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    Since Yan Ke fainted that day, he felt a strange expression on Su Yu’s face when he looked at him.

    He sighed silently and patted his chest.

    “We will enter the city as soon as we arrive up ahead. Your Highness, please have someone tidy up your appearance a bit,” said Su Yu.

    Tidy up his appearance….

    Yan Ke was angry, if you wanted to take me on such a long journey, you should have also brought someone to fix my appearance for me.

    In four days, Yan Ke would finally be liberated!

    The rope on his hands was finally untied, but his wrists and ankles were covered with bruises and scars. When he got off the carriage, he stumbled, his legs and feet had no strength.

    Su Yu followed the wedding delegation to the other side. Yan Ke fell to the ground with an embarrassed face, and from the side came muted laughter as multiple people struggled to hide it.

    Then, he struggled to get up and sat on top a large boulder next to him.

    The slave girl carried over some water and placed it in front of him. Through his reflection in the water, Yan Ke could see he likened to a ghost. Seeing this, he let out a sigh.

    Wasn’t this the most handsome man from the Chu Kingdom, the main attraction[1], that the prince had bought?

    Both his eyes were void of vigor, no different that the eyes of a dead fish. His lips were so dry that they were peeling. If he moved his lips a little, they cracked and began to drip blood.

    The skin on his face was bruised and purple, these were the spoils of war that were left from his failed escape attempts.

    His forehead also bore a scar.

    Not only those that looked down on him would think he was too ghastly to look at, Yan Ke himself thought so. On this trip, his attractiveness index surely plummeted.

    However, Yan Ke was indeed not favored. For if he was favored, how could he, a prince, be sent off to the Yue Kingdom for marriage.

    He fell down just before and no one helped him. Along the way, Su Yu treated him like this way, and no one came to help him. This is enough to show that…he, the prince, just had a title. To put it nicely, he was the prince of a country; to put it badly, he was really just a freeloader[2] in the Chu Kingdom.

    He was unsuccessful in literary pursuits.

    He had no martial arts skills to speak of.

    The original owner was truly living a miserable life, otherwise, how could a prince’s Eastern Palace have withered away without even having a maid?

    Su Yu looked at Yan Ke who was washing his face, and his eyes keenly caught the new bleeding wound on Yan Ke’s face. His pupils narrowed in displeasure: “I just left for a second. How did his face get in this condition?”

    The slave girls next to him were silent, in their peripheral vision, they looked at Yan Ke with fear. They were afraid that the prince would be hot-headed and complain that they did not help.

    Yan Ke clearly saw the fear in the slave girls’ eyes and laughed helplessly in his heart. If he had lost his temper when he had fallen, would the group of people have laughed? Really, no matter what age, when people encounter someone who is weak, there will always be those who target them.

    Yan Ke shook his head: “It doesn’t matter.”

    Su Yu looked at Yan Ke, the man who once enjoyed the glory of living in naivete, but had now completely changed. The once beautiful face had already been ravaged, he no longer resembled human or ghost.

    He stretched out his hand and gently wiped Yan Ke’s wound. Looking at the blood on his hand, he squatted in front of Yan Ke and grabbed the other man’s hand.

    Yan Ke took his hand back in disgust.

    “If the general has something to say, then say it. There’s no need to flirt with me, okay?” Yan Ke said.

    Su Yu chuckled, not forgetting his mission. Although Yan Ke would be in the Yue Kingdom, Su Yu needed his heart to belong to him. That way, he would be more controllable, “Yan Ke, wait for when I attack the Yue Kingdom, if you are still a virgin, I want you.”

    Yan Ke covered his heart that was once again thumping in his chest. He felt disgusted.

    This is definitely not the reaction I should have! Could it be that the original Yan Ke was still in his body?

    If he was really still there, this was a damn combination between scum and a lowlife, right?

    What a scumbag. When the original owner was courting him, he looked at him coldly and spoke harshly.

    One was clearly rejected and scolded for being disgusting and perverted. It sounds like what Su Yu just said was a trap, but his heart was still moved.

    A virgin? Want him?

    Fuck off!

    I am so tall, so big, so husky, so why can’t I find a gentle and beautiful girl to spend my days with? Why would I want to sleep with you? Aren’t you afraid that what I take out will be bigger than yours?

    Yan Ke tugged on Su Yu’s clothes, looked at the pride on his face, and sneered.

    Yan Ke came at him, “Do you really think you are that fucking important? Still a virgin? Fuck off! If it weren’t for the fact that I couldn’t beat you, would I have tolerated you all the way? Listen to me, do you think there is only one man on earth? I’m sorry, but the equipment I am working with is quite big and I know how to use it. Maybe you should go look at yourself in a puddle of urine. It’s not like nobody wants me. I heard that the Prince of the Yue Kingdom is handsome and elegant, and he is a hundred times better than you!”

    Su Yu was stunned for a long time before he returned to his senses.

    Was Yan Ke…rejecting him?

    This is what his sister[3] told him to do—that was to get close to Yan Ke and let Yan Ke, this blockheaded ked, pass information on to them. But…after being scolded like this, Su Yu felt he had just lost face. Both his hands clambered onto Yan Ke’s shoulders, he gripped them and gradually applied force.

    The hand strength of a person who regularly practices martial arts was terrifying.

    Yan Ke felt like his shoulders were about to be crushed.

    Enduring the pain, he refused to compromise with Su Yu, “If you can, then pinch me to death!”

    Su Yu lost patience with Yan Ke, who resisted the entire trip, but now that the Yue Kingdom marriage procession was here, he had to express this inexplicable anger. Su Yu released his grip, “Others will wait at the post station. Attendants, follow me into the city.”

    Yan Ke rubbed his shoulders, which definitely were bruised. As soon as he got on the carriage, Su Yu called out to him to stop, “Your Highness, please walk into the city by yourself.”

    When Yan Ke heard this, he paused for a moment. Even though it was only a moment that he paused, after this passed, he climbed onto the carriage.

    “Then I won’t go anywhere in the carriage. I don’t want to go in anyway.” Yan Ke retorted.

    Su Yu looked at the rogue Yan Ke, then bitterly kicked the carriage wheels and followed him up into the carriage.

    “Let’s go!”

    With gloomy eyes, he looked at the person lying on the bed with his back to him. Yan Ke felt as though his back was being pricked by needles, but he laid still on the bed.

    You can’t stand me, but you can’t get rid of me! I’ll have my own way then!

    “Who told you that the Prince of the Yue Kingdom is elegant?” asked Su Yu.

    Yan Ke just narrowly opened his eyes. This information came from the memory of the original Yan Ke. Was this wrong? However, it didn’t matter whether it was right or wrong, whether he is ugly or not was none of his business.

    Since he can’t run away while traveling, he might have a chance to run when he reaches the destination.

    “I heard that the prince has a huge mole between his eyebrows. And that he is short and fat, and even bloodthirsty. You can take care of yourself, but you are just the prince of a country. Our Chu Kingdom is so powerful, with its vast territory and rich resources. He probably won’t touch you so casually.[4]

    Yan Ke cursed: You probably can’t wait for the Yue Kingdom’s crown prince to touch me! That way you’ll have a reason to send troops.

    Su Yu was about to say something more, but Yan Ke coughed impatiently and he instantly stopped.

    With a face full of disbelief, he looked at Yan Ke’s dark hair hanging behind his head. He felt puzzled.

    Was Yan Ke annoying him just now?

    The caravan entered the city, with the Yue Kingdom’s marriage procession leading the way, followed by the Chu Kingdom’s attendants and several personal followers around Su Yu.

    It was a spectacular scene.

    The people of the Yue Kingdom had long heard that their crown prince was going to marry the most beautiful man in the Chu Kingdom, so they all gathered on the streets early to wait and see.

    The voices of those who enjoying the commotion mingled with the cries of street vendors, these voices grew louder and louder.

    Yan Ke wanted to close his eyes and fall asleep again, but couldn’t, so he simply sat straight up and opened the carriage curtain, revealing his face full of wounds to those outside.

    The people at the scene burst into laughter.

    Indistinctly, Yan Ke heard a few sarcastic remarks.

    “Is this the most handsome man in the Chu Kingdom? He’s not as handsome as I am!”

    “Yeah, look, he’s as skinny as a monkey. The Chu Kingdom is such a big country, how could the prince have been raised looking like a monkey? How?”

    “No wonder the prince isn’t happy and is planning to run away! If it were me, I would definitely not be happy either! It doesn’t matter if you marry a man, but at the very least he has to be a little charming, right?”

    Su Yu listened to the unpleasant words below. He felt like he couldn’t stand to listen anymore, yet, Yan Ke, the person being criticized so harshly still listened with great interest, holding his head up.

    Su Yu pulled him in and looked at Yan Ke with disdain, “Don’t embarrass the Chu Kingdom!”

    “Didn’t you just say you wanted me to come? It hasn’t even started yet and you are already disapproving of me?” Yan Ke raised his eyebrows, but he didn’t continue to lie by the window for the people outside to watch on and discuss.

    Su Yu was cold, “Didn’t you say you didn’t want it before?”

    Yan Ke replied, “I don’t want it. Have you ever seen someone fall into the same cesspit twice?”

    Su Yu almost lost his temper again, and right when he was about to start cursing at him, the carriage came to a stop.

    “General, we have arrived at the Prince’s Palace.” said a guard. Su Yu hummed a sound of acknowledgement and climbed down first. When he saw the closed door of the Prince’s Palace, The coldness that enveloped him instantly extinguished the anger stirred up by Yan Ke.

    [1] C位 means like the center of a (music, modeling, etc.) group, so he’s saying he is like the main attraction of the kingdom

    [2] They use 资深米虫 here, which is like “veteran rice bug”, but it just means someone who takes advantage of others for their resources, a freeloader

    [3] Concubine Su mentioned in the last chapter is his sister

    [4] Sorry, I have a hard time translating 随便 it is just like “whatever” or “casual”, but he’s saying that he would not just touch him without thinking about the consequences

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