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    “I’m not short on money. I’m short on love.”

    After saying these words, Shen Liyu mentally rolled his eyes and snorted before turning around and leaving. He didn’t even give Yuan Feng a chance to ask further questions.

    Shen Liyu didn’t really want to engage too much with someone as immature and eccentric as Yuan Feng. Misunderstanding? Then let it be a misunderstanding. It was probably best for him to just agree with Yuan Feng’s opinion that he was that kind of dirty person. Unlike him, Shen Liyu had no time to play games with curious babies like Yuan Feng. He was busy. If he didn’t return now, then his class might be over before he knew it.

    Yuan Feng was stunned by Shen Liyu’s words. This was the first time he had heard someone say such a thing so pompously. Short of love? He thought that Shen Liyu was just asking for it?! [1] 

    However, Yuan Feng’s mind was filled with images of Shen Liyu, which had been posted in various comment sections in the school’s online forum. Based on the angle, it was evident that the picture was taken surreptitiously with a phone. Shen Liyu stood at the entrance of an adult store, with a pitch-black street behind him. Only the signboard in front of Shen Liyu was illuminated by colorful LED lights, casting a glow on his fair face and bright eyes.

    Under the photo, there was a line of unsightly words, roughly suggesting that Shen Liyu was a promiscuous sl*t.

    However, the picture was too blurry to discern Shen Liyu’s expression at that moment. He could only perceive his thin and lonely profile in the photo. It made Yuan Feng subconsciously feel that maybe Shen Liyu was not as repulsive as described in the post. There must have been some kind of misunderstanding…

    He was still doubtful until this very moment. Hearing Shen Liyu personally say the words that he was short of love, it truly created a huge gap in Yuan Feng’s heart. It seemed that Shen Liyu was indeed the repulsive person described in the post. He was even more lacking in self-respect than he had imagined!

    For someone like Shen Liyu, Yuan Feng naturally disdained knowing him. However, the phone in his hand reminded him that he had not given his words of gratitude yet to Shen Liyo for returning his phone to him.

    When Shen Liyu returned to the classroom, the teacher was already in the middle of his lecture. Knowing that Shen Liyu had been called away by Song Qihan earlier, the teacher didn’t bother him and let him into the classroom.

    The class quickly came to an end. Zhang Yong and his group who usually hang out at the back of the classroom were nowhere to be seen. Shen Liyu took out the ointment he had bought from the infirmary earlier from his pocket. As he unscrewed it, a strong herbal scent wafted out, causing Shen Liyu to wrinkle the tip of his small nose.

    Even so, he still needed to apply the ointment. The bruised area on his chin was too conspicuous. Just as he was about to get up to go to the restroom, a girl with a ponytail sitting in front of him turned her head and called out to him.

    “Shen Liyu, do you have a moment?”

    Shen Liyu was taken aback. He looked up to see the girl holding a cute, pleasing smile on her face, her round, shiny black eyes looking at him with a ‘pitiful’ expression.

    “…I do, what’s up?”

    “Ding-ling-ling~” The ten-minute break quickly passed, and the bell signalling for class eventually rang. The students in the classroom immediately quieted down and sat properly as they waited for the teacher to begin the class.

    However, as time passed, the teacher still didn’t make their arrival. The students couldn’t help but start whispering among themselves. Shen Liyu, on the other hand, was busy trying to tackle the math problems on his test paper.

    The absurd answers on the paper gave him a headache. Song Qihan even asked him to explain why he made those mistakes, which made Shen Liyu feel a bit helpless. It was even harder than doing the problems directly!

    Shen Liyu felt that Song Qihan must be deliberately making things difficult for him in an attempt to get back at him!

    Now he was sure that the original owner of this body was truly one of those clumsy birds—or rather, one of those birds that, no matter how early they wake up, just can’t fly…

    Suddenly, there was a “bang!” The classroom door was forcefully pushed open from the outside, smashing the wall with a loud noise. The students immediately quieted down. Thinking that it was their teacher, they looked up to inspect the newcomer. Instead, they were surprised to find that it was actually Qi Ming.

    Realizing that he exerted too much of his own strength to make the door slam open, Qi Ming quickly reached out to hold the door and carefully closed it from the inside.

    Then he strode up to the platform. His sunny, handsome face tilted upward with a smile that warmed the heart. There seemed to be a fleeting mischievous spark in his eyes as he raised a slender index finger to his lips, gesturing for everyone to be silent.

    “Shh! Quiet, everyone! Listen to me.”

    People like Qi Ming naturally exuded an aura that made others want to follow and believe in him, so it was easy for him to make them obey. As everyone below quieted down, they all lifted their heads and looked at Qi Ming, waiting for him to speak.

    Seeing that he had gotten their attention, Qi Ming grinned. His arched eyebrows made everyone unable to help but anticipate what he was going to say next! He took a deep breath first before finally loudly announcing the news.

    “The teacher can’t come to class because of something urgent, so… this class will be changed to a classic movie appreciation session!”

    As soon as Qi Ming said this, the students below cheered! Qi Ming was like a savior rescuing them from the “sea of suffering”!

    Seeing that the voices of the crowd were about to lift the roof off, Qi Ming quickly waved his hand and warned loudly with a serious expression, “But you can’t be noisy! If you make noise, I’ll be forced to give you a test!”

    As soon as he finished speaking, there was another round of wailing below, with most of them saying, “No! Let’s watch the movie!” “Qi Ming, you don’t want to take the test either, right?” “Shh! Everyone, quiet down!”

    Amidst the noise, Qi Ming glanced at Shen Liyu, who was still buried in his studies at the back. A hint of worry flashed in his bright eyes because when he had just gone to the office, he had already seen the post about Shen Liyu on Song Qihan’s computer.

    Qi Ming wanted to help, but Song Qihan shook his head and said it wasn’t necessary. Then Song Qihan performed a series of actions that Qi Ming couldn’t understand. Just as Qi Ming was about to leave, Song Qihan called him out again.

    “I’ll handle this matter. You don’t need to spread it around.”

    Qi Ming nodded in understanding. Even though Song Qihan didn’t explicitly say it, he knew that Song Qihan was worried about the same thing as him, afraid that Shen Liyu would feel upset because of this matter.

    [1] 欠槽 (qiàn cáo): “asking for some scolding” Does imply criticism or deserving a scolding. It’s a slang term suggesting disapproval or criticism towards someone’s behavior or attitude.

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