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    A long time ago, in an age of legends, humans were under attack by dragons and faced great danger. Brave knights tried to defend them, but humans were too weak. When everyone was in despair, another dragon came to their aid. The reason he helped humans was because he loved a certain knight.

    Afterward, when the dragon who wanted to destroy the world disappeared and peace was restored, the dragon and his knight who had helped became the pillars of a new kingdom. The dragon bestowed blessings upon the kingdom. He said that someone with the power of the dragon would appear in the royal family from generation to generation.

    Kings with the power of the dragon ruled the country from generation to generation. However, what they inherited was not just that. The cruelty of the dragon also manifested in the kings. That’s why a R3gas, the one who tamed dragons, always stood by the king’s side.

    He was closer to the king than anyone else and gained his trust. As time passed and the powerful blood became diluted, the need for R3gas diminished greatly. However, a R3gas had already become a symbol of peace and the closest advisor to power. They were now the ones who tamed humans, not dragons.

    “So originally, looks didn’t matter to R3gas. It was a mistake to raise people who were just pretty and good-looking to be called R3gas in order to gain the king’s favor. What’s the difference between them and the court jesters?!”

    Abel had heard it hundreds of times already, but he couldn’t help but ask his master about his dissatisfaction.

    “So what does R3gas need, um… uh, is it knowing how to climb cliffs?”

    They were now at their destination. After crawling up the cliffs for hours, their arms and legs were exhausted. However, the master waiting above didn’t offer any help and continued with his complaints.

    “What a R3gas needs most is communication. Only those who can communicate with all nature, including trees, grass, birds, and wind, are qualified to approach dragons. They must have the patience to tame dragons and a good personality to tolerate their dirty nature. So, in the beginning, a R3gas is a companion who suppresses and advises the king’s instincts. Not just a sexual predator who’s weak and only cares about appearances!”

    The master raised his voice in anger. His pride in raising a real R3gas was evident on his face, but his shabby appearance in worn-out clothes revealed a miserable reality. In the past, he had indeed raised a Regas who truly became the king’s spiritual companion, but over time, only Abel remained as his successor. People had long regarded R3gas’ as nothing more than a concubine of the king. Abel questioned the usefulness of methods to tame dragons. Even if they were necessary, he wondered how knowing how to climb a cliff would help.

    “Ugh. Haa, haa, haa…”

    Even the sturdy and robust Abel who was raised in the countryside groaned involuntarily. He barely managed to climb up and clung to the ground, trembling. However, the indifferent master nudged him and helped him up.

    “Come on, follow me. Hmm, we have to go mushroom picking before sunset.”

    Abel sighed and struggled to get up with his exhausted body. It had been ten years since he came under the master’s care. Originally, he had no intention of becoming a R3gas. Ten years ago, he was just an eight-year-old child who barely survived in a war-ravaged village, and no one willingly accepted him. He was in a situation where he could starve to death at any moment.

    The one who reached out to him was the master who happened to pass by. That’s why no matter what the master taught him, Abel had to learn it and repay the favor. But becoming a R3gas? He couldn’t help but be shocked at first.

    What is a R3gas? Wasn’t it the king’s spiritual companion who could only be the most beautiful person in the country?

    His large physique and rough appearance were definitely not suitable. The place where a Regas is raised now is the ‘Heart of the King.’ But the master said that his sect is also a place where real R3gas’ are raised. Moreover, it is a legitimate sect that has produced authentic R3gas. Of course, it was said that there were very few cases of actual R3gas becoming the king’s companion.

    That’s why the teachings here were based on the heart and judgment of the king. The master said that the qualities of a R3gas come from within, not from appearance. Of course, looking at the personality of the master and his only disciple, it was hard to trust his words.

    However, Abel followed his master without saying a word. Lately, the intensity of the training had been increasing, and Abel knew it was because of his master’s worries. Eight years ago, a child who inherited the power of the dragon was born in the royal family.

    However, contrary to the fact that the power of the dragon was almost disappearing, rumors spread that the child born had the mark of the dragon on his body. There was one thing that worried the master. What if the child was born not only with the appearance but also with the power of the dragon?

    He didn’t know what kind of disaster would happen if they wouldn’t be able to control the child.

    Perhaps, even the kingdom would perish.

    ⊹˚. ♡.𖥔 ݁ ˖

    The queen of the kingdom. She was in a position that everyone envied. She was the daughter of a poor nobleman, but because of her outstanding beauty, he caught the attention of the king and became the queen.

    However, perhaps because of the ability to control the power of the dragon, the kings were more interested in men.

    The queen realized that she was just a tool to bear a child as soon as she entered the palace. That’s why there was only one day a month when she could meet the king. Even on that day, it was just a bed for copulation without making any conversation with the king.

    At first, she believed she could endure it.

    After all, it was a position she had sought to escape the dreadful poverty of having to feed pigs, despite she was only a noble in name. No matter how exceptional her appearance, there was no one who’ll marry her. With not a penny of dowry, she would have to pay to be taken away instead. Even if she wanted to become the mistress of another noble, she couldn’t. It was also because nobles couldn’t become mistresses. Thus, when the opportunity came to become queen, she seized it without hesitation.

    Anything would be better than the repulsive reality of feeding pigs. Above all, she had her dignity. There was no one who wasn’t captivated by her beauty. Although poverty became a stumbling block, she always received praise and love for her appearance. Even a king surrounded by riches and a beautiful Regas would have his heart swayed upon seeing her.

    Perhaps he would even kneel and promise to fulfill any desire she had.

    If only the king would fall for her, this world would be hers. Now no one would remember that she was a poor beggar who smelled like a pig. Everyone who looked down on her and laughed at her would tremble.


    Once the king falls for her.

    However, on the first night after the splendid wedding, when she had to send the king off to his own palace, he didn’t come. It was only after a month that she finally saw his face while waiting for the king in his palace that no one visited. She had dressed up her hair, put on makeup, and wore the most beautiful clothes, but there was no laughter or praise she had expected.

    It was just a short sexual act for the sake of circumstances. It was the first shame she had ever experienced, but there was no one to help her. It was the same afterwards. Sleeping with the king, who came back once a month, was always the same. The only thing allowed for her was to accept him while lying down.

    She couldn’t even see the king’s face or say a word. That was the rule.

    Only existing to produce a successor.

    She tried to gather the courage to talk to him a few times, but that attempt only locked her in the room. The confinement began without even being given food or water.

    It was a room filled with luxurious furniture, jewelry, and expensive dresses, but it became a terrible prison for the queen. Despite her position, she had to beg on her knees towards the crack in the door to get a piece of bread. Only when she gave up even that and abandoned all hope for the king did the door open.

    And the king visited only once a month, always for the sake of copulation. This lifestyle continued for two years. Now the king was a terror to her. Just the sound of his footsteps and his voice made her body tremble as if with a chill. She had long forgotten the dream of making him hers and ruling the country. Even her anger faded away.

    It didn’t matter that she, as the queen, was never invited to official events, or that her place was always taken by a R3gas. The only hope left was to bear a prince.

    Only one person in a generation inherits the power of the dragon. But if she fails, the King’s Heart will cast her out of the position of being the queen and bring someone else in. She had to quickly bear a proper successor before losing the opportunity. Enduring a life imprisoned and everyone’s ridicule, she only thought of this one thing.

    So, she eagerly awaited the monthly encounter with the king. Things will change once she bears the child who will become the king. The king will see her again, and people won’t be able to ridicule her anymore. Her wish came true after two years of waiting. A child she had after a long wait.

    It was her last hope, and this time she wouldn’t fail. Until, she saw the eyes of the newborn.

    “Oh! Get that away from me!”

    She could only scream like this the moment she saw her son for the first time after giving birth.

    “Ah! No, bring my child to me. Bring my child, not that devil!”

    The newborn also cried at her outburst. The maid who held the crying baby quickly turned the child’s body, but she didn’t think about calming the crying baby. Because her face was pale with fear more than anyone else’s. The queen was right. This child was evil.

    Otherwise, how could he be born with such eerie eyes?

    Nothing but the eyes of a snake.

    The prince was cursed.


    Rumors about the child reached the queen’s ears. However, she believed those rumors to be true. If it wasn’t a curse, there was no other way to explain this terrible situation.

    “The dragon’s mark is visible, but there is no ability felt.”

    The meaning behind the words of the attendant who came to visit was as follows. Your child is nothing but a useless person born with hateful eyes. He added that there are cases where abilities manifest late, but the queen’s ears heard nothing. The child, who would still be lacking even if given happiness, brought even greater shame. The queen’s palace was more sickening than a pigsty.

    The path to leave this place is now blocked. The woman who gave birth to the cursed child has lost even the duty of protecting the sleeping quarters as the queen. The king no longer sought her, and even her last chance disappeared. And the cause of all this misfortune was the devil born with terrible eyes.

    The only one who understood her feelings was the attendant. He gave her medicine to calm her mind and whispered.

    “You must guide the child well and be by their side. They must not become a real devil.”

    After taking the medicine, she truly felt better and was no longer afraid of the child’s terrible eyes. Her tasks became clear. If she left that child alone, they would truly become a devil. From then on, the queen taught the child lessons with their small and obedient body. Every time the child cried, laughed, or tried to look at their own eyes, she would vomit.

    At first, it was just pinching or spitting, and tightly gripping their body. She spewed curses while looking at the child, who couldn’t understand a word, with eyes full of hatred. The fear that her son might become a devil increased the frequency of taking the medicine as time went on. The child, who used to be seen once a week, was now seen every two to three days, and the light wounds that used to be inflicted became so strong that red blood would flow.

    The king, who didn’t even pay attention to the queen because he was busy with his R3gas in the bedroom, also fueled her hatred. Even the king doesn’t come to see such a child.

    The king, who came to visit a month after the child was born, laughed and opened his mouth to the queen.

    “She said she would give birth to a child who inherited the power of the dragon, but she ended up giving birth to a dragon with only dragon-like eyes and no abilities. Hahaha.”

    After that, the king never came to the queen’s palace where the queen and the prince resided. However, the last sarcastic remark left by the king deeply rooted in the queen’s heart. This is all because of that devil.

    The queen tried to control the devil and ended up becoming a devil herself.

    ⚠Please don’t share this novel to any social media platforms as it will risk this fan translation to get taken down⚠

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