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    Abel opened his eyes after the sun had set. As if he had slept deeply after not being able to sleep for a long time, he slept soundly in the prince’s bed. The doctor who examined Abel also diagnosed it as a simple fainting just like what Ashler said.

    However, the prince did not let go of Abel’s hands as if he had fallen seriously ill. Because only Ashler was allowed to enter the room, Ashler had to awkwardly lift him. And while Ashler briefly left to fetch the prince’s meal, Abel finally regained consciousness.

    Blink, blink.

    He blinked his eyes a few times, still feeling dizzy, and then casually turned his gaze to the ceiling. But right next to him, he saw the prince’s figure. When Abel met the prince’s downward gaze with his yellow eyes, he habitually burst into laughter.

    “Your Highness, did you see the wolf spider? It looks really scary, doesn’t it?”

    Although the question he asked just right after waking up was very strange, the prince nodded kindly. Then Abel’s eyes brightened and he sat up.

    “Haha, right? It’s really scary, isn’t it? I faint every time I see it! Well, if I fainted, then how did I end up here…?”

    Only then did Abel realize that he was lying in the prince’s bedroom and his eyes widened in surprise. But before all the questions came out, the prince’s hand pressed against Abel’s body. Of course, it was a weak force, so he didn’t move, but Abel obediently lay down. And as he looked at the prince with a puzzled look as if asking why, he finally understood the reason.

    “Ah. Your Highness, are you worried about me? Don’t worry. I’m really fine, I just fainted for a moment…”

    And when he tried to get up again, a small hand prevented him from doing so.

    “No can’t… Eppel.”

    “Haha, I can. I’m all better… Huh? What? What?!!!”

    Abel shouted, ignoring the prince’s hand, and quickly stood up. Then, with eyes that seemed to burst out, he looked at the prince and let out a excited voice.

    “Oh! Wow, Your Highness! Are you talking to me right now? And… if you mean Eppel… are you really talking about me?!!”


    Abel’s face turned red as the prince made a small gesture. A scream had already burst out of his mouth.


    And at the same time, with a bang, the door opened and Ashler came in, holding a sword.

    “What?! Has another bear appeared?!”

    However, in his bewildered eyes, Abel and the prince were the only ones he saw. Clearly, he had heard the roar of a bear inside. It was the sound of a human bear. But Abel, who didn’t even know what sound he had made, was amazed instead.

    “Ah! A bear? Where is it?”

    You. Ashler resisted the urge to point with his finger and entered the room. He put the tray he hadn’t turned over on the nearby table and walked across the large room. And when he tried to ask if he was okay, he had to stop when he met the prince’s eyes.

    His yellow eyes were staring at him with a different coldness than before. The chill he felt when he first saw the prince’s eyes spread through his body. Ashler stopped his movements and swallowed his saliva as if it were a warning not to come closer.

    Clearly, there was nothing sinister about the prince’s eyes that he had seen in the forest. There was only an urgency to save Abel. But now he refused to approach. It was as if the prince was trying to prevent himself from approaching Abel, not himself.

    Ashler deliberately took a step back. In response, the prince turned his small head. The prince, who had begun to express his intentions, knew well how to use his power. He knew how to use his eyes that people feared. Ashler had to rethink his opinion of the prince.

    “Oh, right. Sir Ashler! The prince called for me. Uhahaha― I’m so happy! From now on, my name will be changed to Eppel at the prince’s request! So please continue to call me, call me as much as you want!”

    The excited voice of Abel could be heard, but Ashler did not shift his gaze away from the prince. The cold feeling inside him persisted. Could it be that Abel had summoned a dangerous being that should not have been awakened?

    Fortunately, the excuse that Abel still couldn’t move his body allowed him to have the honor of spending the night in the prince’s bedroom. It was also because the prince did not let go of Abel’s hand, but Abel also wanted to stay by the prince’s side.

    Ashler, who had briefly approached him while the prince was eating, told him that the situation would change from tomorrow. It seemed like she was planning to take over the management of the palace, which had been completely neglected until now and as an opportunity for the prince’s change. No one had come here to teach the prince writing or etiquette, so Abel was able to take the prince into the forest all day.

    But now they said that a proper education for the prince will start from tomorrow. He must receive the proper education from proper tutors, meet the prince with proper procedures, and speak with proper manners. And they said that a record keeper will follow the prince everywhere and record his every move.

    It was clear that rolling in the dirt in the forest, getting dirty clothes, picking fruits with both hands, and catching bugs barehanded were not part of what they wanted as ‘proper’. It was certain that he couldn’t be by the prince’s side at unauthorized times.

    So this night will be the last. The impolite act of lying in bed with the prince. Abel tightly attached the blanket to the prince’s side and covered him more. Then the prince, who seemed to be sleeping, opened his eyes.

    “Ah? Prince, aren’t you sleeping?”

    Abel whispered, but the prince just stuck his finger out of the blanket and wriggled it. His expressionless face was like a doll, but Abel thought he looked like an excited child for some reason.

    Chuckling, Abel smiled broadly in the darkness and covered the blanket up to the prince’s neck again.

    “You should cover yourself with a blanket and sleep, even if it’s not cold. Especially your stomach!”

    Abel gently placed his big hand on top of the prince’s shoulder.

    “If you sleep on a full stomach, you’ll have an upset stomach the next day. When I was young, I didn’t listen to my mother and actually slept on a full stomach, and I ended up bedridden for two days. This is a secret, but since then, I’ve been putting a pillow on my stomach when I sleep. Hehe.”

    There was a pillow on top of Abel’s stomach. Since childhood, it had become a habit for him to put something on his stomach before he could sleep. It seems funny to think about it now, but when he was young, the next scariest thing after being sick was sleeping with his stomach exposed

    The reason he was sick probably wasn’t because he exposed his stomach. However, to young Abel, even a small mistake he made felt like the biggest mistake. No matter how small, to a child, it could be his whole world.

    However, the child lying next to him received hostility that even adults couldn’t handle. Able met the shining yellow eyes in the darkness. Despite being told to sleep, the child kept its eyes half-open. Perhaps knowing that the child wouldn’t close his eyes even if told to sleep again, Abel spoke once more.

    “You should go to sleep so that we can go find the raccoon cave tomorrow. These creatures live on the edge of the forest, so we have to walk quite a bit. Since there are none in the fields, I want to go further to the far end of the lake. However, I don’t know how interesting they are. When they are attacked, they pretend to be dead, and it’s so clever that I was fooled the first time I saw it.”

    Abel’s voice continued on, and before he knew it, he was completely absorbed in his story. Despite growing tired and speaking less, his voice continued to flow smoothly, and soon the prince closed his eyes and fell into a peaceful sleep. However, Abel remained awake, staring at the ceiling without being able to fall asleep.

    He seems unable to sleep. But when he fell unconscious and entered a deep sleep, he had a vivid dream. A dream that felt as real as reality. Abel’s green eyes, heavy and sinking, couldn’t close until the break of dawn. The dream, just like the one his master had, didn’t disappear before his eyes.

    ⊹˚. ♡.𖥔 ݁ ˖

    “From now on, be clear about it. A Regas is a grateful presence that helps the sacred bloodline of the dragons, but because of that, he can be even more dangerous. If he starts to believe in his own power and harbors ill intentions, he could become not Regas anymore, but rather the one leading the kingdom down the path of destruction.”

    Truyde’s words, which seemed boring, continued without sincerity, along with his eyes scanning the documents.

    “But I heard that the prince only follows you. Your role is to guide the prince correctly, not to monopolize his love, isn’t it?”

    Tap. The pen that was in Truyde’s hand made a sound as it was placed on the desk. He raised his head for the first time since Abel entered the room, indicating that he had finished his paperwork.

    “Answer me. Am I wrong?”

    Abel quietly replied, “You are correct,” to the cold question. Truyde’s mouth twitched slightly, as if he was pleased with the answer.

    “If you recognize your mistakes, it’s fortunate. So, if you’re staying in the palace, from now on, you must correct those mistakes. Many people will be by the prince’s side to provide the education he hasn’t received until now. Your role is to assist the prince in accepting them. Meanwhile, you should keep your distance from the prince.”

    This time, Abel didn’t immediately respond. Staring into space, he seemed more dazed than lost in thought. Truyde thought to himself, wondering if that fool was trying to come up with an excuse, and added.

    “If you refuse, you cannot stay by the prince’s side as a dangerous person. No, I will drag you out of here right now, outside the palace….”


    The answer came faster than expected. Well, he must want to stay by the prince’s side no matter what, as leaving now would make his efforts in vain. Truyde inwardly sneered, but his thoughts changed when a calm voice followed.

    “As you have said, I will do as you ask.”

    It was an unsettling gaze. There was no fear of losing his position or anxiousness in Abel’s calm green eyes that met his. The sunken eyes felt too deep, and Truyde’s gaze became sharp. This wasn’t the atmosphere he expected.

    When he first saw Abel after a month, there was hardly any difference in appearance. Except for the many scars on his neck and face that were not there before, his foolish tone and innocent laughter remained the same.

    However, even a fool would feel bad when criticized instead of being praised for their efforts, but there was no such emotion on Abel’s face and in his eyes. Instead, he seemed to already know that this situation would come. Truyde tilted his head to the side and casually added.

    “You can’t just do as I say. If you care about the prince, you have to actively bridge the gap between him and others. And from now on, you cannot serve as the prince’s official Regas.”

    “Yes, understood.”

    As expected, the answer came politely. Truyde stared at Abel intently for a moment and then suddenly laughed.

    “Don’t you want to ask why? The reason you can’t serve as an official Regas even though you went to the Dragon Forest with the prince.”

    When Abel couldn’t answer, Truyde explained with a mischievous look in his eyes.

    “It’s because you’re too unimpressive as a Regas.”


    “It’s praiseworthy that you led the prince like this, but isn’t it laughable to teach a future king how to catch bugs in the forest?”

    Truyde stared sharply at Abel, who bowed his head silently and added.

    “Fortunately, it seems you know your own shortcomings well. From now on, you will only be allowed to go to the forest three times a week. And gradually reduce the frequency so that the prince doesn’t go to the forest at all. Why is there time to waste in the forest for someone who has a mountain of things to learn? Do you understand?”

    “Yes.” Abel’s polite answer could be heard. However, Truyde’s expression changed to a more curious one, rather than being satisfied. Why does he accept everything so obediently? Wondering, he signaled for Abel to leave. After Abel left and Truyde was lost in thought, he called for a court attendant. When the court attendant saw him, he reported first.

    “His Majesty mentioned he would venture into the forest today. I intend to guide them to the entrance immediately after the prince and Abel enter the forest.”

    “He used to dislike forests and tremble with fear, but you managed to persuade him so effectively.”

    When Truyde praised him, a smile appeared on the court attendant’s face.

    “It’s all because of that thing made by the great Truyde family….”

    “Be careful what you say.”

    When Truyde’s eyes sharpened, the court attendant bowed his head.

    “I-I apologize, Your Highness.”

    Truyde looked at the humble bowing attendant with disdain and revealed the purpose of summoning him.

    Swish, thump.

    He took out a small bottle from the drawer and handed it to the attendant.

    “Start using this for Abel from tomorrow.”

    “Ah, this is…”

    The official cautiously took the bottle and examined the liquid with a purplish-blue hue.

    “Isn’t this potion merely inducing sleep in the face of a toxic atmosphere? Do we really need to use it?”

    “Why waste such a precious item on someone who’ll meet his end early?

    Under Truyde’s sharp gaze, the official bowed his head again. However, still having doubts, he hesitated and asked again.

    “But can we eliminate him so quickly? I heard that the prince is still difficult to handle.”

    Truyde twisted his lips when the attendant cautiously expressed his opinion.

    “It’s better to make him disappear quickly. If he blabber strange things pretending it for the prince’s sake, it will be more troublesome.”

    Then, he muttered softly, recalling Abel who had left a while ago.

    “He’s strangely calm.”

    He was definitely different from the fool he used to be. Trude instinctively recognized those who he needed to be wary off. Anyone who appeared to be the opposite must be treated as an enemy unless proven otherwise, except for his subordinates. He lifted his head and commanded the waiting attendant.”

    “Prepare more people.”

    “Who are you talking about?”

    “The queen.”

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