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    Ha-gyeom’s mind reeled. The concept of multiple rounds during guiding was foreign to him. For him, guiding was a duty, not a sexual experience. Most Espers didn’t have high matching rates with him, so one session was typically enough.

    “I’ve only ever… done it once…”

    Despite just having climaxed, Ha-gyeom felt his arousal returning. Unlike with other Espers, guiding with Baek Seung-woo, or Baek Sa, was not purely a duty. There were years of shared history and hidden emotions involved.

    He couldn’t control the nervousness he felt in Baek Sa’s presence. As Baek Sa gripped him, Ha-gyeom found himself swallowing nervously, unable to look away from Baek Sa’s intense gaze.

    “You want to go again?”

    Just as Ha-gyeom struggled to respond, a knock interrupted them. Both turned towards the door.

    “…Damn it.”

    Cursing, Baek Sa swiftly left the bed and grabbed his pants. He put them on, grimacing as he adjusted them over his still-erect member.

    Crossing the room, Baek Sa opened the door to reveal the mercenary who had escorted Ha-gyeom and Tae-seong. Ha-gyeom pulled the sheet up to his nose, watching through the small gap.

    Although he couldn’t hear anything, Baek Sa’s immediate response indicated an urgent situation.

    While Tae-seong and the mercenary bickered over the state of the bed, Baek Sa washed his hands at the sink and barked.

    “Stop gawking and get out.”

    “Yes, sir…”

    The two men disappeared from Ha-gyeom’s view, presumably to wait outside. Baek Sa opened a door on the opposite wall, revealing a room Ha-gyeom hadn’t noticed before. It was Baek Sa’s private armory, lined with an array of firearms far beyond what was available at the center. Even the center provided only one rifle per person.

    When Baek Sa reappeared, he was fully armed. His hands, once sliding between Ha-gyeom’s legs, were now spotless and steady as he inspected his weapons. His form-fitting turtleneck, knife, and gun belt made him look every bit the Esper warrior.

    “Are you going hunting?”

    “In a manner of speaking.”

    His casual response was followed by a return to the bed. Despite cleaning his hands, his lower half hadn’t been. Espers were always ready for deployment, but seeing Baek Sa about to leave mid-act felt strangely arousing to Ha-gyeom.

    “I’m starting to regret saying I didn’t want to keep a guide like a mistress in my room.”

    Considering his authority, as indicated by his ability to command even the councilor, it was clear that Baek Sa wielded considerable power. Powerful men often had above-average possessiveness. Even if Baek Seung-woo wasn’t like that, Baek Sa certainly could be.

    Ha-gyeom’s heart raced. Whether or not Baek Sa meant it, Ha-gyeom couldn’t help but interpret it personally. He reminded himself that now was the time to think strategically.

    “I’d like you to stay here until I return.”


    “Specifically, stay on that bed.”

    Baek Sa’s demand came before Ha-gyeom could make his own request.

    Unbeknownst to Baek Sa, there was no place Ha-gyeom would rather be than Baek Seung-woo’s bed. Even if only for one night, he would gladly trade his soul to avoid the hellish holding facility.

    Hiding his eagerness, Ha-gyeom nodded slowly, unable to conceal his flushed face. He knew Baek Sa wouldn’t care.

    “When will you be back?”

    “I can’t say for sure. No one will enter while I’m gone, so don’t wash up. Wait for me.”

    “…Don’t wash?”

    “Not even the semen.”


    “There’s no need to clean up.”

    It felt perverse. Waiting for Baek Sa in this dirty bed, smeared with semen, felt degrading. Yet, Ha-gyeom found himself complying, clutching the sheet nervously.


    Baek Sa glanced at the door before approaching Ha-gyeom’s side. His fingers traced Ha-gyeom’s neck, and before he could react, Baek Sa’s tongue invaded his mouth. The kiss was harsh, leaving Ha-gyeom breathless as he tried to keep up.

    Their saliva mingled and then stretched as Baek Sa pulled away. It seemed like an attempt to maximize their energy synchronization.

    The kiss ended abruptly. Ha-gyeom stared at him, barely able to process his thoughts, when Baek Sa’s hand brushed his ear. What started as a caress turned into a playful tug on his heated earlobe.


    The seemingly insignificant gesture left Ha-gyeom frozen as if struck by lightning. Pulling on his ear was one of Baek Seung-woo’s long-standing habits.

    ‘Where are you sneaking off to now, you rascal.’

    Along with the familiar sensation, Ha-gyeom could almost hear Baek Seung-woo’s chiding voice from long ago. His eyes trembled uncontrollably. This was not something he could easily dismiss, no matter what.

    The touch was brief, but the feeling lingered. As Baek Sa walked away, his footsteps echoed loudly in Ha-gyeom’s ears, like thunder.

    ‘Could it be…’

    Ha-gyeom’s suspicion, long buried, resurfaced in that moment of uncertainty.


    Baek Sa returned just before dawn. Ha-gyeom, who had been sprawled on the bed, opened his eyes at the sound of his arrival.

    He hadn’t been sleeping. His body occasionally trembled from residual arousal, and the heat between his legs refused to dissipate. He had done nothing to alleviate the sticky feeling of semen, fearing it might somehow clean away the lingering presence of Baek Sa. Waiting for him, enduring this discomfort, had been exhausting.

    The physical discomfort wasn’t the only issue. Ha-gyeom couldn’t stop replaying the touch on his ear, wondering if it was a subconscious habit from long ago.

    Was it merely an unconscious action born from an old habit?

    Baek Sa had given no hints before leaving, but Ha-gyeom couldn’t think of anything else during his absence.

    Baek Sa returned smelling of blood, casually stripping off his battle gear. Clothes dropped in his wake as he approached the bed, soon lying beside Ha-gyeom, completely naked. Though curious about what Baek Sa had been doing, Ha-gyeom didn’t ask.

    Was he, like Ha-gyeom, a hostage here?

    Or had he become a willing participant in this place?

    Was his claim of memory loss entirely truthful?

    As Ha-gyeom pondered these questions and shifted in bed, a large hand touched his bare back. Despite the non-threatening touch, Ha-gyeom shivered uncontrollably.

    The sheet covering his lower body was swiftly pulled away. Baek Sa spread his thighs, inspecting the area. The still-cold touch on his feverish skin felt chillingly stark.

    “Good boy.”

    The compliment felt out of place, considering the context of waiting in bed covered in dried semen. Ha-gyeom looked up at Baek Sa, who had a streak of blood on his jaw.

    Ha-gyeom wet his thumb with saliva and wiped the blood from Baek Sa’s jaw. He didn’t know whose blood it was. Baek Sa might have been involved in something terrible, something beyond Ha-gyeom’s imagination.

    Yet, his striking features remained beautiful. Even his not-so-kind gaze made Ha-gyeom’s heart race.

    Unable to hide his trembling eyes, Ha-gyeom watched the sunlight cast shadows over Baek Sa’s body and asked.

    “You said you lost your memory.”

    Baek Sa confirmed with a look. As he felt Baek Sa’s weight and heat pressing down on him, Ha-gyeom asked urgently.

    “Do you really remember nothing?”

    Baek Sa bit his ear but Ha-gyeom didn’t consider it a reply. Instead, his tongue probed deeply into Ha-gyeom’s ear. With Baek Sa’s entire body pressing against him and his hand exploring deeply, there was no way to resist.


    Soon, Baek Sa’s erection pressed between his legs. Ha-gyeom spread his knees and arched his back.

    “What difference does it make if I remember?”


    “Does it make the night longer?”

    Baek Sa’s determination to continue the act, despite not being in a good mood, felt strange. Unlike Baek Sa’s low laughter, Ha-gyeom’s heart ached with memories of Baek Seung-woo’s genuine laughter.

    “Hngh… It’s so hot…”

    He moaned into the pillow, unable to comprehend the contradiction of feeling so full yet so empty, of finding comfort in their bodies being together despite the despair.

    As Baek Sa thrust powerfully inside him, the future seemed as uncertain as the intense sensations flooding through his body. Ha-gyeom struggled to catch his breath, the stimulation so intense that he couldn’t help but squirm.

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