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    Yan Yuzhou woke up very early the next day. To be precise, he was jolted awake by a nightmare.

    In his dream, Shen Ci was helping him apply medicine to his back, and in the midst of it, he suddenly bit down on Yan Yuzhou’s gland.

    With a shudder, Yan Yuzhou nearly jumped out of bed on the spot. The first thing he did after getting up was to feel the back of his neck with his hand to check if the gland was alright. Finding the skin smooth and intact, he unconsciously breathed a sigh of relief.

    He glanced at his phone and saw that it was only six in the morning. It was unusually early. This was all because that pervert Shen Ci insisted on helping him apply the medicine and gave him psychological trauma.

    Yan Yuzhou went to the bathroom to take a shower, washing off the sweat from the previous night’s sleep. He didn’t understand why, although he was quite resistant to Shen Ci helping him apply the medicine when Shen Ci lifted his shirt to expose his back, he subconsciously wanted to present his cleanest and best side.

    He didn’t want any strange smell on him that might provoke Shen Ci’s disgust or ridicule.

    Yan Yuzhou thought this was mainly due to his strong sense of pride.

    After making sure he was thoroughly clean, Yan Yuzhou put on a clean white shirt and left his bedroom. Unexpectedly, Shen Ci was already sitting on the living room sofa this early, catching Yan Yuzhou off guard.

    “Hi.” Yan Yuzhou blurted out a greeting, instantly feeling his steps become heavy.

    Shen Ci exited the news page on his phone, closed it casually, and nodded slightly with a bland expression, “Up so early?”

    Yan Yuzhou awkwardly muttered an “Mm” and then turned to head back to his bedroom. After taking two steps, a magnetic voice came from behind:

    “I’ll come to your room to help you apply the medicine later.”

    Instantly, Yan Yuzhou felt a strong urge to die. He couldn’t avoid it, he couldn’t escape…

    So, half an hour later, in Yan Yuzhou’s room, an Omega with very fair skin lay submissively on the bed. If observed closely, one could see his frail body trembling slightly, half of his face buried in the bed, with the roots of his ears already flushed red. His pure white shirt was lifted up entirely from the back, sunlight streaming in through the window, illuminating his smooth, white skin.

    Behind this weak, pitiful, and helpless Omega, an Alpha stood with a stoic expression. He squeezed some ointment onto his fingers, then slowly and meticulously applied it to the sides of Yan Yuzhou’s spine, where there were still some signs of an allergic reaction.

    It was unclear how much time passed, but Yan Yuzhou felt his nose, buried in the bed, was about to suffocate when the person behind him finally spoke in a low tone,

    “Are you planning to suffocate yourself?”

    Yan Yuzhou: …

    He crawled up from the bed, freeing his face from the sheets, and tidied his slightly messy bangs. He pretended to adjust his shirt naturally, forcing himself to calmly meet Shen Ci’s impassive gaze.

    Seeing Yan Yuzhou’s panicked appearance, Shen Ci felt an unprecedented wicked urge to tease him. He spoke slowly, “Are you shy?”

    Upon hearing this, Yan Yuzhou felt an immediate embarrassment as if his secret had been exposed. He took a deep breath and, stiffening his neck, strongly denied, “Of course not. I’m just worried that if you, Mr. Shen, see how good-looking I am, you might unilaterally tear up our prenuptial agreement. After all, Mr. Shen, don’t you hate Omegas the most?”

    Shen Ci’s expression changed at Yan Yuzhou’s words. His previously amused demeanor instantly cooled, and his nascent fondness for Yan Yuzhou was abruptly cut off. After a long pause, during which Yan Yuzhou’s expression grew increasingly uneasy, Shen Ci’s face turned complex and disappointed. With a cold laugh, he said, “You’re right. The thing I hate most in my life is you Omegas. In the future, unless necessary, don’t appear in front of me.”

    Yan Yuzhou didn’t expect that his random, defensive remark would so easily touch Shen Ci’s nerve, prompting such a hurtful statement from him.

    He felt that his male dignity had been trampled on, making him feel completely unwell. Looking at Shen Ci’s unperturbed, iceberg-like face, he was filled with resentment. He quickly approached, and before Shen Ci could react, he rushed to his side.

    “Mr. Shen, you are absolutely right! If it weren’t necessary, I wouldn’t want to appear in front of you either. But, Mr. Shen, you seem to have forgotten that this is my room. It was you who insisted on coming into my room; I didn’t come to you. In this light, doesn’t it seem like you are more at fault?”

    After saying this, Yan Yuzhou continued to point angrily at Shen Ci, as if demanding an apology. However, it was clear that Shen Ci would not yield. On the contrary, his brows furrowed deeply, and his gaze towards Yan Yuzhou was filled with disgust.

    “Hmph, in that case, I’m sorrry for disturbing you.”

    With that, Shen Ci turned and left without a trace of reluctance. As the door closed, the last hint of Shen Ci’s cold, snowy scent vanished completely.

    Yan Yuzhou’s small face immediately fell. What’s the matter? Why did I suddenly lose my temper like that? It scared my heart to the point where it almost jumped out of my chest. That despicable alpha! I knew he couldn’t say anything nice!

    Fuming, he walked to the bed and punched it in frustration, but his eyes turned red against his will.

    “What I hate the most in my life is you omegas.”

    “Unless necessary, don’t appear in front of me.”

    Why must someone with such a handsome appearance say such hurtful things?

    Obviously, he was the one who flirted unknowingly and then shifted the blame onto him. Yan Yuzhou forcibly held back his tears and started tidying up his bed with a sullen face.

    Shen Ci returned to his room with a cold expression, silently reflecting on himself. What was wrong with him these past few days? It seemed like ever since he got the certificate with this omega, subtle changes had been happening.

    In the past, he never spoke more than necessary with omegas. More than half of his company’s employees were alphas and betas. Even the few omegas had to spray inhibitors before coming to work. All the servants in his villa were betas. If he even caught a whiff of omega pheromones, he would change his clothes, clean thoroughly, and disinfect.

    His personal doctor, Fan Qidao, had been treating him for nearly ten years.

    But that day, old Fan said he was getting better.

    No, he felt he was getting worse. So much worse that he must have lost his mind; otherwise, how could he naively think that omega was inexplicably cute?

    He wanted to touch his skin, smell his scent, bite his glands.

    He even wanted to force him to do things that the Cambrian Chronicles wouldn’t allow to be written.

    But when he closed his eyes, the terrifying image from his youth replayed over and over in his mind.

    An omega had taken advantage of an alpha’s sleep and viciously stabbed a knife into the alpha’s gland. In an instant, blood splattered everywhere.

    Since then, he couldn’t control his nausea at anything related to omegas.

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