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    4. Critical Depth (3)

    A hot and slippery tongue licked the nape of Yeonsoo’s neck. The excitement that filled his entire body surged once more. Yeonsoo gave up resisting. He wrapped his arms around its neck and squeezed his eyes shut.


    He was pierced straight through. The sound of flesh tearing was vivid. At the same time, explosive pleasure shot up his spine. Yeonsoo trembled as he clung on. The pen1s that had penetrated him filled the deep parts of his inner walls that he had never reached before. The c0ck withdrew all the way out and then rammed back in all at once.

    Thud, thud, thud.

    The relentless back-and-forth motion began.

    Every inch of his inner walls was pressed and swollen. All the nerves in his body were pulled to their maximum, making him feel like his senses were trembling and dancing. The cOck that had swollen to its limit finally released its sem3n. It poured out without stopping.

    Yeonsoo cried out uncontrollably in a feast of sensations that were too much to handle.

    Even though he had already ejaculated once, Yeonsoo’s c0ck did not soften.

    Thud, thud, thud.

    Beresht’s hard c0ck continued to tear through the hole. His sensitive areas were mercilessly pounded at the same time. He felt like he was going insane. He wanted to ejaculate again. No, he wasn’t sure if he wanted to ejaculate. Something kept surging up inside him. He just wanted to release everything. He was swept away and swept away again. It was ecstatic and dizzying.

    Suddenly, he was afraid.

    The pleasure, overwhelmingly intense, resembled fear.

    At that moment, his nape was bitten. It was chewed. The sound of flesh being chewed was clear in his ears. Yeonsoo looked down. His blood misted like a cloud. He didn’t need to see it to know. His chewed nape must be tattered.


    Yeonsoo thought with a dazed face.

    I’m being devoured. With a c0ck stuck in my ass, at this most ecstatic moment.

    Did he have any regrets?

    No. He didn’t.

    Life had always been lonely. Existence itself was burdensome. He thought it wouldn’t be so bad to die, falling into an ecstasy that no one else would ever experience. There was no pain, only comfort.

    He looked into Beresht’s eyes. The hunger swirled in its emerald eyes that seemed as deep as an abyss.

    It seemed alright to be devoured and become a part of you. If one day the world would sink in the ocean and you return to the deep sea, a part of me will go there with you. There could be no more beautiful end than that.

    Yeonsoo moved his hips on his own even as he was being devoured.

    Gurgle, an unknown fluid burst from the tip once again. The sharp scent of white fishy bodily fluids spread out. The smell of blood continuously grows stronger. The sweet scent made his breath quicken. All sorts of smells mingled and wafted around.

    He thrust his hips more frequently. In response to that, Beresht moved more ferociously. Every time it thrust into the hole, the massive tail fin slammed against the glass wall in excitement. His vision gradually turned red.

    Crunch. Crunch. Crunch.

    The sound of flesh being torn and bones breaking echoed, but he couldn’t tell exactly where he was being eaten. His consciousness was gradually fading. He barely managed to hold on to some semblance of awareness and tried to move his fingers. No, he tried to move them. However, he couldn’t feel anything.

    He looked down. His upper body was like a torso without arms.

    Beresht, who had eaten both his arms and was now focused on devouring his shoulders, suddenly lifted its head. Its beautiful, blood-soaked lips curled smoothly into a smile. It was a smile filled with satisfaction that he had never seen before.

    Beresht kissed Yeonsoo’s lips once again. The fishy taste of blood mixed with a sickeningly sweet scent. Yeonsoo closed his eyes. Its c0ck was still inside the hole. As it parted his lips and thrust its tongue in, he felt the c0ck quiver and release sem3n inside him.


    Something cold splattered across his face. The consciousness that had sunk deep down was forcibly and slowly pulled back.

    Yeonsoo blinked his eyes. He felt a slight headache. His vision spun around.

    Where is this place?

    It reminded him of when Pinocchio was inside the belly of a whale.

    Could it be he’s inside Beresht’s stomach? Or perhaps, it was hell.

    For Yeonsoo, the afterlife consisted only of hell. He couldn’t even imagine what heaven might be like. If heaven was a place where only beautiful things existed and all human desires were fulfilled, it would be a world full of dullness and boredom. It wouldn’t be any different from hell. Thus, Yeonsoo vaguely thought that when humans died, they all went to one place, hell.

    His thoughts subsided, and his vision gradually became clear.

    He saw a gray ceiling that resembled the walls of a cave. It was a scene he had seen somewhere before. Suddenly, with a splashing sound, water came crashing down. Startled, Yeonsoo abruptly raised his upper body. Water droplets trickled down his chin. He turned his gaze to where the water had poured down.


    He held his breath. Beresht was staring at him from out of the water. In that moment, his mind became clear. Yeonsoo hurriedly checked his arms. They were both intact. He was dumbfounded.

    Surely, surely he had been devoured by Beresht after jumping into the tank…

    Why was he back at the entrance?

    He looked around. He saw a shimmering silver scalpel that had fallen. Yeonsoo picked it up. It was smeared with dried turquoise blood. He looked back at Beresht.


    A short, incredulous breath escaped Yeonsoo.

    The iron bars were down, and Beresht was staring at him through them. That’s right. He had stabbed Beresht with the scalpel and then lowered the bars. He didn’t remember lifting them again.

    In the first place, it should have been impossible to jump into the tank.

    What is this…

    His heart pounded, and his mind was a chaotic mess. Yeonsoo stared blankly at the scalpel in his hand.

    ⊹˚. ♡.𖥔 ݁ ˖ ⊹˚. ♡.𖥔 ݁ ˖

    As soon as Yeonsoo returned home and closed the front door, he began rummaging through the living room drawer. When he couldn’t find what he was looking for, despite turning the drawer upside down, he moved to the room where he kept miscellaneous items. He started sifting through the dusty boxes filled with messy storage.

    After making a mess of the room that wasn’t particularly clean to begin with, Yeonsoo finally found what he was looking for. A 5mm micro camera encased in a glass storage case.

    Yeonsoo had once participated in a project studying the habitats of marine life during his doctorate program. At that time, graduate students attached these micro cameras with GPS chips to various marine creatures, from large fish to tiny species, to track their movements and study their ecological environment.

    Later, after the project was abruptly canceled, the research equipment was left abandoned, however, Yeonsoo had taken the micro camera home, intending to use it later for personal observation of marine life.

    Yeonsoo planned to attach this camera to Beresht’s fin.

    After regaining consciousness at the entrance of the lab tank this afternoon, Yeonsoo visited the control room to check the camera footage of what happened during the time he was at the entrance.

    The footage matched his memories up to the point where he felt a severe headache and collapsed, crawled on the floor, stabbed Beresht with a scalpel, and in a fit of anger, lowered the tank’s iron bars.

    Even the eerie scene where he discovered turquoise blood on the scalpel, smelled it, and mindlessly licked the blade was exactly the same as what he remembered.

    The problem was what happened next.

    Yeonsoo soon dropped the scalpel to the floor and then collapsed. Unlike his memory, he did not crawl towards Beresht. He just lay there, staring into space, twitching.

    The screen captured his dazed and unfocused gaze clearly. He felt a chill seeing himself looking so unfamiliar and strange.

    Moreover, his lower body was visibly swollen. He was fully aroused, panting with his eyes rolled back. Watching this, Yeonsoo shut his eyes in burning shame.

    At some point, the Yeonsoo on the screen convulsed violently as if having a seizure and soon lost consciousness.

    It was Beresht beyond the iron bars that woke him up. It kept flicking its tail, splashing water on Yeonsoo’s face. At first, it seemed like it was just a little spray on his face, but when he didn’t respond, the water gradually grew in size and eventually became a torrential downpour. Yeonsoo only woke up after his entire body was soaked.

    It had to be a hallucination. There was no other explanation.

    A hallucination so vivid and intense that it was hard to believe it wasn’t real. An intense hallucination that kept her in a state of ecstasy until he finally lost consciousness.

    Yeonsoo could still vividly feel the sensation of being bitten by Beresht. The feeling of sharp and cold teeth tearing through his flesh. The memory of being trapped within its massive frame, feeling like he was about to burst from the pressure of its powerful muscles. Hanging onto its thick neck, crying and begging for it to thrust into him, the feeling of being split in two by its enormous c0ck, which seemed like it could be used as a weapon.

    Everything was so clear.

    The ecstasy he experienced in the hallucination was intense. It was different from the orgasm achieved through masturbation. It offered a completely different level of intensity and quality. Yeonsoo had never been overwhelmed by such power. He also discovered for the first time that he was aroused by such restrictive and painfully rough s3x.

    Literally, in that moment, he thought it would be alright to die. Just thinking about it made his toes curl up and his throat tighten.

    He wanted, just one more time, to be soaked in that pleasure worth dying for.

    An addictive, powerful hallucinogen that heightened sexual arousal.

    A drug.

    That was the conclusion Yeonsoo reached about the true nature of Beresht’s blood.

    This was one of the invisible puzzle pieces Yeonsoo had been searching for. There was no way the Union Republic government didn’t know about this. Absolutely not.

    Yeonsoo looked down at the tiny micro camera in his palm, smaller than a pinky nail, for a moment. Then he clenched it in his palm and left the room.

    ⊹˚. ♡.𖥔 ݁ ˖ ⊹˚. ♡.𖥔 ݁ ˖

    Yeonsoo took the drinks he bought from the café in the center lobby and carried them to the office. Lately, he had been deliberately losing to Alex in games a few times, so he often ended up running to get drinks like this.

    It wasn’t particularly hard to go out and buy the drinks, but the real challenge was losing the games without making it obvious. If Alex knew he was losing on purpose, she would be furious. He thought that next time, he should choose a simpler game that would be more in her favor.

    As he was unlocking the office door, his phone rang in his pocket. Yeonsoo answered the call with one hand while continuing to unlock the door with the other.


    – Dr. Han. It’s me, Alex. Kang Ki-joon is in the office right now.

    Yeonsoo stopped just as he was about to open the door.

    – Kei is in the lab, and I happened to be outside when I saw Kang Ki-joon go in so I’ve stayed outside since then.

    “Then Jun is alone inside right now?”

    – Yes. That’s why I’m worried. Kang Ki-joon always causes a scene when he comes to the office, and Jun gets the worst of it every time. I want to go in and get him out, but as you know…

    “I know. You’ve been disciplined several times for standing up to Kang Ki-joon. Don’t come. You might really get fired.”

    – I’m sorry. Just this once, can you handle it? Just go along with him and get Jun out of there. That b*stard Kang Ki-joon doesn’t touch you, right?

    Yeonsoo’s brow furrowed slightly. Alex’s words were both right and wrong. Kang Ki-joon had never hit him, but he constantly found excuses to touch and grope him. No one else dared to openly handle and manipulate him like that.

    “Don’t worry. I’ll get Jun out safely. I’m going into the office now.”

    Yeonsoo took a deep breath and opened the door.

    Unfortunately, as soon as he opened the door, he made eye contact with Kang Ki-joon, who was already looking in his direction. Upon seeing Yeonsoo, Kang Ki-joon smiled so brightly almost seemingly looking innocent.

    Yeonsoo gave him a brief nod of greeting and set down the drink carrier hanging from his arm. He first checked Jun’s desk. It was empty.


    He sighed inwardly. It seemed Alex didn’t know that Jun had already left. If he had known Jun wasn’t there, he wouldn’t have willingly walked into the office with Kang Ki-joon present. This was a mess.

    “Hello, Dr. Han.”

    Ki-joon, who had been sitting in Yeonsoo’s chair as if he owned it, got up and approached him with long strides.

    “Why didn’t you come to report to me? Since you didn’t come, I had to come myself. Do you like that I’m the one visiting you?”

    Crazy b*stard.

    Yeonsoo swore inwardly, twisting his mouth in contempt as he faced Ki-joon’s smiling face.

    “I told you, I’m not spying for you.”

    Yeonsoo replied coldly.

    “Our Dr. Han never listens.”

    Ki-joon exaggeratedly furrowed his brow and looked Yeonsoo up and down. His gaze seemed to ask, “What should I do with you?”

    Ki-joon often looked at him like that, as if dealing with a disobedient child. The fact that Ki-joon was much taller than him only emphasized that feeling. This made Yeonsoo feel even more rebellious, so he sharply looked up at him.

    “It’s not that I’m being disobedient, Director. It’s that you only give orders I can’t comply with.”

    “You’re quite good at talking back, too.”

    Kang Ki-joon stretched his lips into a long smile but suddenly his expression hardened. Without his sly smile, his sharp features made him look like a predatory carnivore.

    He stared intently at Yeonsoo for a moment before striding confidently to a desk in the corner of the office. Yeonsoo’s gaze followed his back. He couldn’t figure out why he was suddenly going that way.

    “Disobedient dogs need to be disciplined.”


    Ki-joon kicked the side of the desk hard enough to break it.

    “Stop hiding like a rat and crawl out.”

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