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    Looking at him, Ashler instinctively realized that something had happened to Abel.

    As soon as he thought of it, he stood up from being dragged along. And when he slightly pulled the prince’s small hand in the opposite direction, the prince who had been leading the way turned around. A chill ran down his spine as he saw the yellow eyes peeking through his hair, but he pretended to be calm and knelt down in front of the prince.

    “Would you allow me to touch the prince’s body? If it’s urgent, I will hold the prince and run quickly.”

    Then, as if granted permission, Ashler waited for a moment and carefully embraced the prince’s body, which was throbbing in his arms. He felt a slight uneasiness, perhaps because he had been stabbed by a sharp piece of wood when he first greeted the prince.

    However, the prince, who had obediently embraced Ashler, pointed to a spot with his hand instead of causing him harm.

    Is it there? Ashler quickly started running through the forest that the prince pointed to.

    The soldiers, who were chatting while waiting for lunch, became aware of the situation because of someone’s question.

    “Oh? Where did Sir Ashler go?”

    Then, other soldiers also looked around. Ashler, who always swung his sword in front of the fog, was nowhere to be seen. Everyone’s expressions became serious because Ashler never left that spot until the prince came out of the forest, no matter what happened. Unless he entered the fog.

    “Could it be… he went into the forest?”

    Someone murmured with doubt, but no one among the frozen soldiers denied it. That fog was a monster that devoured people. No one could deny the feeling that Ashler, who was in front of it every day, had been captured and taken inside.

    ⊹˚. ♡.𖥔 ݁ ˖

    Ashler knew that the Dragon Forest was quite large, but it was even more impressive when he actually entered it. As he walked through the forest for a while and emerged into a wide open space, his eyes squinted from the strong sunlight. However, he soon encountered a vast field that seemed to have no end.

    The green waves that made one feel better just by looking at them spread out like a sea, as if there could not be another place as beautiful as this. Ashler was captivated by the scenery and stopped walking for a moment, but the prince grabbed his clothes and pulled him away.

    Finally regaining his senses, Ashler bowed his head, and the prince pushed his shoulder and struggled to get away. Does he want me to get him down? Ashler carefully put the prince down, and then the small hand grabbed Ashler’s hand and started pulling him.

    Ashler was led by the prince and took a few steps before noticing Abel in front of him. He was lying down, facing the sky. Something was strange about Abel’s face. It was covered by a black object.

    What is that? It looks like a spider…


    Ashler, who was curious, unknowingly stopped walking and opened his eyes wide. However, no matter how much he looked, it was just a spider the size of a palm. It was sitting on Abel’s face, behaving obediently. It wriggled. The spider moved its legs.

    A chill run down Ashler’s back. And to make matters worse, goosebumps appeared on his arms, causing Ashler to freeze for a moment. Grabbing Ashler, who was motionless, the prince pulled him forcibly towards Abel. Only then did Ashler got startled and attempt to pull the prince back.

    “Your Highness, it’s dangerous, please move back…!”

    As Ashler was speaking, his mouth froze. The prince stood in front of Abel’s face and casually grabbed a spider with his small hand. Then, he exerted force and crushed the spider in his hand.


    With a small sound like an egg cracking, the prince’s hand was covered in the remains of the spider’s burst innards. Without any hesitation, the prince threw the dead spider aside, covered in sticky green goo. Ashler still couldn’t close his open mouth.

    Where the prince threw the spider, there were five more spider remains. There were more spiders! Ashler unconsciously looked around. It felt like a swarm of spiders would attack at any moment.

    However, the prince was still holding Ashler’s hand, pulling him closer. When Ashler looked up, the prince looked at him and pulled his hand, making him sit next to Abel. Finally realizing that he had forgotten about Abel, Ashler quickly reached out to check Abel’s condition.

    But Ashler couldn’t remove his hand from the prince’s grip. The prince, who sat next to Abel like Ashler, didn’t let go of Ashler’s hand. There was a time when Ashler suspected that the prince might be a fool. He read books, but they were difficult books for a child to read, which made Ashler even more suspicious.

    The speed at which he turned the pages was fast, and sometimes it seemed like he enjoyed flipping the paper rather than reading. But if he were a fool, he wouldn’t continue to hold his hand like this. If the prince let go, Ashler was certain that he would be left alone in the fog.

    Ashler placed his hand under Abel’s nose to confirm if he was breathing. Then he lifted his eyelids, listened to his heartbeat by placing his ear on his chest, and carefully examined his face for any signs of spider bites.

    However, judging by the stable breathing and the absence of bite marks, it seemed that he had simply fainted. So he was about to tell the prince not to worry too much, but another sound stopped him.


    A faint pronunciation. But it was definitely the voice of a child. Ashler couldn’t believe that he heard the prince’s voice, so he held his breath and looked down. The prince held Abel’s body with his small hand and shook him, opening his mouth again.

    “Eppel, Eppel.”

    And he turned to Ashler as if asking for help. Ashler realized that the yellow eyes he met were no longer creepy or eerie. They still looked like snake eyes, but now they felt like the innocent eyes of a child.

    “Your Highness, Abel is just unconscious for a moment. You don’t have to worry too much.”

    However, after looking at Ashler as if he couldn’t believe it, he slowly spoke.

    “Up… huh.”

    Are you talking to me right now? Ashler stood still, unable to believe it, and the prince opened his mouth again.

    “Up… it’s a command.

    In his firm eyes, there was an imposing presence that was hard to believe he was only 8 years old.

    Gulp. Ashler bowed his head in front of the prince and answered.

    “Yes, Ashler will follow the prince’s order.”

    Ashler grabbed Abel’s shoulder with one hand, lifted him up, and turned his back to lift his large body. Abel’s physique was similar to Ashler’s, but he effortlessly lifted his large body and stood up.

    And as he supported Abel’s body with his hands, he realized that both of his hands were free. When he looked up, the prince was standing a step away from him. His eyes were fixed on Abel. The prince no longer held Ashler’s hand, but everything still looked clear to him.

    Ashler straightened his large frame and realized that Abel was the real Regas of the prince. And that today was not Abel’s last day. When they came back to the palace with Abel, the prince, who had been following them all along, grabbed Ashler’s clothes.

    It seemed like the prince would like to take him to his room. Then, there was a sound of surprise among the maids and soldiers who had gathered nearby at the prince’s proactive appearance. The voice of the child who couldn’t move towards Ashler could also be heard clearly.

    “My… room.”

    Ashler bowed his head to the prince and turned his hesitant body. But that wasn’t the end. The prince suddenly turned his head towards the maids and soldiers who had gathered and raised his hand, slowly brushing his hair. The yellow snake eyes, which were rarely seen, were revealed to everyone.


    “Oh my…”

    Screams and surprised gasps were heard from all over, but the prince did not hide his emotionless glass-like eyes. And after confirming that everyone was trembling and stepping back, he turned his body. The prince’s intention was clear. Do not come close.

    People followed that meaning well. Even after the prince entered the room with Ashler, no one thought of approaching the room. Strangely, the prince’s chilling snake eyes didn’t leave their mind for a long time. It felt as if cold chills were continuously gripping their heart.

    ⊹˚. ♡.𖥔 ݁ ˖

    The prince began to reveal his intentions after opening his mouth. This was the result desired from the king’s side. However, Truyde was the only one who welcomed this result, while Norhox and the court attendants did not hide their discomfort. Of course, Truyde ignored their reactions and gave orders.

    “I intend to recognize Abel as the prince’s official Regas. Starting today, the record keeper will follow Abel and record his every move, so Marquis and the court attendants should be aware and make separate preparations.”

    The attendant reluctantly nodded in response, but Norhox did not relax his frowning eyes. Then, Truyde smiled and urged him.

    “Is there perhaps an issue?”

    “I’m not sure if there is a need to make a hasty decision. If the prince shows to have recovered, we can attach a different Regas even now…”

    “Then the prince will return to his original nature. Isn’t that right?”

    When Truyde pointed out sharply, Norhox tightly sealed his lips. He acknowledged that Abel had changed the prince, but he could not accept his appearance and background. If Abel was recognized as the prince’s Regas, then what would he have to do from now on…

    Norhox’s face twisted again. Truyde smirked his lips as if he could see through his inner thoughts.

    “If you can’t prepare, let me know anytime. There are many people who are willing to take over the duties of the Norhox family.”

    Norhox glared at the young duke while biting his lower lip, then silently turned and walked out. The loud sound of the door closing echoed in the room, but Truyde only smirked even more. The attendant, who had been staring at him, cautiously asked.

    “Then, shouldn’t you prepare for that as well, Your Grace?”

    Truyde immediately understood what it was and nodded his head.

    “Don’t worry about that.”

    “How long do you think it will take?”

    When the attendant asked cautiously, Truyde thought for a moment and then answered briefly.

    “We’ll have to see the prince’s condition, but we should finish within one or two months. It will probably take that long for Marquis Norhox to prepare as well.”

    He stopped speaking as if he had made up his mind and concluded in a low voice.

    “It would be best to finish as quickly as possible, even if the prince rebels. It’s better for those who help the prince to disappear quickly. But you also have other things to take care of.”


    “Send His Highness into the forest. It’s time to find out exactly what Abel is doing with the prince.”

    Truyde added with a pleased look in his eyes at the prince’s change.

    “You’ve made the prince useful. Even if Abel has cast some strange magic, it doesn’t matter anymore.”

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