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    At this moment, the top two buttons of Song Qihan’s white shirt had been unbuttoned, and his sleeves were rolled up, revealing his muscular forearms.

    His short black hair was slightly disheveled, and his deep eyes were now filled with traces of drunkenness. Looking at him now, Song Qihan seemed to currently bear an air of nonchalance, which was very different from his usual serious demeanor.

    Song Qihan had just fished out the small piece of white paper from the hangover soup. But instead of leaving, he chose to crouch down and retrieve a bowl from the cabinet before serving himself a bowl of the soup.

    Shen Liyu was quietly watching him from the sidelines the whole time. His heart had been beating uncontrollably and accelerating.

    Just then, Song Qihan suddenly put the bowl down again and softly murmured a complaint, “It’s too hot.”

    Hearing this, Shen Liyu immediately reached out to take the soup from Song Qihan’s hands. “Then wait a bit for it to cool down before drinking.”

    Song Qihan leaned against the kitchen wall. His deep eyes seemed to be filled with a galaxy of stars as he stared unblinkingly at the little figure before him who had an orange apron wrapped around his body.

    Feeling uncomfortable under Song Qihan’s gaze, Shen Liyu couldn’t help but mutter softly, “Senior, if you keep looking at me like that, I might start to misunderstand…”

    Song Qihan chuckled wryly at these words. He reached out his hand, ruffling Shen Liyu’s soft hair under his touch. His tone was filled with helplessness and indulgence as he spoke, “Misunderstand what?”

    “Misunderstand… I might misunderstand that you also reciprocate my feelings, Senior…”

    Shen Liyu’s soft, obedient voice echoed between the two of them. Song Qihan’s hand paused in its movement, later withdrawing it to himself as he let it weakly drop to his side.

    For a while, there was silence between them. After a long time, Song Qihan sighed softly, turned around, and walked away. After taking a few steps, he stopped again, his voice low and restrained.

    “I do like you, Senior, but, Senior only likes you as a diligent junior who strives for improvement. Senior also believes that you only like me as an excellent senior. You’re still young and don’t understand, but it’s okay. There are many different types of liking…”

    In his heart, Shen Liyu muttered, annoyed by Song Qihan not only denying his feelings but also lecturing him. He couldn’t let Song Qihan continue like this!

    Before Song Qihan could finish his sentence, the little figure behind him hurriedly walked over and hugged him from behind!

    Song Qihan naturally felt the warmth coming from behind him. Unable to finish his sentence, he was left speechless…

    “Senior, are you trying to say that I only have an admiring affection for you? I’m already an adult. I can distinguish what kind of liking I have for you. There are so many people at school, everyone is nice to me, and I appreciate them, but I only want to repay them with excellent grades.”

    Shen Liyu’s soft voice paused for a moment before continuing.

    “And my liking for you is definitely more than just admiration. I’m very clear about this in my heart. My liking for you is simply for you as a person, whether you’re my senior or anyone else. What I like has always been just you, Song Qihan…”

    Every word, every syllable uttered by Shen Liyu pricked at Song Qihan’s tense nerves. And the last sentence, “What I like has always been just you, Song Qihan,” instantly shattered the last remnants of Song Qihan’s rationality…

    After Shen Liyu finished speaking, there was a long silence. The Song Qihan he was hugging remained stiff, without any response. Shen Liyu wrinkled his small nose and sighed in his heart, it seemed like another failure…

    Just as Shen Liyu was about to release his arms, the tall figure in front of him suddenly turned around and hugged him.

    In his widened peach blossom eyes filled with surprise, Song Qihan lowered his head and kissed his lips!

    As Shen Liyu felt like he was losing his breath and his brain was deprived of oxygen due to this kiss, Song Qihan finally ended the kiss, and both of them were panting heavily, with Shen Liyu unable to stand steadily.

    “Let’s… go to the bedroom…”

    Song Qihan looked at the obedient little figure in his arms, the deep emotions flowing in his profound eyes, he nodded softly, then bent down, lifted Shen Liyu horizontally, and with long strides, walked quickly towards the bedroom…

    When Shen Liyu woke up and opened his eyes, the bright sunlight had already shone through the curtains into the bedroom, casting a warm light on the bed. As he turned over, he found that Song Qihan was not in the bedroom. He squinted his attractive peach blossom eyes, feeling satisfied.

    【 Host, is there anything uncomfortable? Do you need Xiao Liu to help you recover? 】

    Shen Liyu shook his head slightly and said no, then took a deep breath and murmured lazily.

    “I am just refreshed…”

    Yes, although last night he was completing the conquest task, after the intimate ‘deep understanding’ with Song Qihan, the second and third times afterward, he was not completing the task anymore but genuinely enjoying it.

    Song Qihan was very gentle, every action was extremely careful and gentle, allowing Shen Liyu to feel his tenderness. This made Shen Liyu realize that it was Song Qihan’s care for him, raising his perception of Song Qihan to a higher level.

    He reached out from under the blanket, picked up a note from the bedside table, and found that it was left by Song Qihan. The handwriting was vigorous and gave a serious and upright feeling.

    Just thinking about last night when Song Qihan wanted to ‘devour’ him with such a fierce and ‘ferocious’ appearance, Shen Liyu couldn’t help but bend his attractive peach blossom eyes and a playful curve appeared at the corner of his mouth.

    If Song Qihan were really an honest and upright person, then in this world, there would probably be no such thing as a gentleman!


    In the office, Song Qihan suddenly sneezed loudly. The person next to him asked with concern if he was okay, and Song Qihan shook his head awkwardly, saying he was fine, then reached out and took a tissue to wipe his stuffy nose.

    Song Qihan couldn’t calm down now, his mind still lingering on the little figure sleeping in his apartment. He had written a note, saying that he must contact him as soon as he woke up, but now it was this time, and his phone hadn’t made a sound…

    Hasn’t he woken up yet? It seems that he was too excessive last night, tossing around until so late, but he really tried to restrain himself. He didn’t expect it to end up like this… Song Qihan smiled bitterly with his head bowed.

    He thought he would regret it after sobering up, but when he opened his eyes and saw the peaceful figure sleeping in his arms, he not only didn’t regret it, but also felt fortunate for his impulsive behavior last night, because only in this way, Shen Liyu belonged completely and exclusively to him…


    As he was lost in thought, his phone on the table vibrated. He quickly reached out to pick it up and found that it was a call from the landline in his apartment. He answered it, then spoke first in a low voice, “Just woke up?”

    “Yeah… I woke up a while ago…”

    Hearing the soft and tender voice from the phone, Song Qihan raised his eyebrows, and the deep eyes behind the golden-rimmed glasses dimmed slightly. He cleared his throat and lowered his voice, saying seriously, “Next time, you can’t be lazy. You must call me as soon as you wake up. Understand?”

    There was silence on the other end of the phone for a while. Then, Song Qihan heard a muffled laugh, and before he could ask, the gentle voice on the other end spoke first, full of laughter, and there was a teasing tone in the words.

    “Senior, it’s only been a few hours since we last met, and you already miss me so much?”

    Sorry for disappearing for a month, life happened! As of now updates will be every Monday instead of the usual 2 per week :)

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