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    The mansion had been engulfed in sorrow since morning. The only son of the mansion owner had his heart stop this morning. At the mere age of twenty, after taking his last breath, the parents grieved for a long time even after their son’s heart had stopped.

    No one could stop them. Holding onto his increasingly cold body, they cried out that they couldn’t let it end like this, and just before his wife fainted, the butler of the mansion stepped forward as a representative and pleaded with the master and his wife while in tears.

    “Please stop holding onto the young master. Sob, even if you keep holding onto him like this, the young master won’t come back alive…”

    The butler suddenly stopped speaking, but the master turned around, thinking that he couldn’t continue speaking due to his crying.

    “Boohoo, me too. But just a little longer by this child’s side… Sob, but what’s wrong?”

    Only then that the master realized that the butler’s face was contorted in horror. But when the master questioned him, his eyes remained wide and steadfast. He was not looking at the him, but at his son. The master realized this and looked away, dumbfounded.

    “What on earth am I looking at….”

    The master turned his head and met a pair of green eyes. It was someone lying in bed, just lifting their head and blinking their eyes.





    The master screamed and retreated in disbelief.

    His son was alive!

    His son was alive! He had clearly witnessed his heart stop and turn cold, but there his son was, looking at himself with a puzzled expression.

    This can’t be! Did I see it wrong?

    No matter how much he rubbed his eyes, what was in front of him was indeed his son. And his wife, who confirmed this, was already silently fainting.

    “You, you, you… What on earth…”

    When the master finally managed to open his trembling mouth, his son asked.

    “I’m sorry, but who are you?”

    The master fainted following his wife.            

    ⊹˚. ♡.𖥔 ݁ ˖ ⊹˚. ♡.𖥔 ݁ ˖

    It was strange.

    People called him “Doryeon-nim“. [T/N: Young master basically^^]


    “No! The young master just died and came back to life… Ah, no, your body is weak, you shouldn’t move like this!”

    The butler and several people who appeared to be attendants blocked the door. However, Abel was in a hurry.

    “I’m sorry. Let me through. Please, I beg you.”

    “Kuk! The young master, he, he apologized!”


    One shocked servant fainted.

    Abel couldn’t help but be dumbfounded as people kept fainting because of him. He needed to go to the prince, but what on earth was going on? When he opened his eyes, people he had never seen before were calling him “young master” and saying he was weak. There was no one healthier than him in the world. Abel pleaded with the butler who had been holding up well from the beginning.

    “Please, let me go through. I need to go to the palace. I have to see the prince.”

    However, the butler turned his head and stepped back, lost in thought.

    “Y-young master. Please don’t look at me like that.”

    He barely managed to add, covering his face with his hands.

    “Young master, it’s dangerous outside. And the palace at that? The capital is half a day away from here. Moreover, a prince? There is no prince in this country.”

    “D-did he passed away?!”

    Startled, Abel grabbed the butler’s arm. The butler, unable to properly see Abel, let out a groan. He quickly turned his face with a puzzled expression and answered.

    “No, he’s not here. The prince doesn’t exist. As His Majesty doesn’t receive companions.”

    “What are you talking about? The prince is here. He’s already eight years old, and, and…”

    Abel stuttered in confusion. As he looked around at the others, strangely, whenever their eyes met his, they blushed and quickly turned their heads away. Abel pleaded again.

    “Please, let me go. I have to see the prince. If I can’t go to the palace, then the capital… Please let me go. I have to meet Melmond right away.”

    “Alright. Let him go.”

    Everyone’s gaze turned towards the approaching master at his sudden words. He had just woken up and was staggering, confirming with his own eyes that his son had indeed returned. With the support of those around him, he barely held himself up.

    “You want to go to the capital? Really?! I’ll send you anywhere! You’ve come back from the dead, how can I not grant your wish?!

    “T-Thank you.”

    Abel bowed his head in gratitude, and the unstable master fainted once again. This time, it was due to his overwhelming emotion. His son had thanked him! He couldn’t ask for more even if he died now. However, the eyes of the others looking at their master were filled with concern and astonishment.

    It was the master and mistress who had contributed to spoiling the child’s temperament. They had always indulged him, excusing everything because he was a weak-bodied son. Although the returned young master seemed to have changed slightly, the master remained unchanged. The butler, who knew this best, let out a deep sigh.

    “Ah, young master, I will prepare the carriage immediately.”

    It didn’t take long to find Melmond’s house in the capital. It was vivid in his memory as he had stayed there just two months ago. So, Abel was able to arrive at his destination before sunset. During that time, he had no room to worry about anything other than the prince.

    It was difficult to find someone taller than him, so why did people seemed to suddenly grow taller?

    Why do they blush when they see him?

    Why did his voice sound so strange?

    Abel’s mind was filled only with thoughts of the prince so he ignored everything that was strange. And as he arrived at Melmond’s house, Abel knocked on the door nervously.

    “Melmond! Melmond!”

    Knock, knock, knock.

    Soon after, there was a creak, and the door opened. However, the person who came out was not Melmond. It was a boy about ten years old. When the boy saw Abel, he also blushed like others, but Abel, who was half out of his mind, didn’t register anything in his eyes.

    “Is this not Mr. Melmond’s house?”

    “Yes, it is.”

    The boy replied, crossing his arms. Although they didn’t meet eyes, he looked up at Abel with a flushed face.

    “Then, where is Mr. Melmond? I came to meet Mr. Melmond.”

    “Well… Father went to the doctor’s office, but he’ll be back soon.”

    “Father? Melmond is your fa…”

    It was only then that Abel realized the boy’s face looked familiar. But this doesn’t make sense. This is…

    “Is your name… Roy by any chance?”

    The boy nodded. He gestured and answered the wide-eyed Abel, who had forgotten how to speak due to shock.

    “I’ll go and bring Father quickly!”

    “Hey, tell me. Huh? How on earth do you make it? Just a little bit of ingredients? Huh?”

    The doctor asked pleadingly, but Melmond snorted and was busy counting money.

    “Is it really like this? Everyone is going crazy because your medicine works so well. Didn’t I buy the medicine from you first? So…”

    “Oh! It’s not good to casually reveal other people’s business secrets like that.”

    Melman stood up, coldly pushing away the doctor who was trying to cling to him.

    “Next time, I’ll come back in about two weeks, so you’ll know then.”

    “Two weeks? Hey, come on, this medicine will sell out in just one day if I sell it tomorrow.”

    The doctor complained and tried to cling again, but suddenly, the door to the doctor’s office opened.


    “Huh? Roy, what’s going on here?”

    Melmond was startled and asked his son, who suddenly appeared while he was packing his luggage. However, the child grabbed Melmond’s hand recklessly and started pulling him, without any explanation.

    “Father, we have to go quickly! Hurry!”

    “Oh, why is that?”

    “Home, home!”

    “What about home?”

    “The fairy has arrived!!!!”

    Melmond looked down at his son in shock. No matter how well-selling the medicine he made, what was the use? His child had become a fool in half a day.

    Urged by his son’s insistence on the fairy’s arrival, Melmond headed towards home in a hurry. He wanted to grab and pour the medicine into his son’s mouth right away, but unfortunately, there was no such medicine for mental illness.

    “It’s a fairy. It’s real! Very, very beautiful!”

    D*mn it, should he make him take the popular constipation medicine? Melmond sincerely pondered as he arrived in front of his house. And he saw it with his own eyes. A real fairy.

    But his appearance was like something out of a fairy tale. To think such a beautiful person existed in the world!

    Melmond stood frozen with his mouth agape, oblivious even to the drool flowing from his mouth.

    “Wh-who are you?”

    Melmond asked the fairy about his identity. For a moment, he was relieved that his son wasn’t a fool, and then the fairy shouted while holding his hand.

    “Melmond, it’s me. Abel!”

    Melmond fell into shock for the second time that day. What the hell, has some contagious disease that makes people go crazy spread without him knowing?

    It had been quite a while since Melmond left the palace, but until recently, people sent by the King’s Heart still came to Melmond’s house. It was the most severe for a few years after the prince ascended to the throne six years ago. They tried to extract information about Abel from Melmond, so naturally, he ignored them.

    However, there were also people who were not from the King’s Heart. It was after the news spread that a Regas from the King’s Heart was no longer receiving the king’s attention. And somehow, rumors circulated that the prince could not forget the Regas, whom he had met when he was young. Furthermore, it was said that his appearance was less than ordinary.

    It was true, but Melmond was annoyed by the fact that there were so many people trying to get close to the king using that. Among them, there were people who went too far. They were the ones who claimed to be Abel’s reincarnation. Just like the mentally unstable, very, very pretty fairy in front of him. Moreover, the fairy was persistent.

    “I have nothing to say. Please go away.”

    Melmond forcefully, but with a flushed face, gently pulled his hand away from the fairy. He turned his gaze away and tried to escape inside, but the fairy grabbed him again.

    “Eek! Me, Melmond, why are you like this? I am Abel. I am the one who diligently climbed the cliffs under the guidance of my master Wiedel.”

    No matter how much of a fairy he might be, Melmond couldn’t help but look back at him with an angry gaze. What he hated the most was people exploiting the names of the deceased.

    “Listen here. I don’t know who you are, but it’s best not to mention that name. You may have said it without thinking…”

    “What? Who are you talking about? I’m Abel. It’s true. Don’t you recognize me? You were the one who came to us first to hear about master’s dream, and then, what was it, both you and master came chasing after me the next day. But my master fell ill and passed away on the day I first entered the palace.”

    Abel blurted out in confusion. Melmond frowned at the man who knew more details than the others. To find out that they came chasing after Abel the very next day, he must have been quite a stubborn fairy.

    “Oh, right, the cookies! I brought them from the palace to give to my master, but since I couldn’t, I ended up eating them from my master’s grave. Ah, master’s grave was also made by me at the back.”

    Abel pointed behind the house and explained earnestly. In doing so, he did not see Melmond’s cold, frozen eyes.

    “At that time, Mr. Melmond’s wife was elsewhere, so only Mr. Melmond and I attended the master’s funeral…”

    “How did you know?”


    It was only then that Abel realized the cold tone in Melmond’s voice and finally stopped talking. Melmond stared at Abel as if he wanted to kill him.

    “How did you know about the cookies? That’s something only Abel and I know. So how on earth did you find out?”

    Abel hesitated, looking blankly at Melman before finally speaking up.

    “Because I am Abel.”

    “Hey, I’m not in the mood for jokes right now. I don’t feel like playing along with your pranks.”

    “Melmond, it’s not a j-joke. I am Abel. Ah, are you angry? Did you get punished for helping me escape from the palace? Huh? That’s strange, I purposely tied you up and left, but it didn’t work?”

    Abel apologized with a remorseful look.

    “I’m really sorry if you suffered because of me. Oh! Did you happen to find out that I drew a map to the Spring of Prayer for you too?

    What on earth is this person?

    Melmond’s eyes were now filled with confusion.

    How does he know all these secrets?

    “Hey, you…”


    Suddenly, the fairy screamed and took a step back with a shocked expression. Then, he exclaimed in surprise.

    “No, Mr. Melmond! Now that I see, you’ve grown incredibly tall!”



    Melmond also took a step back. Even though the fairy knew a lot about Abel, he didn’t believe it. But this time was different. That familiar foolishness! This absurdity hit him out of the blue! He hadn’t experienced anything like this since that guy twelve years ago. And if he adds that annoyingly hearty laugh on top of it…

    “Hehe, what did you eat to become so tall?”


    A shock as if someone had struck his head with a hammer spread throughout his body.

    “You… You, you… Are you really A, Abel?

    “Yes! Ahaha― Now you finally recognize me! I am Abel. Oh, when Melmond gave me a scary look, I was really surprised. As if it wasn’t enough, I woke up in a strange place and everyone kept calling me “young master”. It was quite a shock.


    “But Melmond, it’s strange. I’m certain that the last time I closed my eyes was in the forest with the prince, so how did I end up lying in an unfamiliar mansion outside the palace?”


    “Melmond, are you okay? You look pale.”

    “You’re the one to talk.”

    Yes, Abel nodded his head vigorously and Melmond asked quietly.

    “Did you look in the mirror?”

    A mirror?

    As expected, a contemptuous remark came out of Abel’s mouth. Melmond called his son, who was peeking from the corner.

    “Go, go and get a mirror.”

    However, Roy didn’t need to rush. The butler who followed Abel popped out as if he had been waiting. He had been watching anxiously from a distance and stepped forward as soon as he heard the word “mirror”.

    “Mirror! If it’s a mirror, I have it.”

    Melmond looked at him with a puzzled expression as he suddenly intervened, but the butler’s face was filled with relief.

    “Finally, young master, you are looking for the mirror! Here, this is the mirror that you never let go of for a moment.”

    The butler, filled with emotion, handed a large mirror to Abel and quickly stepped back. Abel remembered him asking repeatedly, ‘Would you like to see the mirror?’

     What could possibly be in the mirror that made him ask such a question?

    Unknowingly, he raised the mirror.


    A moment of silence. Melmond cautiously opened his mouth first while looking at the fairy, Abel, who had turned into a statue after seeing himself in the mirror.

    “Abel, is it you… huh?”


    Before Abel could finish speaking, his fragile fairy-like body collapsed to the ground. Melmond, taken aback, quickly tried to examine him, but the butler swiftly approached like lightning. As if familiar with it, he straightened Abel’s body and took out a small bottle from his pocket, pouring it into his mouth without spilling a drop. Once the treatment was done, he immediately vented his resentment towards Melmond.

    “What on earth did you say to our young master? Our young master has a weak heart, so even a slight shock can make him collapse!”

    “…I didn’t say anything.”

    However, Melmond’s timid excuse was drowned out by the butler’s cry mixed with sobbing.

    “Young master! Please wake up! Sniff, here is the mirror that you love the most in the world!”

    Melmond’s feelings were extremely complicated. After numerous questions and confirmations, Melmond reluctantly accepts the assumption that the fairy in front of him might be the reincarnated Abel.

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