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    In the absence of the lord of the palace for six years, there was naturally a palace that should be empty as well. It was the once most splendid and bustling Regas Palace within the royal palace. Although it should have been closed because it existed only for those who had the bloodline of dragons, it was still being actively used.

    Beautiful Regas’ that continues to be supplied steadily even without an emperor. It was still the case that they accounted for the most finances within the palace, and the laughter of hundreds of flower-like Regas never ceased. The reason that was visible on the surface was simple.

    Since there is no emperor, the Regas, who is called his other half, must protect the country and the palace. And in order to welcome back the emperor in the best condition, they must train consistently. They adorned their appearance, and practiced dance and song. To those unaware, their efforts shone beautifully like a bride keeping her chastity. However, in reality, they could only fulfill their original purpose of being a sexual decoy, even without an emperor.

    “Haat! Ugh― there! Aaack!”

    A small statured man beneath Norhox’s screamed with a mixture of pain and pleasure. Each time Norhox thrust his member, the man grimaced, yet he also swayed his hips, finding pleasure in the act.

    “Haak! More, more! Ahh! Harder!”

    When the Regas shouted louder, Norhox’s movements became more aggressive. He was over 50 years old, but still maintained a robust physique. Moreover, he still had a strong lower body, so he could actively respond to the Regas’ demands. However, no matter how strong he was, compared to the past, he inevitably had to put in more effort.

    “Huff, huff, huff… Tighten it more. Ahh, I’ll let you hit as you want, so tighten it more.”

    Sweat dripped down the forehead of the exhausted Norhox, as he exhaled heavily. If he were to think back to when he used to take on several Regas at once with his impressive stamina, he looked completely different now. Perhaps age caught up with him, as his encounters with men had decreased from daily to once every two or three days under the pretext of managing the Regas.

    The goal of the Regas is the emperor. However, now that he is not there, the ones they should be eyeing on are the member of the King’s Heart. Especially Norhox, who has ruled as king in the Regas palace over the past six years. The Regas who he likes, he took him outside the palace and enjoyed all kinds of luxury in a magnificent mansion, almost like a concubine.

    Norhox had already placed Regas in several mansions, but whenever he came to the palace, he always embraced a new Regas. Knowing that if he found the night satisfactory and the Regas would receive a gift due to that, there were times when some would even take an aphrodisiac beforehand.

    Now, under Norhox, Erei was under the influence of drugs, and his eyes were dilated. He willingly surrendered himself to pleasure and shook his waist. That way, he could leave the palace and live a glamorous life, commanding the servants with his fingertips. Because now there weren’t many opportunities to take Norhox’s money anymore.

    Rumors circulated that Norhox’s finances were in a dire state due to his lavish spending in Regas. If that was true, Erei had to take anything he could while Norhox was still not in his right mind. Erei’s original goal was Duke Truyde. His boyish face, blond hair, and green eyes were a perfect match for the Duke’s taste. However, his tastes were exceedingly particular.

    There were opportunities to face each other, but all that was thrown was a look of disgust as if seeing a beggar. Naturally, he couldn’t even speak properly. Now, all that was left was Norhox. Erei, who didn’t want to miss the opportunity, followed behind as Norhox’s breathing became rough. In his desperation, a pleased moan escaped Norhox’s lips.

    The force sucking on his gen1tals made his head spin. Norhox lifted Erei’s white thighs and thrust his waist. He had already desired to have a new partner by his side. He wanted to spend days rolling around in a beautiful mansion outside the palace.

    Despite rumors circulating about his finances, Nohox had no worries. It was discomforting and hurtful to his pride to hear rumors about money troubles surrounding one of the most powerful figures in the country, the King’s Heart. It used to be something unthinkable in the past.

    However, as the war dragged on and new forces emerged, the situation did not go as planned. A word that had never been associated with the heart King’s Heart, who controlled wealth, began to follow. Rivals. It took a long time for the King’s Heart to acknowledge them as opponents, as they had never encountered them before since they seized power.

    No matter how much they secretly took away their sources of income and seized the market, they were considered insignificant. It was only now, after six years, that they finally realized it. They became annoyed when they realized that the luxury they used to enjoy was no longer easy to obtain, and they began to find ways to eliminate them.

    However, to eliminate them, they had to eliminate the emperor as well, no matter what it took. Then, they would regain all the wealth and power they once held. Just by removing the emperor. A very simple condition. Therefore, there was no need to cut back on expenses.

    Even if he borrows money from insignificant people, it will eventually become his own money. Everything will soon get better. Even if the situation appears to worsen, they will soon gain greater wealth and power. After the emperor dies.

    Thud, thud, thud.

    As Norhox’s movements intensified, Erei’s screams grew louder.

    “Aack! Haaak! Aaaah!”

    “Ahh, *cough*, ughh!”

    As Norhox finished, a cloudy sem3n spilled from Erei’s trembling gen1tals. Norhox took a deep breath and gently stroked his chest with his hand.

    “Haah, you’re good.”

    When he praised him, Erei smiled and squeezed the object still inside his body. ‘Ugh!’ Norhox exhaled at the stimulation, and Erei lifted his legs and wrapped them around his waist. Norhox, not disliking the temptation, twisted his lips and his gen1tals swelled again.

    “Haha, a greedy fellow like you is a rare sight. Do you even have any wishes?”

    “As long as Your Grace is here, it’s all that matters.”

    “Hahaha― Yes, yes. If you want, I’ll give myself to you.”

    As he lowered his lips towards his white chest, a greedy smile appeared on Erei’s face. However, Norhox’s mind was already filled with plans for future enjoyment. It would be nice to buy a new mansion and then build a pond.

    Since there were watching eyes in the palace, if he wanted to truly enjoy himself, he had to take him outside. In Norhox’s mind, there was only a brightly lit mansion, and the difficult financial situation did not occupy any space in his mind at all.

    After all, the emperor will die within a few days. This time, he sent a reliable person, so all he had to do was wait for good news. Truyde, who was cowardly and timid, seemed to be preparing for the king’s return to the palace, but this time it was Norhox’s victory.

    Crimson Valley, was it? It was a perfect place to kill Karas. Moreover, he sent a bait that Karas couldn’t resist without entering the valley. Even if Karas had miraculously survived until now, it was over for him.

    He was a fool who mistakenly believed that his victories so far were due to his own abilities and planned to enter the enemy’s territory alone.

    The King of Slaughter? Ridiculous.

    Who wouldn’t know that it was a trick to make the enemy tremble in fear? Besides, he was clearly under the influence of the black potion and his mind was deteriorating, so he wouldn’t be able to wield his sword properly.

    ⊹˚. ♡.𖥔 ݁ ˖ ⊹˚. ♡.𖥔 ݁ ˖

    The thieves doubted their ears. They couldn’t understand the words of a guy who couldn’t even properly wield his sword.


    After a while, the eldest spoke up.

    “Commander, what?”


    The other person kindly explained again, albeit slowly. However, the word still felt unfamiliar and strange. “Commander” and “Chief” were both understood, but combining them sounded absurd, like a pig-lion. This time, the second one asked.

    “Commander-in-Chief, what’s that?”



    The second person also became speechless. In the end, the remaining third person stepped forward angrily.

    “Hey! I mean, what the hell is Chief Commander!”

    When the third person mispronounced and misspoke, Karas’ eyes turned to him. In the midst of the third person’s confusion, he was immediately pointed out.


    The responding voice was quite annoyed. No, there was also irritation directed at them for not understanding by now. However, even though they were thieves who didn’t learn much, they had never heard of such a position. Could it be that it’s the name of that bastard?

    While they were contemplating for a moment, Karas turned his eyes to the fallen Abel. It had been annoying to hear such nonsensical titles, but saying it himself made it seem like he understood. It was a perfect opportunity to shut the other person up.

    Did that brat just mutter “Commander-in-Chief” for this kind of situation?

    Slightly annoyed, he narrowed his eyes, but his view was obstructed again. The second one stepped forward and expressed his anger.

    “Hey, you! Commander something, anyway, you’re dead. Running away now is pointless.”

    In his threatening hand, a sword was held. The second one walked towards Karas and spoke to the other two behind him.

    “I’ll take care of this guy. The three of us don’t need to lift a finger, just me alone.”

    In the place where the second one’s voice disappeared, three sounds followed.

    Swish. Thump. Thud.

    They weren’t very loud, but the expressions of the eldest and the youngest, who were watching leisurely, noticeably changed. The second one, who had been walking and talking until just now, was now sprawled on the ground, blood pouring from his severed neck.

    Unaware of his own death, his head, rolling down the steep slope, still had a confident smile. The remaining two thieves had one thought in their heads. How did this happen? However, they soon realized the identity of the “swish” sound they had heard earlier. It was the sound of a sword swinging.

    Right after the sound was heard, the second one’s neck was cut. The sound of the wind and the severed neck of the second person. As these two seemingly unrelated concepts connected, a sudden chill ran down their spines.

    But how could the person have swung the sword when they didn’t even see it?

    The man in front of them was still loosely holding the sword, dragging the tip to the ground. This was unbelievable. Can someone cut a person’s neck at such an invisible speed?

    “This, this can’t be happening.”

    The youngest took a step back, trembling. The sudden attack was hard to explain. The situation in front of them, spread fear throughout their body. If it had been any other time, if their group had been attacked first, they wouldn’t have been trembling like this.

    However, this time was different. Their instincts were warning them. Their heart sank, and a chill ran through their veins. The eldest couldn’t move just like the youngest in the suddenly frozen atmosphere. There was only one thing he could think of.

    What on earth is happening?

    The two couldn’t say a word and stood frozen, and Karas’ eyes turned to the side. What he saw was a fairy collapsed on the ground.

     In an instant, something came to the youngest’s mind.

    “Wh- wait, are you friends with this person by chance? Is that why you’re protecting him?”

    The fairy must have been a companion of the man. Well, with looks like that, it seemed like they would protect him with a sword as well. But the youngest’s guess was only half right.

    Karas was indeed protecting Abel. It was a protective act to prevent him from being killed by someone else’s hand. And it was quite a hassle, as he even went through the trouble of catching two ducks to feed him quickly before taking him to a place where he could be killed.


    When Karas agreed without hesitation, the youngest cursed inwardly.

    Damn it, he messed with the wrong person.

    Seeing him kill a person with a single stroke, he must really cherish him. No, it was clear that he loved him. And the eldest had the same thought as the youngest, as they exchanged a glance. Although it was sad that the second had died, they realized that it was time for the two of them to step back. After exchanging glances, the eldest stepped forward and quietly spoke.

    “W-we made a mistake without knowing that he is a precious person to the knight. We are truly sorry. But we swear not to harm him in any way.”

    ⚠Please don’t share this novel to any social media platforms as it will risk this fan translation to get taken down⚠

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