture, as if asking to be helped up. Having hidden his face before, now he was delighted to have fully opened his heart.

    It was time to call out names and reach for each other’s hands.

    Gyojin’s hand twitched.

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