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    “Haa, haa, haa.”

    Although there were no intense movements, the queen’s chest was heavily trembling. Like a dog lying on the floor, she only stared at the hands of her attendant. Her field of vision was filled only with a small bottle held in his hands.

    “Quickly, give me that…”

    It was medicine she hadn’t seen in months. Unable to take the medicine, she had been lying in a corner, consumed by fear. Everything, even a speck of dust, was terrifying and dreadful, making it impossible for her to move his body. Her body, tormented by constant thirst and various hallucinations, was close to being a skeleton.

    However, she finally saw it again. A medicine that is no different from life itself. As the queen raised her trembling hand, the attendant held the bottle higher. The queen’s eyes shook with pity, but she couldn’t easily approach. She just hoped that he would give her the black potion like a well-behaved pet. And when the wait reached its limit, the attendant’s voice was heard.

    “Do you think you deserve to receive this? While leaving the devil you created as it is?”

    Devil? This one word stood out prominently in her mind, filled with darkness. The attendant smiled at her surprise.

    “Yes, a devil. Now, I will give this to you, so please do what you need to do. You know what that is, right?”

    As the bottle was handed to the queen by the attendant, she opened the cap with trembling hands and took a sip. One sip was enough. A refreshing energy spread throughout her body and suddenly everything became stable. She felt as if she were drunk with power, overflowing with strength in her entire body.

    The overflowing power made her feel like she couldn’t control herself and that she needed to break and destroy everything. Fortunately, the queen had a place to use this power. She carefully put the remaining potion in her pocket and stood up. A joyful smile spread across her lips.

    Let’s go educate the devil, haha.

    ⊹˚. ♡.𖥔 ݁ ˖

    The content Melmond transcribed continued from the queen’s use to the beginning of the prince’s first Regas.

    [They send a specially chosen Regas to the prince, who has been mentally isolated due to abuse from his stepmother. The prince opens his heart to him, who is kind to him, and accepts him as his only Regas. At that moment, they give the prince a second mental shock.

    They kill the prince’s Regas and leave it at the entrance of the Dragon Forest. Then, the Dragon Forest is perceived as a place of death for the prince. At this stage, what they are wary of is a Regas trying to wield power through the prince. To prevent this, they want to quickly handle the prince’s first Regas.

    After the prince opens his heart, they all disappear in a few days if it’s fast, or a month at most. After that, they present a new Regas with the same face, tone, and behavior as his previous Regas.]

    There was no more content. Looking at the shaky handwriting, it was obvious that Melmond was unable to write any more. Melmond raised his head after a long time and whispered in a heavy voice.

    “Run away, Abel.”


    “They’re going to kill you. Run away now. Find a way out somehow. Just go anywhere. I’m scared. I mean, I can’t handle this….”

    “I had a dream.”

    Abel quietly interrupted Melmond’s words. And when he looked at him strangely, he smiled slightly.

    “I also had a dream of the kingdom that the master dreamed of burning.”


    Astonished, Melmond barely murmured, holding his breath.

    “That kind of dream… it’s nothing special.”

    “But I dream it every day.”

    Abel’s voice seemed rather nonchalant, but Melmond trembled with a sense of dread. The fact that Abel had been dreaming every day before his master died came to mind, and his voice didn’t come out properly.

    “S-Since when?”

    “Since the day I collapsed in the forest.”


    Melmond stood up, pushing the chair back with a surprised face.

    “Then it’s already been over 20 days! You… sigh, no. Dreams are nothing. That, that’s nothing. So, run away now. I can help you now.”

    “It’s okay.”

    “What? What’s okay? It’s okay even though you’ll die if you stay here?”

    Eventually, when a loud noise came out of Melmond’s mouth, Abel bowed his head as if apologizing. However, when he looked up again, his voice was still calm.

    “It’s different from the dream the master dreamed, but from the second day of meeting someone, I dream a different dream. And little by little, it’s changing.”

    “Changing? How?”

    However, Abel smiled awkwardly and after looking at the empty space for a while, he answered.

    “I still don’t know, but I think it’s a good thing.”


    “That’s why I can’t leave.”

    It was a firm voice.

    Melmond, as if lost in thought, stared at him blankly and then sat back down. He muttered to quietly as if talking to himself.

    “If you insist on staying here, I can’t help you at all. I’m having a child now, and I…”

    “It’s okay. And I’m sorry. Um, but.”

    Abel apologized softly and hesitated to say something more. However, before he could speak, an urgent knocking sound was heard. Without waiting for an answer, the door opened, and a familiar soldier came in panting.

    “Lord Regas, something big has happened!”

    Outside the prince’s bedroom, Ashler was staring at the door with a fearful expression. He seemed ready to draw his sword at any moment, but he didn’t move. No, he couldn’t move. He had received an order.

    However, whenever a faint sound was heard from inside the room, his hand trembled. If it had been two months ago, he might have ignored the situation inside and gone outside. Maybe he would have chatted with the other soldiers and waited for the time to go to their lodging to rest.

    No. Ashler denied it inwardly. Time was not the issue. If there was no one else inside, he wouldn’t have cared about the prince’s affairs no matter how much time passed. He couldn’t feel any emotions towards the unchanged prince. But even if everything changed, Ashler was still unable to do anything.


    There was another loud noise from inside the room. Anger towards himself surged within Ashler. He had already heard about the queen before coming to the prince’s palace. He knew that she had been continuously abusing the prince, but he had forgotten about it since he hadn’t seen it since he arrived.

    But on this night, when the prince met Abel and was finally able to sleep comfortably, heavy footsteps were heard from the end of the corridor. A foul stench, scattered hair, a face as dry as a skull, but eyes that flickered with madness. Ashler tried to draw his sword, but the maid stopped him. His shout made him unable to do anything.

    “Ah, it’s the queen.”

    The queen. Even if there were strange laughter or noisy disturbances, there was no way to object to the name of the command that should not be disturbed. At the end of the corridor, the newly arrived administrator and the record keeper stood with their arms crossed, openly watching.

    Is there really no way?

    When the question continued to arise in Ashler’s mind, urgent footsteps echoed through the corridor. Ashler, who had been looking at the door, only realized who the owner of the footsteps was when they came closer.

    “Haa, haa… Please move aside.”

    Ashler turned his body to the side and looked back, his eyes widening.

    “Abel? How did you…?”

    Abel’s pale face, which seemed like it would collapse at any moment even when he came out of the forest, looked even more like a corpse as he ran. However, after giving a slight bow to Ashler, he grabbed the doorknob without hesitation. Startled, Ashler quickly grabbed his wrist and stopped him.

    “What are you trying to do? The queen is inside. You can’t just go in recklessly.”

    “Yes, I know.”

    Ashler couldn’t reply. His face, which seemed like it would collapse at any moment, was smiling too comfortably.

    “But we still have to save the prince.”


    “It’s okay, I’ll do it. Please wait here, Ashler.”


    Abel opened the door and quickly disappeared inside. Without taking a single step, Ashler could only glare at the door he easily passed through.

    He couldn’t breathe. Abel couldn’t catch his breath because of the sight inside. He knew why the queen was behaving strangely because of the records Melmond brought, but the sight in front of him was too horrifying. The queen was pulling the hair of a little child and dragging him. . Her gruff, giggling voice barely made the frozen Able move.

    “You went around with your eyes uncovered, right? Huh? You’re also an irredeemable devil. This time, I’ll properly educate you.”

    And she tried to throw the prince’s body, which was being dragged weakly, onto the floor. But before that, something large appeared and caught the prince’s body, which was about to fall to the floor.

    “Hah! Who, who are you?!”

    The queen was startled and stepped back, but Abel, who was holding the prince, quickly got up from the floor and examined his condition. The prince’s forehead was bleeding, and his small face, which had been hit, was swollen and red. Inside his torn top, there were already dark red bruises here and there.

    “Are you alright, Your Highness?”

    As Abel held the prince in his arms and asked, fortunately, a small voice was heard.


    “Yes, Eppel has come. I’m sorry for being late, Your Highness.”

    Abel whispered and raised his head, covering the prince with his body as if protecting him. The queen glared at Abel as if she was going to kill him with a terrifying expression.

    “Who dares to stand in my way?”

    “Your Majesty, I apologize. However, it is not right to discipline the prince in this way because he is still young.”

    “Shut up! How dare you… How dare you interrupt me!”

    Her scream, close to a shriek, echoed in the room. Abel covered the prince’s ears with both hands and huddled further.

    “Your Majesty, please listen to me. Your Majesty is not in good health right now, so you are making a wrong judgment.”

    However, she was already not listening to Abel’s words. Breathing heavily through her mouth, she looked around with eyes full of madness. And when something caught her eye, she quickly grabbed it in her hand.

    It was the wreckage of a broken chair rolling around in the messy room. Due to the broken joint of the wood, the sharp end was dangerous like a weapon. The Queen approached Abel with a triumphant face.

    “Oh, I see. Seeing you embracing the devil, you must be a sinner too. Then I should educate both of you together, right?

    The queen raised her foot first, her eyes wide open with burst blood vessels. Abel quickly embraced the prince and bowed down to the ground. As they lay down, the queen’s foot kicking began on top of Abel’s body. Soon, her eerie laughter echoed along.

    “Ha, ha, die, you devil! Hee hee hee – die! Die!”

    Despite receiving the kicks, Abel exerted strength on his back to prevent the prince from being crushed by his own weight. Then, he wrapped his arms around the prince’s head and whispered to him.

    “Prince, close your eyes and imagine the forest. Walk along the familiar forest path. Eventually, you will come across a grass field, right? Remember that we used to always have lunch there. The wind blows and…”

    The voice that whispered into the prince’s ear, as if hypnotizing him, momentarily stopped. From above, the queen was thrashing and screaming wildly, but only Abel’s voice, connected to the prince’s ear, could be heard. It was fascinating. When Abel’s words were followed, a real forest appeared before his closed eyes. His calm voice continued again.

    “The wind blew and the cloth I had laid out flew away. So, the prince and I ran through the grass field to catch it. The cloth got caught on a tree in the forest…”

    Abel’s voice, which seemed a bit out of breath, gradually became steady as he continued to whisper to the prince. However, a chair leg, stabbed with all the strength of the queen, was stuck in his back, causing him to tremble. Blood stained his back as the queen’s kicking resumed, but Abel’s voice became even calmer.

    T/N: I need a moment to calm myself down. I want to strangle the queen T-T

    Btw, we’re almost at the end of Volume 1, probably around 4-5 chapters more. I’ll try to update fast so stay tuned~

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