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    The new Regas, Abel greeted him. Unlike the others, his voice was fearless. And instead of speaking from a distance, he sat right in front of him. In the child’s small hand, there was a hidden piece of broken glass.

    At some point, blood became the child’s only means of expression. It was the only scream the child could make, as he couldn’t speak, see, or react to anything. When the red blood spread, people reacted.

    It continued to repeat, and now the child habitually sought out weapons and tore flesh. That way, people would look at him. It didn’t matter if it was a gaze of horror and disgust. People always looked at the child with those eyes because the child didn’t know any other way how to express himself.

    So this time, he forcefully stabbed the knee of the Regas with the piece of broken glass. Soon, red blood flowed and a pungent smell filled the air. Since the opponent didn’t move, he easily tore the flesh and moved the broken glass. Then, a large hand forcefully lifted the child’s hand. Only then did the child realize that the Regas were much bigger than the others. And his scream was different too.

    “Ah! This blood! Oh, Your Highness, your hand is injured! No, you shouldn’t hold something like this, it will hurt.”

    The scream was for the prince. And contrary to the startled voice, the large hand holding the child’s hand carefully took out the piece of broken glass. Then, from his pocket, he quickly took out an old towel and wrapped the piece of glass in it.

    “Does it hurt a lot? I’ll call someone to treat you… No, I’ll bring medicine and apply it myself quickly.”

    Hearing the trembling voice, the child reached out with his other hand and grabbed his wrist. The nails that had scratched others many times easily tore Abel’s skin. Those who had been defeated before retreated and trembled. Even if they didn’t, fear was clearly present in their voices. Even when they spoke kind words, the terror in their voices was evident. Except for this time.

    “Oh, right! The chain! Get a hold of yourself. I’ll untie it first. Ah, how frustrating it must have been to be bound like this.”

    Abel leaned in closer and began to untie the chains on the child’s hands and feet. The child, without running away, without fear, without pain, used his federal nails to tear the flesh with force.

    “Oh no, it left you bruised. And your skin is torn. Just a moment, Your Highness.”

    He only muttered words of concern about the child’s attacking nails for the thirty-second time. Then, a large hand made a thumping sound as it tore his own clothes and gently wrapped the child’s ankle with a cloth. The child struggled to remove the captured foot and scratched the large palm with his nails.

    “I will make sure that you will never be bound by such things again.”

    Abel’s voice trembled. However, it was different from the ones that had come before. It was not because of fear. It was something that the child had never heard before. The unknown person made the child uneasy.

    The child could not overcome his own strength and continued to gasp while inflicting wounds on his body. Fresh blood continued to flow, and the smell of blood became stronger. Abel continued to show strange reactions. The child’s actions were ones that seemed like he did not know what to do.

    “Please forgive me, Your Highness. I will briefly touch your body.”

    Abel put his hand between the child’s armpits and swiftly lifted him up. And he carefully embraced the child against his chest. The child hanging onto him used his last remaining method. It was very simple. Just raise his head a little. Then, he could see the other person through his hair.

    When they were this close, the other person would show a bigger reaction and run away. Then, the surroundings would become calm again. This was a truth that had never been wrong. It was a familiar answer that had become his own solution. So the child looked into his green eyes.

    He found what should clearly be there. Fear, disgust, astonishment. These were the only emotions that should be seen in the eyes of those who looked at him. The prince only knew this. But this time, it was different. The green eyes were smiling. Warmth filled the eyes that were curved as if in joy.

    “Wow, it’s the first time our eyes have met. Let me introduce myself again. My name is Abel, Your Highness.”

    Ashler couldn’t speak when he saw the bandit who came out of the door. His face, hands, neck, and other visible parts of his skin were all covered in red wounds or soaked in blood. His knees were soaked in blood to the point where his clothes were wet. But he wasn’t surprised by the wounds. The bandit was holding the prince. He was a prince who tightly gripped his neck to the point where blood was dripping.

    “Oh, the knight is still here. I’m sorry, but can I ask you for a favor?”

    Ashler couldn’t quickly answer the question because he couldn’t believe what he was seeing in front of him. In the bright light, the prince looked like a beggar. Disheveled hair, and clothes stained black with the stench of blood. And the bandit was hugging that small body as if it were truly precious. Despite struggling and gasping for breath, the prince fiercely gripped his neck with all his strength.

    “Yes, Lord Regas. Please tell me.”

    Ashler finally answered as if waiting, a request was heard.

    “First, could you please guide me to a place where I can take a bath? If it’s okay, I would appreciate it if you could clean the room in the meantime. All the window frames need to be removed. Also, the prince has many wounds on his body, so we need some medicine for immediate treatment.”

    Ashler nodded and turned his gaze to the end of the corridor. There were the attendants who had been peeking and watching since they arrived here. When they saw Ashler and made eye contact, they all were startled and stood up in surprise. Ashler gestured to one of them with his eyes, indicating to prepare for the bath, and turned his head. He opened his mouth as calmly as possible.

    “If you follow them, they will take you to the bath. I will clean the inside in the meantime. All the window frames will be removed as well.”

    Ashler stopped speaking and briefly scanned the injured Regas’ body.

    “I will prepare the medicine right away, so please get treated as well, Lord Regas.”

    Ashler’s gaze lingered on the bleeding back of Regas’ neck. The prince seemed to be pretending to be indifferent, but there was already quite a lot of blood flowing from the torn skin, staining his clothes. It was enough to furrow one’s eyebrows, but Regas smiled instead.

    “Haha, I’m fine. This is nothing compared to when I almost got pierced by a wild boar and had holes in my body.”

    “A wild… boar?”

    “Yes. Oh, and when I got hit by a bear’s paw and flew in the air before falling to the ground, that really hurt too.”

    Ashler’s astonishment was also crushed. Now, looking at him with amazed eyes, he heard Regas’ soft voice.

    “So, do you think such a small and delicate person like him would feel pain from these small wounds?”

    His voice wasn’t loud, but it strangely filled the long corridor. Ashler looked at him quietly with his sunken eyes and asked.

    “Wouldn’t it be uncomfortable for him to take a bath?”

    Ashler was pointing at the prince who had his neck bandaged. Regas glanced at the prince and smirked, raising the corners of his lips.

    “Hehe, it’s even better because we can save water by bathing together.”

    Smirking, Ashler showed his first smile and signaled the attendants to guide them. As Regas gently stroked the prince’s head with his large and rough hands, he turned his body. Following behind the attendants, he still held onto himself and cradled the child who had nails embedded in his flesh as if he were the most precious thing in the world.

    As if something came to mind, he turned his head to Ashler. Ashler looked into his green eyes and unknowingly recalled the words of the captain. Special. There was something truly special about the big and ordinary Regas. His eyes were warm. Warm enough to make him feel good. His rough voice echoed in his ears.

    “By the way, just call me Abel.”

    ⊹˚. ♡.𖥔 ݁ ˖

    “Taking a bath with the prince, huh? I heard he even cleaned the devil’s lair, the prince’s residence.”

    Truyde’s voice, asking the question, had a hint of amusement. The attendant couldn’t hide his displeasure and couldn’t immediately come up with an answer.

    “Moreover, even though the prince was causing wounds, biting, scratching, and going crazy on Regas as usual, he didn’t scream once and kept laughing.”

    “Ahem, it seems that Regas, who grew up in the countryside, had quite thick skin.”

    Truyde smiled when the attendant couldn’t hide his disdain.

    “That’s right, I don’t know why we didn’t have anyone like a Regas with thick skin.”

    “Well, that’s not my fault.”

    “I’m not blaming you. If we’re going to find the cause of the problem, we should hold someone else responsible.”

    It was clear without asking that the person Truyde was talking about was Norhox. However, the attendant had to turn his hesitant eyes to the empty space because he had a close relationship with Norhox, who was responsible for selecting Regas. He was the one who received orders anyway.

    “Is there anything else you want to instruct?”

    He asked cautiously, and Truyde pondered for a moment before bringing up another topic.

    “How is the king these days?”

    “There’s nothing particularly wrong. Your Highness, as long as he has a Regas by his side and alcohol, he doesn’t cause any problems and behaves obediently…”

    “Be careful with your words.”

    The attendant quickly bowed his head at Truyde’s stern reprimand. Truyde stared at him quietly and then opened his mouth.

    “The attendant and Marquis Norhox sometimes seem to be confused. We are here not because of the Regas, but because of the king who can control Regas directly. Without the king, no matter how outstanding a Regas is, they are all trash.”

    “I will keep that in mind.”

    “Then let me ask again, how is the king these days?”

    Fortunately, the officer was quick-witted. He quickly grasped what Truyde wanted to hear and promptly answered.

    “He is fine. The new Regas has been in the bedroom for a week without coming out. It’s about time for him to come out, so he will allow anything in a good mood.”

    Truyde nodded and brought up the main point.

    “Today, permission will be granted for the new Regas to go to the Dragon Forest.”

    “The Dragon Forest! Your Majesty, are you really granting permission? Isn’t that a place where only the sacred bloodline of the Regas who inherited the power of the dragons can enter? No, if something happens to Abel and the prince when they enter there…”

    “The forest protects the power of the dragons.”

    Truyde interrupted the attendant’s words and added after a moment.

    “It’s a story believed by the royal family about the Dragon Forest. Even if everyone around dies, the royal family who inherited the power of the dragons always survives and comes out of the forest. No matter how young they are.”

    “……But aren’t there any deceased individuals?”

    “Ah, the king who died at the Spring of Prayer.”

    Truyde twisted his mouth, thinking of the king from hundreds of years ago who came down like a legend.

    “That must have been what he wanted. The forest is enchanted. No one can deny it. That magic exists to protect the power of the dragons. So there won’t be any problems if the prince enters the forest.”

    “But what if Abel, the Regas, comes back safely from the forest? If that guy is recognized as the true Regas of the prince?”

    “Then it’s a good thing.”


    The attendant was surprised and asked, and Truyde smiled.

    “The one and only true Regas in the king’s life. There were kings who couldn’t find it, but if the prince finds it, it’s a blessing.”

    “But then, later…”

    “It’s a good thing even for later. If the prince has one memorable Regas, no matter how crazy he is, he will be in a clear rein.”

    Truyde put a light laugh into the word ‘rein’, but his eyes darkened.

    “But to handle the rein, we need information. If this Regas can really enter the Dragon Forest with the prince, if he is qualified, we need to know what he does inside.”

    “How can we…”

    There was no one who could enter the forest, where one could lose their life. Truyde returned to the original topic with the attendant’s embarrassed expression.

    “Since Your Highness is in a good mood, I suggest going for a walk. Anyone can’t enter the Dragon Forest, but if the king personally takes his hand, it’s a different story. Persuade the king well and let him see the prince inside. Inject curiosity as the new Regas. If there is no one else who can enter the Dragon Forest to confirm, we have no choice but to use the king.”

    Truyde added, twisting his lips.

    “A king who has lived his whole life as a waste will finally do one helpful thing.”

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