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    With a fierce bite to Ha-gyeom’s lip, the esper began a violent kiss. Ha-gyeom was immobilized, his entire body trembling as the initial shock hit him.

    …The esper before him was undoubtedly Baek Seung-woo.

    There was no mistaking the man he had longed for every day for the past five years.

    “Mmph, ngh…!”

    So, he wasn’t dead after all!

    The realization sent shivers down Ha-gyeom’s spine. He wanted to see Seung-woo more clearly, but their faces were too close, and Seung-woo’s relentless biting and sucking on his lips left him with no opportunity.

    Breathing was difficult. His mind kept freezing, overwhelmed by the flood of past memories. Sweet saliva spilled into his mouth, and his vision darkened, filled only with the sound of wet, messy noises.

    This wasn’t how Ha-gyeom had imagined their reunion. The savage thrusts of Seung-woo’s hips, the pressure of his thighs prying his legs apart, and his panting breath like that of a wild beast….

    Was this really Baek Seung-woo?

    His heart pounded so loudly it felt like his ears might burst. There was no room for joy at finding him alive.

    Ha-gyeom was bewildered. The Baek Seung-woo he knew would never touch him like this.

    He had always believed that if there was one esper who would never engage with him sexually, it would be Baek Seung-woo. The memories of being rescued by him at nine years old and spending seven years as close as brothers were still vivid.

    The Seung-woo who had taken care of him so tenderly could not be this rough. The ever-gentle Seung-woo would never succumb to base desires and attack him like this.

    Although Ha-gyeom harbored impure feelings toward him….


    Rapid breaths, hot lips, bodies rubbing together without restraint. Everything was evidence that Seung-woo was alive. Ha-gyeom felt as if his heart would stop. He couldn’t even make the occasional groaning sound anymore.

    The fact that the man assaulting him was Baek Seung-woo… That he was guiding him… And that their matching rate was 99 percent!

    Could Kim Hyejeong have known?

    Had she sent him here knowing about Seung-woo’s rampage, his need for guiding, and his survival?

    Ha-gyeom’s head felt like it would explode from the confusion. Despite the chaotic situation, the pleasure coursing through his body was painfully clear and intense.


    A moan he had been holding back finally escaped his lips. Seung-woo, who had been focused on his lips, now buried his nose in Ha-gyeom’s neck, panting heavily.

    Hot breath hit the pulse in his neck. A thick tongue traced over his skin, making his toes curl.


    …Because it was Baek Seung-woo, he couldn’t respond. Ha-gyeom didn’t want to admit that he was struggling to control even a single touch in front of him.

    Part of him just wanted to meet his eyes, to make him understand that the guide helping him now was none other than Ha-gyeom. What would Seung-woo say if he asked if he had missed him?

    But the blind Seung-woo could only move forward. In his rampage, it was natural that he couldn’t recognize Ha-gyeom.

    Setting aside all other considerations, the only thing Seung-woo needed right now was guiding. Ha-gyeom was willing to give it, as it was the reason he had come here.


    Finally, cornered, Ha-gyeom cautiously wrapped his arms around Seung-woo’s neck. Even that slight movement made Seung-woo’s breath quicken further.

    In that instant, Seung-woo aligned himself and pushed closer. The rigid entrance resisted, but the head of his cock slipped a few times before a splitting pain surged through Ha-gyeom’s body.


    Desperate, Ha-gyeom clamped his mouth shut with both hands and threw his head back. Baek Seung-woo roughly gripped his knees, pulling Ha-gyeom’s legs tightly against his hips.


    It was the first time Ha-gyeom had felt such a violent intrusion, so overwhelming it made him feel nauseous. The thrusts were deep, rubbing against his innermost parts without hesitation. His whole body shook uncontrollably, and his breath caught in his throat.


    Unlike Ha-gyeom, Seung-woo let out a long, satisfied groan. As their bodies parted slightly, Seung-woo’s fierce eyes became visible. Even in the darkness, his striking features stood out.

    Their eyes finally met, but as expected, Seung-woo showed no sign of recognition. His eyes, stormy with contained energy, appeared empty of consciousness.

    His face was unchanged from five years ago.

    However, there was a sharp edge in his gaze and features that hadn’t been there before. The unique warmth he once exuded was gone, replaced by a chilling intensity.


    As Ha-gyeom stared, entranced, Seung-woo placed his hands on either side of Ha-gyeom’s head and began to move his hips. The deep, relentless thrusts were powerful and rough.

    The unrelenting assault on his tight inner walls made Ha-gyeom’s neck veins stand out. Sweat trickled down his ears and neck. The pain was excruciating, but it wasn’t the only sensation he felt.


    Warnings echoed in Ha-gyeom’s mind, telling him not to get excited.

    How could he, in front of his Hyung, like this…

    Ha-gyeom turned his head to avoid Seung-woo’s gaze. Seung-woo, not recognizing Ha-gyeom, suddenly grabbed his chin, forcing him to meet his eyes.



    The forced eye contact brought a wave of tension so intense it was dizzying. This wasn’t the Baek Seung-woo he knew. Before him was only a rampaging esper, and the brutal stimulation was terrifying.

    “Ugh…, hnn…”

    Amid the silence, only their mingled groans broke the stillness. The feeling of Seung-woo’s cock stretching him out became more distinct, and soon, sharp pleasure began to mix with the pain from the now accustomed opening.

    “Haa… Ah…”

    Ha-gyeom wanted to reach down and touch his own rigid cock pressed against his stomach. Pre-cum had already dripped down the shaft, soaking his perineum. But Seung-woo seemed uninterested in Ha-gyeom’s arousal.

    He focused solely on Ha-gyeom’s eyes, thrusting deep inside. Every push pulled Ha-gyeom’s body closer, making each penetration even deeper.


    The wet, sticky sounds from his loosened hole made Ha-gyeom even more dazed. He gripped the thin sheet to endure, forgetting his need to control his energy. His legs shook violently, trembling in spasms. An intense urge to grind his hips back against Seung-woo surged within him.

    Ha-gyeom was on the verge of his limit.

    Regardless, it seemed the penetration was having an effect. Just as he felt the urge to climax rising within him, he noticed Baek Seung-woo’s aggression noticeably subside.

    Reaching out, Ha-gyeom traced the prominent veins on Seung-woo’s neck. They had calmed down enough that he no longer needed to worry about the grotesque appearance. He brought his hand down to Seung-woo’s chest to feel his heartbeat.

    It wasn’t back to normal yet, but the previously erratic rhythm had become much more regular.

    Was it working this quickly? Ha-gyeom couldn’t help but be impressed by the power of their matching rate.

    “Haa…, ngh…!”

    As Ha-gyeom felt Seung-woo’s chest, he couldn’t hold back and climaxed. Sticky semen splattered between their bodies, and Seung-woo, noticing Ha-gyeom’s release, glanced down.

    With a heated hand, Seung-woo caressed Ha-gyeom’s ribs, abdomen, and perineum. The pressure followed the contours of his muscles, and Ha-gyeom bit his lower lip to stifle his reactions.



    Their eyes met again, trembling. Even though the rampage had somewhat subsided, Seung-woo’s gaze remained empty. Suddenly, he flipped Ha-gyeom’s body over.

    Ha-gyeom knew what this meant. He obediently spread his knees and raised his hips. Burying his face in the pillow, he was relieved not to see him.


    Soon, Seung-woo’s rigid cock penetrated his loosened entrance. Seung-woo’s entire weight pressed down on him, a massive heat bearing down. Just as the overwhelming heat made Ha-gyeom feel like he couldn’t take it, sweet breath poured into his ear.

    His chest fluttered.

    Tears pricked his eyes, a feeling of being caught in a dream overtaking him.

    “Ah…! Ah…!”

    But the reverie was brief.

    Soon, the relentless thrusting shattered the dreamlike state. Broken and breaking again, Ha-gyeom endured Seung-woo’s savage thrusts.

    “Hngh, ah…!”

    The bed creaked madly. Ha-gyeom cried, overwhelmed by unprecedented sensations. The pain was so intense he wished he could pass out and end it all.

    “Ugh…! Ah…!”

    It felt like his stomach might burst. The cock reached places it shouldn’t have, grinding against his inner walls. The tender flesh of his inner thighs, repeatedly struck, burned like it had been punished. Despite being completely loosened, the tight fit of the entrance was unimaginable.

    “Haa…! Mmm…, ugh…!”

    His body shivered with every brutal thrust. Ha-gyeom’s mind swirled with pain and unwanted pleasure, a chaotic mix that threatened to overwhelm him. He clung to the pillow, trying to find any solace in the torment, his breaths ragged and desperate.

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