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    Deep Pivot Episode 11

    The training continued for another twenty minutes after that. Unlike the beginning, no one dared to interject or make jokes lightly at Jin Chung-oh’s words. The cheerful atmosphere with which they began the first meeting ended within the frozen air.

    Jin Chung-oh, facing the stern-faced members, cheerfully exclaimed “Dismiss!” and left the auditorium alone. The proud SAU rookies, who had been regarded highly until a moment ago, were now lumped together as surplus personnel. They gathered in small groups with those they were familiar with from the training camp, murmuring about this absurd situation.

    Among them, Yeon-woo couldn’t blend in and instead searched for bus schedules and routes on his phone.

    “Hey, Ducati.”

    Someone approached him. It was a man with a large tribal tattoo wrapped around his forearm. He grinned slyly, eyeing Yeon-woo up and down.

    “Are you S-rank? Or maybe, nonamed?”

    Nonamed meant the classification couldn’t be determined. It’s a term used when the criteria for determining the rank can’t be established due to the awakening ability being a new form not seen before.

    In other words, it’s a classification that doesn’t apply to guides, and it’s known that there are only about ten of them among all the espers worldwide.

    However, asking Yeon-woo if he’s nonamed was clearly mocking. According to the team leader, if he were a distinguished limited-edition baby, he should at least be A-rank.

    “I’m A-rank.”

    Even in the face of such provocation, Yeon-woo’s response was disarmingly honest.

    “What’s up? I’m A-rank too. Packed.”

    The man flexed his arm, puffing out his shoulders as he spoke.

    “But what’s with the limited edition thing?”

    “I… don’t really know.”

    The man looked Yeon-woo over from head to toe as he shook his head in disbelief.

    Disgusting asshole. For a guy who’s only just manifested as a Guide to have a body like that, he’s got to be some kind of sick fuck. He must have been on steroids three times a day.

    Even if the team leader hadn’t stepped forward, this guy would stand out for two reasons. First, his ignorant physique, and second, his pretty face that didn’t match his body at all.

    Judging by the school uniform, he still looked like a high school student. But there’s no way a minor would have joined as a new recruit. In other words, he’s just a fresh-faced kid.

    “I’m Jang Hyun-soo.”

    He extended his hand to Yeon-woo. Reluctantly, Yeon-woo took his hand.

    “I’m Cha Yeon-woo.”

    The grip in their joined hands was quite strong. After sizing up the strength, Jang Hyun-soo released his hand.

    “Have you been matched with an esper?”

    There was a hesitant look in Yeon-woo’s eyes, as if he were worried about speaking out of turn. Jang Hyun-soo chuckled and lightly tapped Yeon-woo’s forearm. It’s firm.

    “Well, we’ll find out soon enough anyway.”

    Even a body that seemed like it could withstand a tank crashing into it flinched at the weak force, not so much pushed back as trying to maintain some distance.

    “I… did.”

    “Oh, as expected.”

    Jang Hyun-soo approached him closely and whispered softly.

    “Just between us, those guys haven’t even had matching tests yet. They were just suddenly called out one day. They’re all either B-rank or C-rank.”

    The other party didn’t react much, as if unfazed.

    Oh, this guy doesn’t know anything. Jang Hyun-soo chuckled as if finding Yeon-woo frustrating.

    “According to the team leader, those guys are all spares. There’s one esper at SAU who manages several guides alone. Since there aren’t enough guides coming out of the matching process, it seems like they’re lining up these guys in batches to receive healing.”

    “Ah… I see.”

    Despite the still hesitant response, the man didn’t back down. He was also an A-rank, so why is this guy the only one treated like a Dukati Superleggera?

    “Who’s the matched esper?”

    The overly cautious guy shut his mouth again. It’s not even classified information, but everything seems so expensive when you’re working together. Jang Hyun-soo chuckled and lightly punched him.

    “I got Ji Seo-joon.”


    “I got matched with Ji Seo-joon.”

    His eyes, which had been silent all along, twitched. As Yeon-woo finally reacted, Jang Hyun-soo chuckled and asked.

    “And you?”

    “…Me too.”

    “Hah, I knew it would be. What’s your matching rate? Mine’s in the 43% range. It’s pretty good. There are no guides with matching rates over 50%.”

    What the heck. If they both have the same Ji Seo-joon assigned, why is one a Dukati Superleggera and the other a spare shield? At this point, I’m more curious about this elusive guy’s identity.

    Jang Hyun-soo pretended to be friendly and delved deeper into the only common ground between them.

    “But that guy Ji Seo-joon, he acts so picky for someone desperate, doesn’t he? Don’t touch there, don’t grip too hard… Do you know how annoying it is? Even the lab director who monitors things intervenes when you want to try something.”

    There’s no better way to break down someone’s guard than to form a camaraderie. He draped his arm over Yeon-woo’s shoulder.

    “But seriously, who kisses only by sucking lips? You have to touch and caress a bit, right? Isn’t that the point? Why focus so much on lips only?”


    “So I sneakily touched him from angles where the CCTV couldn’t see. When I was done, he looked at me with fucking disdain. You’d think I was shuttling him around. I’m the one who’s disappointed, not the other way around….”
    TL/N: shuttle comes from 빵셔틀 bread shuttle aka those kids who’d get pushed around at school and forced to do errands/buy food like bread for others

    He continued to mock him, unaware that the arm around his shoulders was being pushed away by Yeon-woo’s hand.

    “Hey, do you know what’s even more absurd? That guy won’t do anything with the guide at all. What nonsense is that? But when he’s about to fail, he won’t beg for it… What a…”

    “You’re not supposed to do that.”


    Jang Hyun-soo, who had been absorbed in his own words, suddenly turned his head. The faintly bluish eyes with a hint of vigor were looking down at him. He thought they were about the same height, but being close made the difference in gaze clearer.

    “Even if guiding is the purpose, you shouldn’t force it on someone who doesn’t want it.”

    Was his voice always like this? The slightly lowered tone, as if pulled up from the ground, sent a chill down his spine. Despite the calm impression he had of him, he seemed different, even though he maintained a similar expression as before.

    “It’s a crime outside, but it’s also a violation under the Awakening Special Law.”

    From a face that seemed like it might spew out a barrage of curses, the actual words that came out were unexpectedly stern, making it even more severe.


    What’s with this guy? When people encounter unexpected situations, their words can get stuck. Jang Hyun-soo, who burst into laughter at the absurdity, managed to open his mouth with great effort.

    “Yeah, I know. I know, but who cares about that on this floor? Is preserving dignity more important than life itself? It’s not like he’s a virgin.”

    “That’s what rapists say.”

    “…What did you just say?”

    The laughter disappeared from his face.

    “You think you’re something just because your team leader sucks your dick, you’re a never-ending bitch… You think I’m easy?”

    He forcefully pushed Yeon-woo with both hands. But it wasn’t Yeon-woo who moved; it was him. Jang Hyun-soo, stumbling back a few steps from the recoil, frowned. It felt like hitting a wall.

    The gazes of those gathered all turned in their direction. Since the man was the only one stumbling, from the perspective of those unaware of the situation, it looked like Yeon-woo had hit him.

    In shame, the man’s outstretched hand was swatted away by Yeon-woo.

    “Don’t you know guides shouldn’t just hit people? Didn’t you learn anything at the training camp?”

    “Hey, you… Let go, won’t you?”

    Jang Hyun-soo twisted to pull his wrist out of his grasp. But in front of Yeon-woo, who stood like a statue without flinching, he alone struggled fiercely, looking ridiculous.

    Those who had been watching now hesitantly approached to intervene.

    “You guys better cut it out. Do you want to get fired as soon as you join?”

    Some stood aside as if watching an amusing spectacle from a distance.

    “He probably won’t lose it. If there’s a scratch on the limited edition Dukati, it’s the one who scratched it that gets screwed, not the Dukati.”

    “Why don’t you just shut the fuck up if you’re not going to stop them?”

    “What the fuck are you, you C-grade asshole?”

    The atmosphere grew increasingly hostile. Those trying to break up the fight and those watching began hurling harsh words at each other. It was the moment when the fight, limited to Yeon-woo and Jang Hyun-soo, began to spread everywhere.

    “What are you guys doing right now?”

    Everyone’s gaze turned towards the auditorium door. A woman dressed in jeans and a T-shirt, with a checkered shirt tied around her waist like a belt, pushed up her glasses on her nose and stepped onto the stage.

    Picking up the phone on the stage, she put on a serious expression and looked around the hall. It was the phone Jin Chung-oh had left before the start of the training.

    “You’re not supposed to fight here.”

    Despite her reproachful tone, she seemed indifferent to whether they fought or not. As she descended from the stage with brisk steps, she turned her head before leaving the auditorium.

    “Oh, is Seo-joon’s guide still here?”

    She shook the phone in her hand slightly as she spoke.

    “The team leader is looking for him.”


    As he followed the woman outside, a familiar car was waiting for him. A hand popped out from the driver’s seat window.


    “Don’t wander around with your phone all the time. How many times do I have to tell you?”

    “You ask too much of the driver, Sung-hee.”

    Throwing the phone onto the dashboard, Chung-oh turned towards the passenger seat. Yeon-woo bent his waist through the open window.

    “Hey, I’ll give you a ride.”

    “Oh, it’s alright…”

    “Yeon-woo, you should sit in the front, it’s cramped in the back.”

    The woman, called Sung-hee, said as she opened the door. Thud. With a familiar gesture, she pushed the front passenger seat forward and climbed into the back seat, leaving only Yeon-woo behind.

    “I’m fine walking, really.”

    Chung-oh tapped his fingers on the steering wheel and silently looked at him. He seemed determined to continue like this until Yeon-woo got in. The woman, who had put the passenger seat back in place for Yeon-woo to get in, seemed oblivious to their conversation as she tapped on her phone.

    “…Thank you.”

    Finally, Yeon-woo got into the car. It wasn’t polite to keep refusing when there were two people waiting. The emblem on the steering wheel, with black letters on a yellow background, smoothly turned.

    TL/N: Hey guys Im sorry for not updating. Here are two chapters. Hope you 😉

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