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    While suggesting to eat more, Yan Yuzhou actually had no appetite at all. He managed to drink half a bowl before putting down his spoon.

    Glancing at the time, he saw that he had enough time to make it to school. Yan Yuzhou had originally taken two days off from school, but now that his allergy had significantly improved, he decided he could definitely attend classes today.

    He had heard that university included military training. Yan Yuzhou, who had entered the workforce right after high school, had always envied students like Lin Xiaoguo. Now, he finally had the chance to experience it through the book, and he didn’t want to miss out, even if it was military training.

    After a brief goodbye to Sister Song, Yan Yuzhou checked the bus route and took the No. 150 bus to Wenjing Art University.

    When he arrived at the school, it was just in time for the distribution of military training uniforms. Yan Yuzhou reported his number, received a set that fit him, and ran back to his dormitory to change.

    In the dorm, Xiao Mu happened to be there. Seeing Yan Yuzhou enter, Xiao Mu smiled with surprise and then asked, “Zhouzhou, why didn’t you bring your luggage to school yesterday?”

    Yan Yuzhou smiled sheepishly and explained, “Sorry, Xiao Mu, I changed my mind at the last minute and decided not to stay on campus for now.”

    Xiao Mu, thinking Yan Yuzhou must have his reasons, didn’t say much about it. Instead, he brought up another topic, “By the way, after that Chiyu Films seminar, I submitted my resume to their company. Just a day later, their HR department called me for an interview tomorrow.”

    Yan Yuzhou nodded and smiled happily, “Congratulations! With your looks, once you get into Chiyu Films, becoming famous is just a matter of time.”

    Xiao Mu’s eyes curved into crescent moons, looking very attractive. His eyes sparkled like starlight, filled with hope and excitement. He quietly told Yan Yuzhou, “Actually, I’m aiming for that President Han who was on the stage that day.”

    Yan Yuzhou was momentarily stunned but quickly realized who Xiao Mu meant. It was the good-looking man standing next to Shen Ci that day looks like his name was Han Yun.

    Teasingly, he glanced at Xiao Mu, who was blushing slightly, “So, you want to get close to the water to enjoy the moonlight first…”

    Xiao Mu laughed, raised his eyebrows, and candidly admitted, “Yes, I’ve taken a liking to him. If I get selected, I’ll definitely pursue him.”

    Then he stood in front of the mirror, examining his figure and muttering to himself, “I wonder what type of omega President Han likes.” As he spoke, he touched his hips, “Ah, my hips are too narrow. They say that in the future, it might be difficult to give birth. If President Han wants someone with big hips who’s good for childbearing, I’m out of luck…”

    Listening from the side, Yan Yuzhou’s mouth twitched uncontrollably. He almost forgot that although he was a man, he was also an omega, which meant he was supposed to have children just like women in reality.

    Oh my god, this is a hard pill to swallow. Thankfully, his marriage with Iceberg Shen was purely contractual, so he didn’t have to worry about such things at all.

    After quickly changing into their military training uniforms, the two of them went to the playground together. Despite being on the same playground, they were in different teams because they belonged to different departments. They said their goodbyes and returned to their respective classes.

    The teams were arranged separately for alphas, betas, and omegas due to their different physical conditions, with omega training being less intense.

    Yan Yuzhou wasn’t short among the omegas, standing at 180 cm, and was positioned in the first row. With his striking looks and fresh demeanor, he quickly attracted the attention of many alphas and betas.

    During breaks, several alphas often approached to get to know him. Yan Yuzhou, having no inherent gender bias against alphas, considered everyone to be just men who could be friends. Moreover, these alphas were far more enthusiastic than the cold, aloof iceberg at home, completely changing his stereotypical view of alphas.

    In the afternoon, under the scorching sun, a group of freshmen in military training uniforms practiced standing on the playground. Yan Yuzhou, standing in the first row of the omega team, felt dizzy from the heat.

    Finally reaching the mid-training break, he hurried to the convenience store, bought a bottle of ice water, and poured it down his throat.

    “Is it okay to drink something so cold?” A warm and gentle voice sounded in his ear as he gulped down the water.

    Yan Yuzhou stopped and turned to see a tan-skinned man standing not far away, smiling at him.

    He quickly recalled that this was his classmate, an alpha.

    “Hello, do you remember me?” The boy walked over and politely extended his right hand. “We’re in the same class. My name is Pan Feng.”

    Yan Yuzhou smiled and extended his hand to shake Pan Feng’s. “Hello, my name is Yan Yuzhou.”

    Pan Feng nodded and spoke gently, “I noticed you earlier. It’s not good for omegas to drink such cold water. Here, I bought this for you. It’s at room temperature. Take it.”

    As he spoke, he handed an unopened bottle of mineral water to Yan Yuzhou.

    Yan Yuzhou felt a bit embarrassed for a moment. Omegas, like women, shouldn’t drink cold things… How troublesome, not only do they have to give birth, but they also can’t drink cold water. If this continues, he’ll really feel like he’s becoming a woman.

    “No need, it’s really hot today. You drink the water you bought. I can drink this.” He said, shaking the half-drunk bottle of cold water in his hand.

    Pan Feng smiled and, seeing that Yan Yuzhou wasn’t taking the bottle, stepped forward gently and placed the room-temperature water into Yan Yuzhou’s hand, looking at him with kind eyes. “If I said I bought this specifically for you because you looked thirsty and uncomfortable, would you still refuse me?”

    That expression almost seemed like a confession, making Yan Yuzhou feel a strange sensation rise within him.

    It was as if, unconsciously, he had been classified into a vulnerable group. Look, there was even an alpha starting to show protective instincts towards him.

    Before he could say anything, he heard Pan Feng continue, speaking in a tone that sounded almost like a negotiation. “We’re all classmates. It’s just a bottle of water, no need to refuse, right?”

    Yan Yuzhou looked at the bottle of mineral water in his hand, then at Pan Feng’s expectant eyes. He thought he might as well accept it.

    They were both men, after all. No need to be so wishy-washy. So, he smiled brightly, shook the bottle in his hand, and said, “Thank you very much, classmate Pan.”

    Seeing Yan Yuzhou accept the water, Pan Feng immediately smiled, his eyes shining with happiness.

    Yan Yuzhou also smiled back, looking at the bottle in his hand and thinking, this alpha is much better than that cold iceberg. One bought him water, while the other almost starved him early in the morning.

    Ah, comparison really highlights the differences. How can there be such a gap between people?


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    I’m going to have a baby, hahaha hiccup

    The idiom “近水楼台先得月” (jìn shuǐ lóu tái xiān dé yuè) is a Chinese proverb that translates to “A pavilion closest to the water enjoys moonlight first.”

    Meaning: This idiom is used to describe a situation where someone benefits from being in a favorable position or having a closer relationship to an advantageous resource or person. It implies that proximity often brings the first opportunity or benefit. In the context of “So, you want to get close to the water to enjoy the moonlight first…”, it suggests that Xiao Mu wants to be in a close position (by joining Han Yun’s company) to have a better chance of pursuing a relationship with him.

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