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    “It’s over! I won!”

    Alex raised both her arms triumphantly after sweeping all the cards. It was her first victory against Yeonsoo. She had been losing in games that required thinking, but in a game like hali-gali where agility was more important than intelligence, Alex, who was quick with her hands, had the advantage.

    “High five!”

    When Alex reached out her palm, Jun hesitated for a moment and then cautiously gave her a high-fived. Jun also seemed to be in a good mood, perhaps because they had defeated a common enemy.

    Yeonsoo smiled as he watched Alex, who had become cheerful. Her childlike enthusiasm was cute. He wondered if he should have let her win occasionally since she seemed to like it so much.

    “Alex, Jun. I have something to show you. Would you like to come up here with me for a moment?”

    Yeonsoo pointed to the entrance of the tank with his finger. Alex and Jun looked at each other for a moment and nodded simultaneously. The three of them climbed up the ladder together.

    As soon as they arrived, Yeonsoo unlocked the iron bars and cautiously approached. A blue presence emerged through the calm water.

    Yeonsoo sat down and tapped the flat floor twice with his fist.


    The sound of rushing water followed. After a moment, Beresht’s tail fin appeared. It moved gracefully like the wings of a giant bird and landed on the floor where Yeonsoo’s hand touched. Yeonsoo reached out his hand slowly towards Beresht’s tail, which shimmered transparently in the water.

    Alex and Jun were both mesmerized by the strange sight.

    Yeonsoo gently stroked Beresht’s tail fin with his palm. In response, the tip of the blue tail swayed lightly.

    “You can come closer and touch it.”

    Alex approached eagerly.

    “I only trust Dr. Han. If that thing bite my wrist off, Dr. Han will take responsibility.”

    She raised her hand over the scales without hesitation.

    “It’s really soft. Like silk, isn’t it? It’s so amazing. Jun, come over here and see it too.”

    Jun hesitated behind but reluctantly moved when Alex called. Alex forcibly pulled him to sit down, as he didn’t know what to do and just kept twitching his feet.

    She grabbed Jun’s hand and placed it on Beresht’s fin.


    Jun’s eyes, tightly closed in fear, slowly opened. Nothing happened. Only the soft sensation on his palm was vivid. Beresht really obediently wagged its tail, not only to Yeonsoo but also to Alex and himself.

    “Ama- ama-amazing. How, how does Yeon-Yeonsoo do this?”

    “I offered a sacrifice.”

    Yeonsoo answered with a smile.

    Until now, there had been countless attempts and sacrifices made, and they have been effective. In return, Beresht sometimes wagged its tail when Yeonsoo sent a signal, and occasionally let him touch its hands, cheeks, or ears. Although, it seemed best not to tell them the news that they could even touch its face.

    Alex and Jun were fascinated by Beresht’s tail. It was understandable. From a distance, Beresht’s tail looked like a vast blue forest swaying gently, and up close, it was as delicately beautiful as a perfectly crafted blue jewel.

    In addition, unlike its incomparably soft texture, its scales were so hard that they didn’t feel elastic at all, like rocks covered in damp moss. It gave off a strange feeling when you touched them.

    Alex and Jun stood up after a while.

    “I said I can tell how a fish feels just by looking at its eyes, right? Do you know what it’s thinking right now?”

    Alex asked, poking Jun’s side. Jun widened his eyes and seemed to ponder for a moment before shaking his head.

    “It’s thinking it wants us to leave quickly. It wants to be alone with Yeonsoo. It’s begging us to go away.”

    Alex chuckled playfully and lightly tapped Yeonsoo’s shoulder.

    “We’ll go down first. It’s all good, just don’t jump into the tank for real.”

    Although pretending to be calm, she didn’t forget to give caution, probably because she was secretly worried. Yeonsoo nodded and assured them not to worry and watched them until they completely disappeared under the ladder.

    After they left, Yeonsoo squatted down in front of Beresht again.

    It had come so close to touching the surface.

    Despite having stared at it countless times up close, he still wasn’t used to it. Being in front of Beresht still made his mouth dry up and his throat tightened.

    He kept wanting to get closer and touch it. He wanted to secretly steal the warm temperature flowing over the cold skin of that deep-sea creature and keep it to himself.

    His fingers moved forward involuntarily. He wanted to tidy up the dark blue hair that clung messily to the back of its neck. He wanted to touch the thick artery that protruded from its neck like a beating heart.

    Just before his fingers touched, Beresht moved back a little. Yeonsoo looked at its expressionless face with a sense of disappointment.

    Beresht suddenly tapped his ear with its long fingers. Yeonsoo’s face, which had been watching from a distance, instantly turned pale.

    He had seen this scene before. It was a gesture that seemed to say to remove his earpiece. He thought it might have been a mistake last time, but now, with more interaction, he was certain. Beresht wanted it. It wanted him to remove the sound wave blocking device.

    He bit his lips hard. He could vaguely taste the blood in his mouth for a moment.

    Why do you keep asking for that? Do you really just want me to go crazy and jump in?

    Is that all you want from me?


    Yeonsoo suddenly screamed and collapsed on the ground. The pain rushed through his brain as if it were being stabbed with a knife. It was the same headache as before. He groaned while lying on the floor. With bloodshot eyes, he glared at Beresht.

    “Ugh, stop, stop it. Why, why are you hurting me?!”

    The intensity of the pain kept increasing. He clutched his head and flailed, and then soon his entire body convulsed.

    Ugh, uh, ugh.

    Strange sounds came out from him, all the pronunciation was muddled. Tears streamed down his face.

    “Ugh. Please… stop…”

    With trembling hands, he rummaged through his coat pocket. He pulled out a thin, shining silver object. It was a stainless steel scalpel made for experiments. He crawled on the floor like a bug and approached Beresht.

    He clenched his teeth and squeezed out his remaining strength, thrusting the gleaming scalpel into its blue tail in one swift motion. With a sharp sound, blood splattered in all directions as the scalpel pierced its flesh. The tail where the scalpel was stuck trembled. The headache that had been gnawing at his head also disappeared without a trace.

    Haah. Haah. Ha.

    Panting heavily, Yeonsoo’s chest heaved up and down.

    Since feeling threatened by Kang Ki-joon, he had been carrying the scalpel just in case. He never thought he would use it here. He felt both empty and furious. He couldn’t understand why Beresht, who had been so docile just a moment ago offering its tail, would suddenly push him to his limits.

    “Haah. Ha. How does it feel to be in pain?”

    D*mn it.

    Despite the scalpel stuck in its tail, Beresht’s beautiful face remained unperturbed. He grabbed the deeply struck scalpel with one hand and pulled it out. With a thud, blood splattered again. A bloodstain spread across Yeonsoo’s cheek as well. True to its nature as a cold-blooded fish living in cold seawater, its blood was also cold.

    “You don’t like being in pain either. So, stop doing this now. Don’t ever do it again.”

    He glared at Beresht’s emerald eyes and turned around. Drops of blood fell from the scalpel he was holding.

    Yeonsoo pressed the switch on the wall to lower the iron bars. He was utterly exhausted. His entire body ached as if he had been severely beaten.

    He didn’t want to see it anymore today. He felt as if he had been violated. It had freely torn apart his mind as it pleased, only to be confronted with the cruel indifference of that existence, which made him tremble.

    It was at that moment when he was about to take a step down the ladder. Yeonsoo suddenly felt a strange uneasiness and looked down at the scalpel in his hand.

    The scalpel, which should have been stained red with blood, was a bluish color, as if it had been dipped in ink.

    What is this…?

    He hurriedly wiped the blood off his cheek with the back of his hand. The blood was definitely a deep turquoise color.


    He exhaled through his clenched teeth. As far as he knew, fish blood was red like human blood. He had never heard of turquoise blood before.

    Once he became intensely aware of the blood, he also became aware of the peculiar smell of it.

    As if possessed, he touched his nose to the back of his hand. It had a sweet smell. A sweet fragrance that awakened every cell in his body, one he had never smelled before. He instinctively stuck out his tongue and licked his dry lips. A few drops from his hand were not enough. He pressed the blood-soaked scalpel under his nose. A delightful scent wafted in.

    The turquoise color before his eyes blurred and swirled. He couldn’t resist. He was helpless, like a butterfly that turned into a specimen and pinned to a board. He stuck out his tongue and licked the blade of the scalpel. The moment the blood touched his tongue, his hair stood on end. His spine tingled. His brown pupils dilated to the limit, intoxicated by its taste.

    The sweet taste was so intense it made the root of his tongue tingle. He licked the blood on the blade frantically. Though the sharp blade cut his tongue, he felt no pain. He was overwhelmed with the thought of wanting to hold on to the fleeting sensation, to keep it from escaping.

    His throat was parched with thirst. The excruciatingly sweet taste gradually transformed into another sensation. A wave of heat rushed to his lower body. When he looked down, he saw his erection straining against the thin fabric of his pants.

    He slipped his hand under his pants. Grasping his swollen gen1tals, he began to move it up and down. It felt like he was going to come any moment, but the more he moved, the stronger his hunger for sexual desire grew. Clutching his erection, he collapsed. He tried to raise himself, sweeping the ground with his shoulders and arms. Crawling on the floor, he instinctively moved towards the being that could quench his thirst.

    ⊹˚. ♡.𖥔 ݁ ˖ ⊹˚. ♡.𖥔 ݁ ˖

    Haah, ha.

    Panting, Yeonsu continued to crawl on the floor. In his hazy vision, Beresht finally came into view.

    Yeonsoo raised his upper body and reached out his arm, grabbing a handful of Beresht’s bronze flowing hair. He pulled it closer and kissed it.

    The lips he touched were cold and wet, unlike in his dreams. He wanted to warm Beresht’s cool lips with his own hot breath. He pushed his tongue in, moving awkwardly but earnestly. Naturally, he wrapped his arms around Beresht’s thick neck. In response, strong arms wrapped around his waist.

    He was pulled in. Into the dark water.

    Even though his mind was hazy, the sensation of being pulled in made his spine tingle, however, he still couldn’t resist.

    As his head submerged, the strong scent of seawater rushed into his nostrils. Feeling the seawater sticking to his skin, Yeonsoo obediently surrendered his body. To Beresht, who was holding onto his waist tightly with it’s arm.

    A slippery tongue slid into his lips. It penetrated deep to the root of Yeonsoo’s tongue and entangled with it. Sweet fluid flowed in him. Once again, he was swept away by the dizzying sensation that shook his whole body.

    Heung, hah.

    Yeonsoo couldn’t stop the strange moans that escaped his lips.

    The arms that wrapped around his waist tightened more. He liked the feeling of being restrained and unable to move. It intensified his sexual desire uncontrollably. Yeonsoo pressed his upper body tightly against it’s firm chest while moving his waist.

    In response, two smooth and large hands went down and grabbed his buttocks. It firmly held and spread them apart. The force of spreading his buttocks was so strong that even the wrinkles of his hole opened, allowing seawater to trickle inside.


    Yeonsoo let out a muffled moan. It was embarrassing to have the area below exposed so openly, but it strangely aroused him.

    He placed his palm on its chest and pulled his lips away. He then looked into Beresht’s fluctuating emerald eyes. He begged with his gaze.

    Do it. Do it. Please. Please do something to me.

    It seemed like those emerald eyes understood and asked.

    What should I do? How can I please you?

    Yeonsoo inserted his own fingers into his gaping hole. He pushed his index and middle fingers all the way to the knuckles. The clustered tissues stretched apart, bringing a fleeting moment of pain. However, the pain quickly gave way to pleasure. The soft flesh inside felt so good, wherever he touched it, it made him tear up. It was as if every part of his inner walls had become an erogenous zone.

    Yeonsoo repeatedly thrust his fingers in and out randomly. While rubbing his back with his hand, he buried his face in Beresht’s chest.

    Haah. Hng. Do it. Please do something to me.

    He pleaded while continuously stimulating himself with pleasure that surged in. It felt so good that it seemed like his brain would melt, but the tormenting desire was also unbearable.

    With tear-filled eyes, he looked down at his swollen gen1tals. He rubbed his glans repeatedly against Beresh’s firm abdomen and smooth scales until it hurt. He wanted to reach climax so badly, but his sensitivity only increased without being able to ejaculate.

    He pleaded while shedding salty tears like saltwater.

    Do it. With yours, directly…

    At that moment, a fishy smell similar to semen mixed with seawater wafted from somewhere. Yeonsoo’s eyes widened in shock for a moment. Beresht’s lower abdominal fin started to split open. It was the spot where he had been frantically rubbing his erection.

    Between the fins, a large pen1s emerged like that of a stallion in heat. It stood erect ferociously.

    Only then did Yeonsoo begin to struggle. It was an instinctive reaction.

    If that thing goes in, I’ll be destroyed. How could I take something like that…

    Beresht’s one arm tightly wrapped around his waist again, holding him still. Despite struggling with all his might, he was easily overpowered. Beresht grabbed Yeonsoo’s thigh with his other hand and lifted it up.

    Hah. Ahh. Hah.

    His spread thighs trembled.

    He couldn’t understand. Even though the sight of the huge pen1s sent chills down his spine, part of him wanted to be completely pierced and ruined by it. His head spun with confusion, torn between fear and anticipation.

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