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    Since it was midnight, there were only a few soldiers standing guard to stop her. And they naturally couldn’t stop her knowing she was the Queen. Just like the arrogant knight who dared to grab her wrist not long ago.

    His eyes twisted when he saw her, but he bowed his head and let her enter the prince’s room. If the Queen had a little more sanity left, she would have scolded him harshly, but she was in a hurry now. Without any maids, the Queen herself held a candlestick in one hand and entered the prince’s room.

    Where is it?

    She bent down and searched the floor with the candlelight. Her anxiety continued to grow, and her throat kept burning due to the withdrawal symptoms of the medicine.

    Where is it for heaven’s sake?!

    She was getting nervous. She needed to find it quickly. She crawled on her knees like a dog, but suddenly she raised her head.

    In the distance, shining yellow eyes were looking at her from the darkness. A shiver ran through her body in an instant. The devil was looking at her.

    The Queen clenched her trembling hand tightly and stared back at the yellow eyes. The source of her misfortune.

    If only those yellow eyes weren’t there…

    When she cursed inwardly, her confused mind led to another wrong conclusion.

    Ah, I see. Then it’s settled.

    The Queen slowly stood up from her seat and took step by step towards those yellow eyes.


    In the queen’s hand, which emitted a brief laughter from her, there was a pointed pen taken from a nearby table. As she went to those yellow eyes and drew closer, the Queen raised her hand high.

    Let’s get rid of those eyes.

    ⊹˚. ♡.𖥔 ݁ ˖

    Upon hearing the news, the King’s Heart advisors who gathered in the early morning frowned at the report from the attendants.

    “She stabbed his eyes?”


    “Damn it. How did you even manage the Queen!! You should have monitored her properly!”

    As Norhox spoke up first, another person hurriedly asked about the results.

    “So, how is the prince’s condition?”

    The attendant found it difficult to speak and swallowed his saliva before finally answering.

    “Well… both of his eyes were stabbed by the pen… Fortunately, there is no life-threatening problems, but it seems that he is definitely blind.”


    The sound of someone hitting the desk hard echoed inside. There had never been such an instance like this before. No matter how insane the Queen was, she had never made the prince blind. This time it was too much.

    Isn’t it a mistake to adjust the medicine given to the Queen?

    Everyone’s gaze turned to Truyde, who managed and administered the medicine. However, he seemed rather relaxed. His words were even more absurd.

    “What on earth is the problem?”

    “Duke Truyde! How can you say such a thing after seeing this situation? Isn’t this a problem for the future king of this country? Is the king of this country just a king? To the people, he is a divine existence. But if such a king cannot see…”

    “It’s better than having the eyes of a devil.”

    The inside became quiet at Truyde’s words. Truyde looked around at those who remained silent and twisted his lips.

    “Now there won’t be any rumors about the prince being a devil or unnecessary worries about him causing problems by going into the forest. Those who couldn’t get near the prince because they were afraid can now serve him without any hesitation. So there won’t be any problems. Everything has become advantageous for us. Shouldn’t we be happy about it?”

    ⊹˚. ♡.𖥔 ݁ ˖

    Abel heard the news about the prince two days after the incident occurred. Because he woke up just then. Abel opened his eyes and instinctively felt that this was his last chance to see the world. So he had to get up and do something. But there was a devastating news waiting for him.

    “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t be the one to tell you this as soon as you wake up.”

    Melmond, who had rushed upon hearing the news that Abel had regained consciousness, looked at the dazed Abel with sympathetic eyes. In fact, he had also considered whether or not to tell him. Abel clearly did not look like someone who would soon die. So Melmond wanted to make his last moments comfortable. But Abel’s first words upon seeing Melmond were this.

    “I feel strange. Is there something wrong with the prince?”

    Yeah, how did you know? You really guessed it like a ghost.

    [T/N: “Like a ghost” is used metaphorically to describe how accurately or mysteriously the person guessed something. Ghosts are often associated with being elusive, mysterious, or having supernatural abilities, such as knowing things that others don’t.]

    It would have been nice to joke and laugh in a situation like this. But he couldn’t even bring himself to make that kind of joke, because it felt like his tears would start flowing if he did. And he couldn’t lie either.

    “Fortunately, the Queen will be completely isolated because of this incident. The prince won’t get hurt because of the Queen again.”

    “Why is this happening?”


    Abel let out a trembling voice in response to the quiet question.

    “In my dreams, the future is getting better, so why is something like this happening to the prince? Did I… make a mistake by believing in my dreams?”

    Melmond knew that Abel’s voice was the sound of suppressed tears. So he couldn’t bring himself to give an answer to the guy who always made jokes and made him laugh. How could he possibly say that believing in his dreams might have been a mistake?

    “Abel. This is not your fault. This is…”

    “It can’t be. If it’s a mistake, we have to change it now. Ah, we have to change it right now.”

    Abel, who forced himself to get up, stood with legs that couldn’t support him properly. Melmond quickly grabbed his arm and stopped him.

    “Where are you going with that body? You can’t do anything anyway!”

    He shouted loudly to make him realize the reality, but Abel’s eyes were already determined. He whispered quietly while tightly holding onto Melmond’s arm.

    “Please lend me your clothes.”

    Abel already knew where the palace guards were located. As it was quieter than other places, no one noticed Abel moving quietly in the darkness. Therefore, it was easy to lure away the guards who might interfere.

    He just made a little noise outside with a stone, and the person patrolling inside came out yawning. Maybe this was a chance given by the heavens. The prince is said to be moved to another place tomorrow due to his injury. So now was the only chance to see the prince.

    Abel hurriedly ran through the long corridor with his stumbling body. It felt like the wounds on his back were opening and blood was flowing, but he didn’t have the time to care about that. Whether the heavens were truly helping or not, the guard standing in front of the prince’s room was leaning against the wall and dozing off.

    After Ashler came, it was said that a lot had changed, but it was a glimpse that showed how lax the security here usually was. It was lucky for Abel. No, it was a miracle for him, who couldn’t even stand properly due to his rising fever.

    Abel approached the prince, who had a white bandage wrapped around his eyes, with unsteady steps.

    “Prince. Prince.

    After calling softly several times, a small hand rose. And Abel held the small hand tightly, bowing his head as he felt around to find the owner of the voice. A small whisper came out of his mouth.

    “Would you like to come and play in the forest with me?”

    Due to his weakened body, it was almost impossible for Abel to carry the prince. However, the prince was also unable to take a single step due to the fever that arose from his eye injury. Abel forced strength into his trembling arms and continued to move his collapsing legs.

    Let’s go to the forest.

    Although they had no plans, the forest naturally came to mind. It was the safest place for the two of them.

    They ran panting along the familiar path they passed by every day, heading towards the entrance of the forest. Strangely, there was no one chasing after Abel.

    However, Abel, who was half out of his mind due to the wounds and fever, did not realize this. It was only when they passed the garden and were about to pass the wall leading to the forest that he finally noticed. Someone was helping him. Suddenly, that person blocked Abel’s path.

    “Huff, huff…”

    Abel took a step back, holding the prince tightly to prevent him from being taken away. Then, the person blocking their path stepped out of the shade of the trees and revealed their figure in the faint moonlight.

    “You can’t go this way.”

    “Ugh… Ashler?”

    Abel tried hard to recognize the voice and look ahead, which was not clearly visible. Fortunately, the other person approached closer, allowing him to see.

    “The soldiers have already spread out to find the prince and Abel. If you’re going to the forest, you can’t go this way.”

    Ashler lightly grabbed Abel’s elbow and led him to hide in the darkness. Just as he said, soldiers holding torches could be seen running past the place where they had been standing, heading in the opposite direction. Ashler lowered Abel’s body and guided him through an unused path. It took a while as they repeatedly stopped and started, but they were able to reach another entrance of the forest without being caught. It was dark, but Ashler’s eyes could still see the thick fog.

    “Please hurry.”

    When he pointed in the direction covered in fog, Abel turned his body. However, he soon turned back to look at Ashler. Ashler turned his back and sharply scanned the surroundings as if waiting for someone to come.

    “Thank you.”

    Abel greeted Ashler from behind. However, Ashler did not even turn his head as he replied bluntly.

    “Do you want to get caught? Hurry up and leave.”

    Nodding, Abel bowed his head to Ashler’s back and added one last remark. He felt embarrassed by his audacity to ask for more help.

    “Even if things go wrong, please stay by the prince’s side.”

    ⊹˚. ♡.𖥔 ݁ ˖

    When Truyde was called for the second time in the middle of the night, he expressed his discomfort, no matter how tough he was. However, Norhox, who was contacted first, said this when he finally saw him.

    “Why are you only coming now?! The prince is…”

    “He has been kidnapped.”

    Truyde ordered the servants to bring tea while flipping his hair with his hand and sitting on the chair. Norhox approached him with a twisted face at his leisurely appearance.

    “Tea? Now is not the time to leisurely drink tea! The prince’s Regas took the prince away. To the Dragon Forest!”

    Truyde reacted to the mention of Dragon Forest.

    “He went to the Dragon Forest?”

    “We searched the palace thoroughly, and since he’s not here, the only place he could go is the Dragon Forest. Or is there another place he thinks is safe in his head? Moreover.”

    Norhox handed Truyde a paper he was holding in his hand.

    “I found it in his room. It says ‘Spring of Prayer’ and there’s a drawing of the forest inside, so he must have gone there for sure.”

    Truyde looked at the paper quietly and then asked as if he had just thought of something.

    “But shouldn’t that Regas have already died?”

    It was a normal tone, but Truyde’s gaze was sharp. It was because Norhox, who had been in charge of managing Abel’s poison using the record keepers of the royal palace, was in charge of overseeing its management.

    “He definitely took the poison. However, that guy is a monster.”

    Norhox muttered in a low voice, grinding his teeth.

    “I would never have thought that the life of a person who has already been destroyed would be so long.”

    Truyde glanced at Norhox absentmindedly and shrugged his shoulders as if it didn’t matter anymore.

    “He has a record of not falling asleep even after taking poison before. It was a mistake on the part of Marquis Norhox for not considering that, but if we catch him, it shouldn’t be a problem.”

    “But if we can’t catch him, isn’t it a problem?”

    Upon hearing that, Truyde calmly retorted.

    “Then why don’t we go in and find him?”

    Norhox was stunned and stared at the other person without saying a word.

    Could Truyde’s head suddenly be malfunctioning?

    “Did something happen to your head suddenly? It’s the Dragon Forest. Dragon Forest! But you say we can find them by going in? If we can go in, we would have already found them by now!”

    Reluctantly, Norhox made a loud noise and turned his body. If Truyde kept talking nonsense, they would have to meet other people and find a way. Just as he was about to walk towards the door, a leisurely response came from behind.

    “What if you can go in?”


    Surprised, Norhox turned around and Truyde smiled while looking at the still dark sky.

    “You can go in. Anyone can.”

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