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    When Shen Ci entered the company today, he had a faint smile on his face. Although it wasn’t obvious, the thawed ice on his face shocked the receptionist and his colleagues.

    It’s no wonder they were surprised. They had been working under President Shen for several years and had never seen him smile. Even when the company went public successfully, he only showed a brief flash of satisfaction in his eyes, without even a hint of a smile.

    Shen Ci’s special assistant, Liang Xin, also noticed the change. He couldn’t help but silently praise the newlywed Mrs. Shen, who was clearly an extraordinary omega.

    Liang Xin watched as Shen Ci sat down in his office chair. He respectfully stepped forward, prepared the medicine, and after Shen Ci took it, he began to report on his schedule for the day.

    “At ten o’clock this morning, several students from Wenjing Arts University will come for interviews after passing the preliminary screening. You and President Han will be the special examiners. You need to be in the meeting room before ten.”

    Shen Ci nodded, indicating he understood. He glanced at his watch and headed straight for the meeting room.

    Han Yun arrived almost at the same time. Seeing Shen Ci coming out of another elevator, Han Yun approached and patted him on the shoulder with a smile, “You seem to be in a good mood today.”

    Shen Ci looked at him in surprise and asked curiously, “Really?”

    Han Yun raised his eyebrows and laughed, “Yes, you have a gentle aura today. I’ve never seen you in such a good mood.”

    Liang Xin, standing behind them, nodded in agreement, which Han Yun noticed. Han Yun laughed and said, “Look, even your assistant agrees with me.”

    A hint of confusion appeared on Shen Ci’s face. He didn’t realize there was anything different about him today. He frowned slightly, said nothing more, and walked into the meeting room with Han Yun.

    The interview began formally. The students from Wenjing Arts University had been selected after the first round of screening over the past two days. There were about ten of them.

    From the moment the first student walked in, Shen Ci and Han Yun sat quietly, watching them with furrowed brows.

    The performances seemed too rehearsed, as if they had been trained.

    The first twelve students were all rejected by Han Yun with a stern face.

    Only the last one was left. Han Yun glanced at the resume, looked at the photo, and found the interviewee’s name—Xiao Mu.

    Han Yun’s patience had worn thin as the interview dragged on. He had no expectations for the last candidate. He heard the footsteps entering the room and looked up casually, then—

    His heart skipped a beat.

    Yan Yuzhou felt uncomfortable all day today, worse than yesterday. It wasn’t just the dizziness from the sun; it was a burning sensation from within his body.

    He felt like a giant furnace, constantly burning and boiling. Before long, he was parched, and his body trembled slightly.

    The instructor noticed his discomfort, walked over with concern, and touched his forehead. “Are you okay?”

    Yan Yuzhou’s mouth was very dry, and he found it hard to speak. He croaked out, “Instructor, I need water.”

    Seeing that this omega student was indeed unwell, the instructor nodded, “Go rest over there.”

    Yan Yuzhou bowed to the instructor, dragged his weak body to a shaded spot, sat down, and grabbed the bottled water he bought from the supermarket in the morning. He unscrewed the cap and gulped it down.

    The bottle was quickly emptied, but the burning sensations  inside him didn’t ease. On the contrary, it intensified. He even started to smell all kinds of scents around him.

    Grasslands, soil, rust, bamboo forests, blood, fishiness… all sorts of smells filled his nostrils, impossible to ignore.

    At this moment, his phone in his pocket started vibrating. He took it out and saw that it was Xiao Mu. He remembered Xiao Mu telling him yesterday that he was going to Chiyu Film for an interview today, so he answered the call.

    “Zhou Zhou,” Xiao Mu’s voice sounded very excited, and even through the phone, Yan Yuzhou could hear his happiness. “Guess how my interview went?”

    Yan Yuzhou laughed as soon as he heard this, “Do I even need to guess? From your voice, I can tell. Congratulations!”

    Xiao Mu laughed on the other end, “I didn’t expect it either. The twelve seniors before me were clearly more professional, but somehow they all got eliminated. Only I got accepted in the end!”

    Yan Yuzhou continued to laugh, “I told you, you could do it. Now you can pursue your true love!”

    Hearing this, Xiao Mu laughed even more brightly, as if he couldn’t close his mouth. “Hehehe, today I had a close look at President Han and realized he’s really good-looking! President Shen was sitting next to him, and the atmosphere between them was incredible. One was extremely cold, and the other was extremely warm. By comparison, I still prefer President Han’s warmth.”

    When Yan Yuzhou heard Xiao Mu mention President Shen, he realized that Shen Ci was also among the interviewers. Suddenly, he recalled Shen Ci’s pheromone scent, and his gland started to throb without warning. It didn’t stop after a few throbs but kept pulsing, as if craving something.

    At this point, Xiao Mu changed the subject, “Zhou Zhou, I wanted to ask, why does your voice sound so strange? You sound weak, are you sick?”

    Yan Yuzhou didn’t hide it and hummed in agreement, “I don’t know what’s going on either. Since yesterday, I’ve felt like I have a fever, on and off. Sometimes it just goes away, and sometimes my legs suddenly go weak. Hahaha, maybe I’ve been sunstroke from the military training these past two days… hahaha…”

    After laughing at himself with Xiao Mu on the phone for a while, Yan Yuzhou heard Xiao Mu suddenly exclaim, “Zhou Zhou, is it your heat period?”

    Yan Yuzhou: !!! The laughter stopped abruptly.

    After a while, he shivered and tentatively asked, “What did you say? Heat… period?”

    Xiao Mu hurriedly said on the other end, “Yes, you told me last time that your differentiation was late, so don’t tell me you’ve never experienced a heat period before!”

    Yan Yuzhou’s mind went blank, and he started to stammer, “Heat… period, I, I, I’ve never experienced it…”

    Xiao Mu hurriedly said over the phone, “Wait for me on the playground, don’t run around. I’ll come find you right now!” Then he hung up.

    When Shen Ci saw the last interviewee, Xiao Mu, today, his temple throbbed suddenly. If he remembered correctly, this person was the one who smelled Yan Yuzhou’s gland in the school auditorium that day.

    Instantly, his eyes narrowed dangerously, but when he glanced at the gender on the resume, his displeased aura subsided.

    It was an omega. Thank goodness.

    Later, this omega’s performance was indeed commendable, and he looked good too. More importantly, Han Yun particularly liked him. Since Han Yun made the final decision, Xiao Mu stayed on.

    However, later on, when Shen Ci happened to pass by the elevator, he overheard this omega talking on the phone. The person on the other end was called “Zhou Zhou.”

    Uncharacteristically, Shen Ci, who never liked to eavesdrop, stopped and quietly listened.

    His assistant Liang Xin behind him: ??? Stood still, then looked bewildered.

    Later, he finally understood. It turned out their upright President Shen was eavesdropping… Naturally, he knew who the “Zhou Zhou” mentioned by the newly accepted student was—his famous, almighty president’s spouse!

    However, Shen Ci’s face suddenly changed when he heard the student named Xiao Mu say something about… a “heat period”?

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