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    Clatter, clatter. Crunch, scrape.

    The sound of eating echoed loudly in the large hall. The dining room, which was only used by high-ranking nobles and guests, had a long dining table that could accommodate dozens of people. There were only two people sitting now, and only one of them was eating.

    Melmond could only look at the luxurious food in front of him and couldn’t touch it. Of course, it wasn’t because he was touched by the treatment he received after 15 years of entering the palace. It was the opposite. The guide, the court attendant, disappeared, leaving only the two of them here, sneering. Well, they treated him like this, so he should be grateful and do well in the future as if telling him to do so.

    He had thought that his pride had long disappeared while working in the palace, but apparently, it hadn’t. Melmond glanced at his untouched food and looked up. Abel, sitting across from him, had emptied all the dishes and was staring intently at Melmond’s food.

    “Do you want to eat?”

    “Oh, no. If you’re not going to eat, should I bring it to master?”

    Seeing Abel’s giggling face, Melmond became annoyed again. That foolish boy. He doesn’t even know he’s being ignored. The problem started with him accepting Truyde’s proposal without any hesitation.

    “Do you even have any thoughts?”


    Abel carefully put the snacks in a handkerchief and blinked his eyes. Melmond barely held back a sigh and reproached him in a low voice.

    “Truyde’s proposal was for you to become the prince’s Regas. Do you know how dangerous that is? No Regas has been able to stay by the prince’s side for more than a week. I heard that the prince had already indulged in killing at the age of 8. Some even suspect that he has vocal cord problems because he has never spoken. And he’s also not in his right mind, he rejects everyone who approaches him. How can you handle the prince, who can’t even speak, within a month?”

    Truyde asked him to become the prince’s Regas and set a one-month deadline. If he doesn’t achieve noticeable results within that time, he must withdraw. Even enduring for a month is uncertain, let alone achieving noticeable results. Melmond let out a sigh reluctantly.

    “Sigh, if you fail, it won’t just be your problem. Our faction, which has barely produced one or two Regas and continued our bloodline, will be responsible and may never be able to enter the palace again.”

    Melmond’s face was filled with worry, but Abel just smiled faintly.

    “But what the Duke said is right. If master wants to prevent the disaster he saw in his dream, there must be a proper Regas by the prince’s side. And I think master would be happier than anyone else if it were me.”

    “You don’t seriously believe that you’re a proper Regas, do you?”

    Although he knew it was a question he shouldn’t ask, Melmond couldn’t help it. If Abel didn’t do well, the repercussions would reach him as well. It meant that his stable and peaceful life could come to an end. Whether Abel knew what was in Melmond’s heart or not, he carefully tied the handkerchief containing the snacks and nodded his head.

    “I believe. Because it’s what my master thought of me.”


    “I will do well. Don’t worry too much. The Duke has agreed to support everything you want. He also said he would grant my first request soon.”

    Melmond couldn’t refute anymore when Abel said he was fine. He was honestly surprised when Abel said that Truyde would grant his first request.

    When he was asked, “What do you want?”

    “Please let me enter the Dragon Forest,” Abel responded.

    At that moment, the distorted expression on the attendant’s face was the only refreshing scene, but on the other hand, he was worried that Duke Truyde would get angry.

    Where is the Dragon Forest? It was a place where ordinary people were afraid to go because of the legend that they would be cursed. It was a sacred place where the legend of the dragon and the knight, the origin of the palace, slept. In fact, no one who entered the forest without the permission of the king, and his Regas, and those they allowed, ever returned, showing that there was some mysterious power in that land.

    If Abel becomes the prince’s Regas, it doesn’t matter if he has the qualifications, but what good would it do? Melmond did not express his skeptical thoughts. Although he didn’t know what Abel was thinking, it was clear that he needed the forest. Because everything Abel learned was related to the forest. He tried to think positively, but he heard Abel’s hesitant voice.

    “Um, when should I wake up?”

    “Huh?” When he looked back with questioning eyes, Abel pointed to the window where the sun was setting.

    “I wanted to refuse the meal because I wanted to deliver this news to master. But I couldn’t say anything because the expression of the attendant was scary.”

    The plate of the guy who wanted to refuse the meal was as clean as new. Melmond briefly looked at the empty plate and stood up from his seat. He preferred to get up quickly because he didn’t like the sudden mention of the attendant.

    “Okay, let’s go.”

    Abel answered loudly as if it was because of the news he wanted to deliver to the master. And he smiled at Melmond before turning his body first.

    “I will work hard. I will never bother you, Melmond.”

    Melmond also smiled at Abel.

    “You’re already a nuisance.”

    Melmond’s hand was pointing to the napkin bundle on the dining table that Abel had forgotten.

    Because they were late due to the uneaten meal, they returned home late. Abel, who was impatient to go faster, and Melmond, who was worried about the dark night road, came here and there and were more tired than usual.

    However, they arrived quickly and got off the carriage to deliver the news to the master. But when Melmond tried to separate the horse from the carriage, the hitching post in front of the stable was strange. The position of the hook for hanging the reins was not always on the left.

    Melmond, who was meticulous to the point of being petty, could tell at once that someone had touched it. There was no one at home, but it was strange. After finishing the arrangement, Melmond was about to go home, but there was another strange thing. The back door was not properly closed.

    Because it’s an old house, the back door is twisted, so he always has to kick the bottom with his foot to completely close it. Of course, Melmond always closed it like that. But this time, it wasn’t properly closed as if someone else had closed the back door.

    Strange, isn’t it? Melmond tilted his head and entered the house. The first place he passed by was next to the warehouse, so he opened it just in case, but there were no signs of someone rummaging through or taking things. If it was a thief, they would have ransacked this place. It’s a relief that it wasn’t a thief, but it still felt suspicious. Melmond hurriedly moved on, thinking that maybe he was being too sensitive.

    There was too much going on today to delve into this issue and he didn’t have the luxury of deep thinking. He was most curious about how Wiedel would react to Abel becoming the prince’s Regas. Abel was probably diligently explaining what happened at the palace by now, he thought, as Melmond entered the living room.

    However, Abel, who should have been in Wiedel’s’ room, was sitting in a chair, staring into space.

    “What are you doing here? Hurry up and give your master the news. What’s wrong, did you get scolded and kicked out?!”

    Melmond shouted in surprise, and Abel slowly turned his head. There was nothing strange about his expressionless face, but for a moment, Melmond’s breath stopped. Maybe it was because Abel’s voice was no different from usual.

    “Master isn’t breathing.”

    Abel was born in a border area where neighboring countries frequently invaded. People who came here looking for land, even in dangerous places, would fight with their pickaxes if they were attacked while digging the ground. So from his early childhood, death was familiar to Abel.

    He had gone with his mother, holding his hand, to send off those who were buried several times a month. But when his entire family died, there was no one to bury them, so he couldn’t even give them a final farewell. But it seems that the 12 years he spent with Wiedel’s, only training, were actually peaceful. Funerals felt so awkward now.

    “Are you okay?”

    Abel lifted his head from the ground he had been staring at, in a daze, at Melmond’s voice.

    “I don’t know.”

    It was unbelievable. That his master was lying deep underground, and the freshly covered red soil was forever blocking him. In this reality where nothing felt real, ironically, there was one thing he regretted right now. Abel took out a bundle of cookies wrapped in a handkerchief from his pocket. Melmond also briefly saw what was in his hand and felt a heavy heart.

    “If you’re going, you should eat what you brought with you.”

    Melmond turned his moistened eyes elsewhere while speaking bluntly. Abel opened the handkerchief with his dirty hands and put the cookie in his mouth.

    Crunch, crunch.

    It was fascinating. The sound of breaking cookies inside his mouth was loud, but he couldn’t taste it. Indeed, the food in the palace is so sweet and delicious.

    ⊹˚. ♡.𖥔 ݁ ˖

    After the King’s Heart side began to seize power, the most splendid palace was changed to the Regas Palace. Although it was intended for the Regas who had been trained outside to work for the king, the number of them, which was over 200, was clearly nothing more than a harem for the king.

    The men, who were dressed in heavy makeup and expensive costumes like women, were beautiful enough to turn heads. Their goal was to captivate the king, but no matter how skilled and sweet their words were, they could not hold the king’s attention for more than three years.

    The only tie for those who could not bear children was the king’s attention. In order not to break that lineage, Marquis Norhox’s family played the role of supplying a new Regas. Perhaps he did not realize that he spent more time in the Regas Palace than in the Marquis’ Estate.

    “He’s just a rustic man with a clumsy body and a fickle face. He stutters and doesn’t seem to be a big problem. He will endure for a few days at most and then run away crying.”

    Norhox, who had just entered his forties, had a sturdy body compared to his age. Perhaps because he liked swordsmanship and often sparred with knights, there was no visible fat on his body. He had good stamina and had already ejaculated several times, but his erect pen1s was being suck3d by a Regas between his legs again. Norhox did not forget to touch the bodies of the other Regas lying on both sides. Although they were Regas for the king, Norhox naturally considered them as targets for his education.

    “Truyde gave that Regas a month?”

    “Ah, yes. But…”

    “Damn it. Don’t you understand? This is Truyde’s warning. It means that if the Regas we raised are useless, then we are useless too.”

    The reporting official frowned and said it was unlikely, but it didn’t reach Norhox’s ears. The Norhox family gained territory and titles when the King’s Heart began to seize power. All of the King’s Hearts were like that. Everything was gained through Regas, power, and wealth. If their Regas became useless, he didn’t know when everything would be taken away.

    “Should I take care of him in advance?”

    When the attendant heard the low voice, Norhox lifted his waist and thrust his g3nitals into the Regas’ mouth. The Regas were startled by his sudden movement, but Norhox’s hand was already holding the Regas’ hair, preventing him from moving. The Regas, struggling for breath, flailed his arms, but Norhox did not release his grip on his head until he swallowed all of the s3m3n.

    “No. Leave it as it is. If he can’t do anything, he can escape, and if that bastard manages to bring the prince back as a normal person, then you can deal with it at that time. No, by that time, it would be a joyful occasion.”

    Norhox twisted his lips and let out a laugh.

    “So you better help that bastard.”

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