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    “In his dream. Before he died, he told me how you would fulfill your duty.”


    “Go and call Abel.”

    When he gestured for him to leave, Melmond had no choice but to turn his body. And as he grabbed the doorknob, he heard Wiedel add from behind.

    “By the way, your wife doesn’t look well.”

    Surprised, he turned his head and Wiedel opened his mouth with a serious look in his eyes.

    “Send her to a place where she can rest comfortably. If your wife and child is important, do that.”

    It took over an hour to ride the carriage from the entrance of the palace to finally enter the palace. Abel seemed surprised by the size of the huge palace and did not know how to close his wide-open eyes while looking around the federal place.


    “Stop staring.”

    When Melmond hit him on the back of the head and spoke, Abel rubbed his head with his hand. But his face was still smiling broadly.

    “It’s amazing. This is a sacred place where His Majesty lives. Wow-“

    It’s more of a corrupt place than a sacred place. Melmond silently refuted and changed the subject.

    “But what did your master say?”

    He didn’t have a chance to ask because earlier he had to move his wife to a nearby acquaintance’s house. Although Wiedel’s condition was strange, he had always been good at recognizing people’s illnesses, so he strictly ordered his wife not to come to the house and rest.

    “He just told me to tell you what he dreamed of. He said I would do well.”

    “Is that all?”

    “By the way, if something delicious comes out in the palace, he told me to secretly bring it. Hehe-“


    Melmond resented himself for asking the question.

    “Will I be able to eat something delicious in the palace?”

    “Dream on.

    “Oh, won’t they give me food?”

    Is this guy not even nervous? Melmond frowned and looked up at Abel. Abel, on the other hand, squinted and smiled.

    “I think I should at least think about food to calm down a bit. Still, Mr. Melmond, don’t worry. I may be nervous in front of the Duke, but I will convey the dreams I heard from my master well.”

    Truyde doesn’t seem to want to hear that dream. Why did he insist on seeing Abel?

    He surely doesn’t think the prince is broken and is trying to find a new Regas, as the rumors say, right?

    As Melmond pondered the question, he suddenly raised his head. Perhaps there is a reason why there is no other Regas from a different faction in the prince’s heart. As soon as Melmond came to this conclusion in his mind, an important fact came to mind.

    “By the way, Abel. Even if you don’t know anything else, you must never mention the color of the dragon’s eyes. Got it?”

    After confirming it several times to the puzzled Abel, Melmond explained the reason. The prince’s actual eye color is yellow. Anyway, even if it’s not true, the Duke won’t believe the dream this time either, right?

    And Melmond’s thoughts were correct. Truyde showed no interest in the second the word dream came out of Abel’s mouth. Only the attendant who was present frowned, but his expression simply meant that he was amazed. But that was until Abel spoke his last words.

    “Black… potion?”

    A gloomy voice suddenly interjected. Melmond, who had been sitting with Truyde’s permission, turned to look at the attendant who had stepped forward. The displeasure that had filled his face disappeared and he suddenly turned pale. Then, forgetting his position, he raised his voice towards Abel.

    “What black potion! What on earth are you babbling about?!”

    “I’m just conveying what the master saw in his dream.”

    Abel repeated his words, flustered and blinking his eyes.

    “The royal palace burns down by a dragon, but those who drink the black potion may not even know if their own bodies are burning and laugh….”

    “Shut up! How dare you spout such nonsense about this sacred royal family, which has the noble blood of a dragon flowing through it while I’m listening!”

    The attendant took a step forward with venom in his eyes towards Abel.

    “You ignorant country bumpkin….”


    Truyde’s gentle voice stopped the attendant. When the attendant, who had been glaring at Abel as if he wanted to kill him, turned his head, Truyde slowly stood up from his seat.

    “Even if his words insult the royal family, isn’t his crime just conveying the contents of a dream?”

    “Your Highness, but….”

    “Or is there something that makes you angry?”

    As the duke stared at him, the attendant stepped back without saying a word. However, Melmond did not miss the attendant’s lips trembling. Perhaps it was because he had been listening to Wiedel’s words, he suspected that he was reacting sensitively to the black potion. But why was the attendant like this?

    However, Melmond’s thoughts could no longer continue. Truyde, who had completely stood up from his seat, walked towards Abel.

    “Did you say your name is Abel? Did you receive training as a Regas since you were young?”

    “Yes. I, I learned it for 12 years since I was eight years old.”

    Abel bowed deeply as if his waist would break. Then Truyde smiled gently and patted his shoulder.

    “You don’t have to be so tense.”

    “Th-thank you. Your Highness.”

    Abel barely raised his head and looked down at Truyde, who was smaller than him. Truyde seemed to examine Abel’s face closely and asked about his training. He asked about the training he mainly received and how he received it in quite detail.

    Abel naturally poured out the training he had received from his master in an excited voice. Of course, he also added the claim that they were authentic Regas. However, Melmond’s expression watching from behind was not bright.

    The attendant had an openly annoyed expression, and Truyde smiled, but he seemed bored. Yet they continued to listen.

    Why? Melmond’s uneasiness grew. There was something. There must have been a purpose for bringing Abel here in the first place. Melmond’s speculation was confirmed by Truyde’s question to the attendant.

    “What do you think? Is Abel, who has received authentic Regas training for 12 years, seems to be qualified?”

    The attendant stared at Abel without hiding his discomfort. When Abel’s broad shoulders trembled, he twisted his lips as if satisfied.

    “To learn how to communicate with animals and understand the laws of nature for 12 years, it’s truly amazing. In my ears, it sounds like boasting about things that anyone living in the countryside would know.”


    When Truyde interrupted again, the attendant slightly lowered his head and apologized.

    “I’m sorry. However, even if you claim to be a Regas, I can’t overlook your appearance.”

    Truyde glanced at Abel’s blushing face and then scanned his large build.

    “Well, he looks perfectly healthy to me. At least he won’t run away just because he’s scared of a child.”

    In an instant, the attendant’s face hardened with shame, but he quickly lowered his gaze.

    “I understand. If Your Highness takes a liking to this young man, I won’t oppose it either.”

    “Then, now that we have the attendant’s agreement…”

    “Wait a moment!”

    A sudden voice interrupted Truyde’s words. Everyone’s gaze turned towards Melmond, who stepped forward. He opened his mouth to speak to Truyde with a contemplative expression on his face.

    “I’m sorry, but the purpose of this gathering was for our sect master to reveal the future he saw in his dreams. But Your Highness… did you have a different purpose?”

    Truyde tilted his head to the side and smiled at Melmond.

    “Of course, both our purpose was achieved. The warning about the ominous future seen by the master of your sect. Perhaps it is a warning that the prince’s dragon ability may manifest late, so he should be guided properly. Let the proper Regas assist him.”

    Truyde turned his gaze to Abel.

    “I entrust the prince to you from now on.”

    ⊹˚. ♡.𖥔 ݁ ˖

    The five noble families, who were part of the King’s Heart, held the power of the country. Unless they paid attention, even if someone was a noble, they couldn’t advance to the center. Other than that, they could only go to the royal palace as knights.

    As the son of a poor local lord, Ashler was one of the knights who came to the royal palace. At the age of 19, there were rumors that he would soon become the captain of the guard due to his exceptional skills. Ashler himself was also looking forward to it, but the sudden call from the higher-ups was unexpected. Moreover, it was the Captain of the Royal Guards, who was right below the commander, who called him.

    “So, you’re the younger son.”

    The Captain of the Royal Guards, in his late thirties, looked down at Ashler’s personal record and asked.

    “Your territory will be inherited by your older brother, and judging by your position, it seems like it’s a poor place where you can’t even receive a single word of support. Isn’t that right?”


    Ashler could barely answer without revealing his true feelings. However, the Captain of the Royal Guards didn’t stop mocking his reality for some reason.

    “Even if you quickly advance at a young age due to your skills, the highest position you can reach is just captain of the guards. Ah, if luck is on your side, you might be able to command the guards like me. But with your already arrogant personality, you won’t bow your head to the King’s Heart for promotion. Instead, you’ll probably be despised and chased away to the border defense, where you’ll die early on the battlefield.”

    “Captain, what are you trying to say?”

    The captain twisted his lips as Ashler couldn’t hold back and asked.

    “I’m telling you to seize the opportunity since you have a little chance and luck.”

    Chance and luck? Ashler stared at his captain silently, and a slow explanation was heard.

    “It seems a new Regas is coming for the prince. A request has been made to send a knight who will become the shadow of the two. I’m thinking of sending you.”

    “Why me?”

    “It feels like seeing the old me.”


    “If this Regas opens the prince’s heart, you, who have been the closest, will have a chance. It’s a golden opportunity in the eyes of the one who will become the King of this country.”

    If what the captain said was true, it could be a really good opportunity, but Ashler didn’t believe it.

    “I heard that the prince’s Regas has changed dozens of times. Is there anything special about the Regas that will be changed this time?”

    Ashler also knew some rumors circulating in the palace about the prince. A devil with snake eyes. They say that he has gone crazy with blood from a young age, tearing animals apart every day and getting blood on his body. There were not just one or two people who were harmed by the prince. Everyone whispered that the prince inherited the mad blood from the queen.

    If that was true, no one could fix the prince.

    “Ah, it’s special.”

    “Excuse me?”

    Ashler looked at his captain who had a strange smile. His words were also strange.

    “It must be special if it’s real.”

    Real? He wanted to ask what was real, but his captain was already ending the conversation, lowering his gaze to the desk.

    “Since you have nothing to lose, do it.”

    ⚠️Please don’t share this in any social media platform as it will risk this fan translation to get taken down⚠️

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