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  • If those green eyes facing him weren’t so dark, Melmond would have burst into laughter. It was an absurd statement.

    What did it matter if he advised him not to trust people twelve years ago?

    Just that?

    But looking at Abel’s calm eyes, burdened with guilt, Melmond couldn’t bring himself to laugh. Still, he opened his mouth to refute.

    “Snap out of it. What fault for a mere few words? Advising not to trust people is something anyone who cares for the prince would say.”

    “Yes, you’re right. Unless they are the only person the prince has opened his heart to.”

    His voice was calm, but it somehow felt powerless.

    “But I blurted out those words and died irresponsibly. I abandoned the prince for twelve years.”


    “So, I don’t want to make the same mistake again. Especially now, as someone who always needs someone else’s protection.”

    Abel’s heart seemed to be overwhelmed, and he looked down at the floor again. The butler anxiously held Abel’s shoulders and started looking for medicine. Melmond watched their movements absentmindedly and realized it anew.

    Abel’s guilt was so deep that he couldn’t intervene.

    The bigger issue was the word “protection” that came out of Abel’s mouth. It sounded ordinary, so he hadn’t noticed. But for Abel, it might have been like spitting out a burning ember of agony. Even though the current situation of accepting protection seemed normal, perhaps, it wasn’t for him.

    There was no shame or embarrassment on Abel’s face as he obediently accepted the butler’s help. Even when his opinion of wanting to go as bait for the thugs was ignored, he just smiled in response.

    However, that was wrong. He hadn’t realized it because Abel hadn’t expressed it. He was mixed with guilt, tormenting him like a thorn.

    It’s possible that the inner thoughts of the guy who faints at the slightest touch and wakes up laughing like a fool became even more complicated the more he received help from others.

    Melmond looked up absentmindedly. If he stays like this, even if Karas recognizes him, Abel will hide his true identity until the end.

    In that case, who would be more pitiful?

    ⊹˚. ♡.𖥔 ݁ ˖ ⊹˚. ♡.𖥔 ݁ ˖

    “It seems that there is really a connection with Duke Truyde.”

    The 1st Battalion Commander pointed to the fake leaning against the side of the deck and continued his explanation to Karas.

    “After feeding that person’s subordinate some alcohol and getting some information, we found that their household used to serve as knights of Duke Truyde in the past. They have been in contact until now, so they also knew some accurate facts about the duke. Moreover, even though it’s a small territory if a poor knight has obtained a title and become a lord, there must be a reason for it. The timing of acquiring the territory also coincides with when the king seized power.

    For this reason, the 1st Battalion Commander felt the need to investigate the fake further. And he hoped that Karas would have the same thought, but since earlier, he had been looking elsewhere with an expressionless face as if bored. However, that was the way he had been for the past six years, so the 1st Battalion Commander didn’t pay attention and continued with the necessary reports.

    “Furthermore, we found out that they are targeting young master Lil because they intend to give and offer him to Truyde. This is not the first time. They always boasted about kidnapping whenever they saw a blond, green-eyed young man. This time, of course, they seem to be considering kidnapping again as well, but they probably won’t confront us and the Commander-in-Chief in such a narrow ship.”

    His subsequent report was related to young master Lil, or rather, Abel.

    “Therefore, it seems they will attempt something once we disembark. I suspect they will soon make an offer to you, Commander-in-Chief. They seem to consider young master Lil as the Commander-in-Chief’s possession. However, if you command it, I can eliminate everyone except for the fakes tonight.”

    The voice of the 1st Battalion Commander became lower, but once again, Karas showed no reaction. The 1st Battalion Commander patiently waited for a response but noticed that Karas was slightly different than usual. He wasn’t just casually listening to the words as if he was annoyed. His gaze, remained fixed on the ground as if he were lost in thought. The 1st Battalion Commander checked several times to ensure no one else was around before quietly addressing him.

    “Your Majesty.”

    Perhaps because he heard his real title, Karas’ eyes slowly responded.

    “Is something troubling you?”


    Karas, who usually didn’t call his name, the 1st Battalion Commander straightened his shoulders and straightened his posture.

    “Yes. Please give me your orders.”

    “I want to shove it in.”


    Kin, who had never been caught off guard even in life-threatening battles, found himself asking for clarification for the first time. Fortunately, Karas seemed too deep in thought to notice his subordinate’s insolent question.

    “I want to pound it in.”

    “What, do you mean about nails?”


    “A stake?”

    [T/N: Kin, unfamiliar with Karas making any sexual remarks, tries to make sense of it in a non-sexual way. He thinks Karas might be talking about a literal “stake” (말뚝) because “박다” (to shove or pound it in) can also be used in non-sexual contexts, such as driving a stake into the ground.]

    Karas’s head slowly tilted to the side, and a dangerous glint appeared in his eyes. Kin tensed up, quickly trying to make sense of his words. If an ordinary man had said those words, he would have understood right away. It meant a sexual meaning. But wasn’t the person in front of him Karas?

    He had never shown any sexual desire even in the midst of war. After intense battles, the commanders also had difficulty calming down the excitement of the fight. Some relieved it with sexual desires, others with alcohol. Thus, for six years, the only ones who practiced abstinence in the Battalion were Kin and the emperor.

    Kin kept his abstinence relying on faith, due to his promise to his wife, but the emperor, who was in his prime, showed no interest in sexual matters at all. Even the commanders sometimes worried about his reproductive ability. There was also Ashler’s testimony that before participating in the war, Karas had beheaded every Regas who had entered his chambers in the palace. Thus, the commanders had concluded to themselves that he was a virgin.

    There was even a time when the commanders had drawn lots to see if the emperor’s morning erections were normal, risking their lives to confirm this. The unfortunate 2nd Battalion Commander, who always drew the short straw, had confirmed through his efforts, and tears that Karas was not impotent. Yet this made them worry more. He was capable but uninterested.

    So, Kin couldn’t understand what Karas had just said.

    Shove it in? Pound it in?! In that sense?!

    Despite feeling a threat of death, Kin couldn’t help but be moved.

    The emperor was normal! He was indeed a man!

    Despite being usually taciturn and serious, Kin’s heart swelled with emotion, making it hard to remain calm.

    As soon as they got off from the ship, he wanted to send someone to the moving Battalion unit to share this joyous news. He felt proud as if he were a parent witnessing the growth of an emperor he had thought was just a child. Because of this, regardless of the murderous intent flowing from Karas, warmth spread in Kin’s eyes.

    “Such feelings are natural for a man. It’s not a problem you need to worry about at all.”

    After offering words of reassurance to Karas, Kin, with his usual stern face, cautiously confirmed just in case.

    “Of course, you’re talking about sexual desire, right?”


    Karas, having now relaxed his murderous atmosphere, answered obediently. With a face made even more stiff to hide his smile, Kin nodded.

    “It’s a good sign. It’s a proof you’re healthy. If necessary, I can find someone to satisfy your desire right now.”

    If there was no suitable person, he was willing to break his vow of abstinence with his wife and even throw his butt out willingly. But in response to Kin’s loyalty, Karas asked shortly.


    What does ‘why’ mean?

    Kin, who didn’t understand the question, cautiously opened his mouth, hiding his confusion.

    “Doesn’t your desire troubles you?”


    Karas, who answered immediately, asked again, seemingly annoyed. The meaning behind his short question of ‘why?’.

    “Can I just shove it in without holding back?”

    “Yes, as Your Majesty, of course…”

    As Kin nodded his head, a warning flashed through his mind, bringing him to a halt. Karas was now like a child who had just awakened to the concept of s3x. He would take the advice given to him without any filter. What if he encouraged him to act on his desires recklessly?

    Kin, the embodiment of abstinence and self-restraint, opened his eyes wide. That must not happen. If the reckless 2nd Battalion Commander or the Captain of the Royal Guards were here now, Karas might become an unprecedented lecher.

    Being with him now was his chance. Even if he was the emperor, and even if he could do everything as he pleased, he should first be taught about morality and self-restraint.

    “No. Even as Your Majesty, it is not right to act according on your desires impulsively. This way, when you return to the palace, you can handle things wisely. Enemies will undoubtedly try to use Regas as sexual bait to manipulate you. And if by any chance you meet someone you like appears, it’s not good to push yourself onto them first.”

    The last words were added thoughtlessly, but Karas’ eyes narrowed slightly.

    “Is that so?”

    “Yes. Moderation is very important.”

    Kin nodded emphatically. However, Karas’ reaction was a bit strange. Since his face was expressionless, it was impossible to confirm, but the slight turn of his eyes seemed as if he was disappointed. Kin felt his heart sank. Telling Karas, who had just felt desire for the first time, to simply endure it might as well be torture.

    “Ahem, but suppressing desires unconditionally can also be harmful. If the Regas who you will meet at the palace tempt you with their bodies, it may be easier for you to give in. It is also good to naturally learn how to control desires through actual experiences. Of course, this is based on moderation.”

    While emphasizing moderation, Kin lowered his voice and brought up an important point.

    “If done well, Your Majesty, you might even manipulate the Regas. They might fall into pleasure and become submissive to you instead.”

    After speaking, Kin worried that he might have given too much hope, but considering the 2nd Battalion Commander’s testimony about the Emperor’s impressive size, it wasn’t entirely impossible. Karas seemed to ponder Kin’s plan for a moment to see if it was appealing, and then ask abruptly.

    “More effective than gifts?”

    Kin felt a surge of excitement for a moment. Indeed, the Emperor had thought things through in his own way. He was considering how to handle the Regas who would approach him upon returning to the palace. It seemed he was determined to persuade them with gifts. Kin smiled faintly.

    “Gifts are fine, but Regas are definitely more vulnerable to physical desires. Of course, if used together, you can definitely make them yours.”

    Karas turned his gaze away and muttered softly in his mouth.

    Definitely mine.

    ⊹˚. ♡.𖥔 ݁ ˖ ⊹˚. ♡.𖥔 ݁ ˖

    He knew that he shouldn’t complain about stuffiness and feeling trapped in the room. Of course, he also shouldn’t feel disappointed about his weak heart that faints at the slightest provocation or about naturally needing someone else’s help. He knew it in his head, but he couldn’t help feeling depressed.

    Abel tried to recall the gratitude he always felt for being able to live again, but this time it didn’t have the usual effect. Seeing his arm still wrapped in bandages, a sense of helplessness washed over him again. If only his arm had healed, he wouldn’t have worried Melmond and the butler so much.

    The inflammation had also disappeared, so should he try drinking some snake wine?

    After thinking about various things on his own for a while, Abel finally looked up after a long time. Then he realized that the Commander-in-Chief hadn’t come in…


    He was standing right in front of him. Abel jumped in fright and leaned back.

    “C-Commander-in-Chief. Wh-when did you come in?”

    T/N: Sorry this chapter got delayed a bit. I just noticed it was not scheduled correctly and it didn’t appear immediately on the site T-T

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