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    Dr. Fan didn’t say much more. After confirming that Yan Yuzhou was fine, he left the villa.

    Shen Ci thought about what Dr. Fan had just said. He sniffed the lingering scent of Yan Yuzhou on himself and couldn’t help but frown slightly.

    Looking at the little omega sleeping soundly on the sofa, Shen Ci really wanted to just let him sleep there all night. But somehow, the image of Yan Yuzhou clinging to him, crying and not letting go, flashed through his mind. Somewhere deep inside him felt like it was pricked by a needle, itchy and painful.

    With a cold expression, Shen Ci walked over, took a deep breath, and mentally prepared himself. He bent down, placed his hands under Yan Yuzhou’s body, and lifted him off the sofa with a slight effort.

    Step by step, he walked towards Yan Yuzhou’s room.

    After placing Yan Yuzhou on the bed in the bedroom and covering him with a quilt, Shen Ci didn’t linger. He left directly and went back to his bedroom.

    He took off his clothes and threw them all into the laundry basket, covered it with a lid, and then hurried into the bathroom for a shower.

    As cold water poured down, the lingering scent of black tea on Shen Ci’s nose finally began to dissipate. He took a deep breath, feeling like someone who had almost drowned and was finally able to breathe again.

    Remembering Yan Yuzhou’s question about whether his pheromones smelled good today in the car, Shen Ci’s eyes flickered.

    He recalled saying that they were not unpleasant and were barely acceptable.

    In fact, Yan Yuzhou didn’t know that he almost said, “Really good, please secrete more.”

    Shen Ci turned off the shower, his body covered in cold water. Standing in front of the mirror, he wiped his body with a towel, then put on a bathrobe. The mirror reflected Mr. Shen, once again looking aloof and dignified.

    When Yan Yuzhou opened his eyes, it was already bright outside. He lay in bed, staring at the ceiling for three minutes, then suddenly sat up.

    He vaguely remembered hugging Shen Ci and crying when he felt terrible yesterday…

    Damn, no way! He’s supposed to be a man…

    And what was Lin Xiaoguo thinking, setting him up to be allergic to seafood? Seafood was his favorite food! Did she have a grudge against him?

    He got out of bed quietly, did a quick wash, and checked the red marks and bumps on his body. Most of them had subsided, with only a few itchy spots on his back remaining.

    After changing his clothes, Yan Yuzhou left his room. Shen Ci was already sitting there having breakfast. Yan Yuzhou rubbed his slightly swollen eyes, smiled apologetically at Sister Song, who was busy in the kitchen, and quietly sat down.

    To his surprise, Shen Ci didn’t mock him for once. Instead, he glanced at him and casually asked, “Feeling better from the allergy?”

    Seeing that Shen Ci didn’t seem to intend to hold him accountable, the weight in Yan Yuzhou’s heart finally lifted. He nodded quickly, “Much better, thank you for your concern, Mr. Shen.”

    Then he hurriedly buried his head in his porridge, trying his best to lower his presence.

    After breakfast, Shen Ci went back to his room, seemingly busy with something and not in a rush to go to work. Yan Yuzhou glanced at him in confusion, then slowly walked over to Sister Song with the tube of allergy cream in his hand and politely asked, “Sister Song, can you help me apply some medicine? I really can’t reach the spots on my back.”

    Sister Song laughed and teased him, “Oh, madam, how can you be so confused now? You can ask Mr. Shen to help you, that’ll help to improve your relationship.”

    Yan Yuzhou’s mouth twitched. Was he crazy to ask that poker face who disliked him so much for help? He still wanted to live…

    Yesterday, seeking Shen Ci’s help when he was in so much pain he couldn’t think straight was his limit. If he had to ask Shen Ci for help while fully conscious, he couldn’t imagine how dark Shen Ci’s face would get.

    Yan Yuzhou quickly shook his head, “No, no, I won’t trouble Mr. Shen. He’s busy with work and doesn’t have time. Sister Song, please help me.”

    Unable to resist Yan Yuzhou’s pestering, Sister Song thought it wasn’t a big deal to help apply some cream on his back, so she agreed.

    When Shen Ci came out of his room with a document, he saw Yan Yuzhou’s shirt rolled up from the back on the sofa, revealing his smooth, fair back, with beautiful butterfly bones and a straight, graceful spine.

    Sister Song was standing behind him, holding a tube of cream, applying it with her fingers.

    Instantly, Shen Ci felt a surge of anger, a wave of inexplicable emotion spreading throughout his body.

    Almost immediately Yan Yuzhou felt a chill all over his body and shivered involuntarily. He instinctively looked to the side and behind him, where Shen Ci stood expressionless.

    “M-Mr. Shen,” Sister Song quickly noticed Shen Ci too, and seeing his somewhat displeased expression, she immediately stopped what she was doing, stood up, and bowed. “Madam just mentioned that he couldn’t reach his back and was embarrassed to trouble you, so he asked me to help apply the ointment.”

    Yan Yuzhou cooperatively let out a laugh, “Yes, Mr. Shen, if you have work to attend to, please go ahead. It’s getting late, don’t be late for work.” Then he urged Sister Song behind him, “Sister Song, continue, please.”

    Sister Song had been working with Shen Ci for a long time. If she couldn’t read the situation now, she might as well quit. No matter how many times Yan Yuzhou urged her, she didn’t dare to lift a finger again. Instead, she wisely placed the ointment on the coffee table, bowed, and found an excuse to retreat to the kitchen.

    As soon as Sister Song disappeared, Yan Yuzhou felt particularly vulnerable. Shen Ci walked towards him step by step, silently sat down behind him.

    Yan Yuzhou turned around in confusion and was about to pull down his shirt that was rolled up on his back when Shen Ci’s low voice commanded, “Turn back, don’t move.”

    Yan Yuzhou blinked and silently turned back, fully exposing his back to Shen Ci, like a lamb awaiting slaughter, ready for its master’s judgment.

    Finally, his master took action. His back was smeared with a cool, gel-like substance, accompanied by a warm touch of fingers.

    Yan Yuzhou couldn’t help but tremble; it was the first time he realized his back had so many sensitive spots. Everywhere Shen Ci’s hand went, he shivered. He gritted his teeth and endured it.

    Shen Ci applied the ointment very meticulously, very seriously, very leisurely, completely unaware of the need to hurry despite being late for work.

    Who knows how long it took, but Shen Ci finally finished. He elegantly screwed the cap back on the ointment, placed it back on the coffee table, took a wet wipe from the table, and carefully wiped his fingers clean before picking up the documents beside him and slowly standing up.

    Yan Yuzhou’s face was already visibly red, as if he had drunk too much, his flushed cheeks a clear sign. Seeing Shen Ci stand up, he also straightened up, pulled his shirt down, then quietly stood up and softly thanked Shen Ci.

    Surprisingly, Shen Ci responded, and Yan Yuzhou could clearly hear the pleasure in his tone, making him even more puzzled.

    Without further delay, Shen Ci grabbed his phone and left the villa. Yan Yuzhou watched him leave, touched his slightly red face, covered his chest that had just calmed down, and let out a big sigh of relief.


    T/N: It’s over. Iceberg Shen has learned how to take advantage of his oblivious wife lol. He even did it with class hahaha

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