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    Shen Ci held Yan Yuzhou’s collar and pulled him two steps away from the pile of fragments. Yan Yuzhou stood there dumbfounded.

    Sister Song heard the sound and poked her head out of the kitchen in a panic. When she saw the fragments on the ground, she exclaimed and ran over, “Oh my, madam, are you hurt?”

    Yan Yuzhou shook his head instinctively, but his heart was still in shock. He was like a frightened little deer, panicked and at a loss.

    Sister Song quickly took out a mop from the storage room and respectfully said to Shen Ci and Yan Yuzhou, “Sir, madam, I’ll clean this up. You two should go have breakfast.”

    Shen Ci responded with a simple “hmm,” glanced at Yan Yuzhou, who was standing motionless, and sighed slightly, reminding, “Eat.”

    Yan Yuzhou snapped out of it, hurriedly responding with an “oh,” and then followed Shen Ci into the kitchen like a puppet.

    He served himself another bowl of porridge and sat down at the dining table, biting his lip, his expression complicated with confusion.

    He had intended to keep his distance from Shen Ci and not eat at the same table, planning to take the porridge back to his room. But his body suddenly felt weak, even though he had eaten something at midnight and felt fine. What was that sudden moment of weakness just now?

    The faint scent of cold snow lingered at the tip of his nose. Yan Yuzhou discreetly sniffed with his nose, keeping his head down and drinking porridge without wanting to talk.

    Shen Ci, who was always a man of few words, ate his meal slowly and methodically, showing no intention of speaking.

    Sister Song cleaned up the fragments in the living room and mopped the floor. When she re-entered the kitchen, she saw Mr. and Mrs. each eating their meals with cold expressions, not even exchanging glances. She sighed inwardly. Why haven’t they reconciled after their argument?

    The meal was finished in this strange silence. Shen Ci, still in his workout clothes, said to Yan Yuzhou, “Wait for me in the car,” and then went to his room, presumably to change clothes.

    Yan Yuzhou stuck out his tongue, went back to his room to gather his things, and then left the villa alone. Seeing driver Xiao Wang already waiting there, he smiled and greeted him. After some hesitation between sitting in the front passenger seat and the back seat, he chose to sit in the back.

    Driver Xiao Wang’s phone suddenly rang as he sat in the driver’s seat. He answered it, and the voice on the other end was not loud, but it still came through the not-so-soundproof speakers clearly.

    “Xiao Wang, come to the company at 3 PM to pick up Mr. Shen and take him to Anshi Hospital for a follow-up,” the person said.

    Driver Xiao Wang responded with a respectful “okay, Assistant Liang.”

    Yan Yuzhou was puzzled. After Xiao Wang hung up the phone, he tentatively asked, “Does Mr. Shen have any health issues?”

    Driver Xiao Wang stiffened slightly, then turned his head a bit and smiled respectfully, “Madam, I’m not really sure.”

    Yan Yuzhou nodded, indicating his understanding. Even if Xiao Wang knew, it would not be appropriate to disclose his employer’s health issues to others. After asking, Yan Yuzhou felt a bit regretful. He and Shen Ci were just in a contractual relationship, and it was improper to inquire about someone else’s privacy.

    In the silence, the car door opened. Yan Yuzhou turned his head to see Shen Ci, now dressed in a custom-made suit, getting in.

    Mixed with the scent of cold snow was a faint smell of body wash. It seemed Shen Ci had quickly taken a shower in the short time.

    Yan Yuzhou pouted. He really was a clean freak with OCD. In every aspect. But this pheromone scent, it smells so good…

    Noticing the gaze directed at him, Shen Ci suddenly looked over and found Yan Yuzhou staring blankly at him. Shen Ci’s face fell, scaring Yan Yuzhou into quickly turning his head away.

    The entire way, Yan Yuzhou sat upright and stiff, his body pressed tightly against the car door, trying to stay as far from Shen Ci as possible, feeling utterly embarrassed by his earlier behavior.

    Shen Ci would probably ridicule him, definitely saying things like, “Don’t harbor any illusions about seducing me,” or something like that. Yan Yuzhou’s little face fell, and his wounded pride began to ache again.

    Shen Ci quietly observed his expressions, sometimes indignant, sometimes pitiful.. making him feel both amused and perplexed. It even made him feel a strange tenderness towards Yan Yuzhou.

    The car first stopped at the front gate of Wenjing Art University. Yan Yuzhou bowed his head and said goodbye to Shen Ci and Xiao Wang before quickly opening the car door and running off. In a flash, he was gone.

    Shen Ci watched him scurry away with an inexplicable soft expression on his face. For the first time, he found this skinny, rabbit-like Omega quite adorable. 

    And his scent, black tea—hmm, he really wants to drink it.

    Yan Yuzhou jogged away until he was sure he was out of Shen Ci’s sight before stopping. Panting, he covered his chest with his hand. His heart was pounding, especially after accidentally catching Shen Ci’s pheromone scent in the car. He slapped his forehead and muttered, “Spineless!”

    Why was he acting like a lovesick girl?

    Suddenly, someone called out to him. Yan Yuzhou instinctively turned around and saw it was Pan Feng, the classmate he had just met yesterday, who had bought him water.

    “Morning.” Yan Yuzhou grinned as Pan Feng walked up to him.

    “Why were you running so fast just now?” Pan Feng asked with a laugh. “If you hadn’t, I wouldn’t have seen you, hehe.”

    Yan Yuzhou scratched his head and laughed awkwardly, “Nothing, really. Are you going to the track too? Let’s go together?”

    Pan Feng’s eyes lit up and he quickly agreed, “Sure.” Then the two of them walked towards the track together.

    Though it was only March, it was already the beginning of summer’s heat in Wenjing, a southern city. Even in the morning, it was still very hot. Both of them had started to sweat, and the air was filled with the scent of pheromones.

    Yan Yuzhou frowned slightly, trying to ignore the faint scent in his nose. It seemed like a grassland scent—not unpleasant, but not appealing either. Overall, he felt nothing.

    Unlike Shen Ci’s scent, which was fresh and invigorating. Stop it… don’t think about it anymore. If he kept thinking, the spot on the back of his neck would start throbbing again.

    It was strange. Since last night, he had been feeling noticeably unwell—sometimes weak, sometimes feverish, completely exhausted, with sore legs and feet, as if he had been starved and dehydrated for three days.

    Walking alongside Pan Feng, Yan Yuzhou thought that if this continued, he would have to find time to see a doctor. He couldn’t afford to die of some strange disease before finding a way back to reality.

    He hadn’t gotten married or had kids yet. If he died, there’d be no one to inherit his debts…

    T/N: Zhouzhou that’s just your heat and it’s pretty mild too lol

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