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  • When Melmond woke up from his long worry, he found Kin already holding the fake and asking him all sorts of questions about the household they would be staying in tomorrow. He had been answering everything out of fear since they were on the ship, but no matter how many times he was asked, it seemed he didn’t know about Duke Truyde’s secret.

    Melmond sighed and took a sip of the beer on the table as he listened to the two people’s conversation. He was planning to drink and then sleep comfortably today…


    Melmond was drinking when he suddenly realized that he had missed something.

    Wait, what did Abel say he was going to give him?


    Melmond knocked over the chair and quickly got up from his seat, startled. Everyone was surprised and asked what was wrong, but Melmond was already running up to the second floor.

    Abel, you shouldn’t drink snake wine!

    ⊹˚. ♡.𖥔 ݁ ˖ ⊹˚. ♡.𖥔 ݁ ˖


    His flushed cheeks looked as tempting as a delicious fruit. Warm breath escaped his slightly parted lips, and his hazy green eyes sparkled with heat. Through the open shirt that he had unbuttoned saying he was hot, his red n1pples could be seen. The important thing was that his limp body was sitting on Karas’ thigh, and sat facing him.

    “Haah, this way, our eye level matches. Hehe.”

    Abel’s hot breath touched his face. Karas remained frozen like a statue, slowly turning his gaze between the snake wine next to him and Abel. As soon as they entered the room, Abel apologized for giving the gift late and poured the snake wine for him.

    He wasn’t drinking because it was said to be good for stamina, but he thought he might as well have a drop, so he drank it all in one gulp. And he just remembered Abel saying that after drinking this, he became healthier and offered him a glass, that’s all. Karas just want to seize an opportunity while they drink the snake wine.

    An opportunity to hug Abel. He had planned to persuade Abel when no one was around and then try to give him a gift later.

    Still, since he didn’t give any gift today, he didn’t expect to be able to hug him. But then Abel, who drank the snake wine, started breathing heavily and ended up like this.

    “I always looked up, but… Ah, um, our eye level is the same now, ah, it’s hot.”

    Abel blinked as if he was sleepy and turned his body as if he was going to fall down again. Karas quickly grabbed his waist with his hand and pulled him strongly towards him. Abel’s buttocks pressed down on Karas’ enlarged gen1tals. In an instant, his gray eyes darkened and narrowed.


    Karas whispered softly, grabbing the back of Abel’s head with his free remaining hand. He slipped his hand between his soft blonde hair, then pulled Abel’s waist tightly with his other arm. Abel furrowed his eyebrows as if he felt suffocated and nodded his head slowly.

    “Yes, ah, it’s hot.”

    “Aren’t you hot?” Abel asked afterward, but Karas tilted his head to the side and could only see one place, so he couldn’t hear it. Hot breath coming out of his chapped red lips. The lips that had been catching Karas’ attention lately were now right in front of him.

    They were just ordinary lips like everyone else’s, but he couldn’t take his eyes off them as if he were under a spell. And he wanted to do something. He didn’t know what it was, but instinct led him in the right direction. Karas slowly brought his lips to that place.

    His heart pounded wildly as ever as he moved a short distance. When their lips lightly touched, it seemed as if time stood still. Not only his heart but everything around them, even time itself. However, the moment of stillness was only fleeting. His heart started beating again and Karas forcefully pressed his lips that had just touched. And he began to explore Abel as if he was going to devour him.

    ⊹˚. ♡.𖥔 ݁ ˖ ⊹˚. ♡.𖥔 ݁ ˖

    Was it because of the joy of returning to their hometown?

    Even though they had been moving at a fast pace before dawn and had only slept on the cold floor for a few hours, the soldiers’ faces were all bright. Their morale was higher than usual, so it seemed they would arrive at their destination earlier than expected.

    The quick move was partly due to Ursula, who was in charge of the command in behalf of the emperor. Along with the 1st Battalion Commander, he was known for being calm and rational, but like a horse with a tail on fire, he was acting more impatient than ever. Fortunately, the soldiers followed him well because they were eager to return home amidst their fatigue.

    Thus, the rumors that had spread during the move quickly died down as they got closer to the old border.

    The emperor is gone.

    There were various opinions about the fact that he, who should have always been at the forefront, had stopped coming out of his carriage. There were also strange rumors that he had been injured, or that he had found a real fairy in the enemy country and now had fallen under his spell and was losing his mind.

    Most of it was nonsense, but Ashler couldn’t help but be concerned. If the rumor spreads that the emperor is missing, then the spies within the army would have informed the King’s Heart of Karas’ absence.

    Because of that, Ashler’s worries grew every day, wondering if something happened to Karas, who was separated from them. What made Ashler even more anxious was that he had not heard from the 1st Battalion Commander, Kin. Despite urging him to send a letter as he departed together with Karas, he had yet to receive anything.

    Ashler knew that Kin wouldn’t contact him unless it was urgent, but still, he couldn’t simply accept the lack of news. Finally, the awaited news came. It was so urgent that the messenger had been riding without rest for several days just to send the letter. Ashler, unable to sleep at all due to anxiety, was swinging his sword, and hastily accepted the letter, although they were scheduled to move again the next day at dawn.

    The name ‘Kin’ was written on the sealed letter and was clearly written in a hurry at first glance.

    Kin, who usually didn’t bat an eye unless it was urgent?!

    What could possibly be the matter?

    When Ashler, with trembling hands, was about to tear open the letter, the 2nd Battalion Commander, Roster, who heard the messenger’s news, rushed over.

    “Ashler! Did you receive a message from Sir Kin?”

    Ashler nodded without even looking at him and ripped open the seal. Ashler quickly unfolded the paper as he heard the 2nd Battalion Commander’s rapid breathing as he approached him, panting.

    Could the King’s Heart already have fallen them into a trap?

    Are they being chased by the people they sent?

    Full of foreboding, he quickly scanned the brief content. Before reading the letter, Ashler was prepared to calmly accept whatever news was written. As a commander, he had become skilled at hiding his emotions during the six years of war.

    And he didn’t even think that the worst-case scenario he had thought would actually happen. Even if the King’s Heart had found Karas and sent an assassin, their emperor was by no means a man who would be easily defeated. Of course, it was not the news that the King’s Heart had defeated him as expected. However, that was the problem. It is completely unexpected. The letter was short.

    [His Majesty reveals his sexual desires. It seems like a move to prepare for meeting the Regas, whom he will meet in the palace. Preparation is needed for His Majesty’s education.]



    Both of them were at a loss for words in great shock. The late summer breeze brushed past them, but they couldn’t feel it. Just like the old legend that said that they would turn to stone after seeing a monster with snake heads, they could only freeze like statues with faces full of astonishment.

    Thanks to their six years of battle experience, they were skilled at hiding their true feelings. But that ability disappeared in just one second. They were so surprised that they didn’t even realize someone was approaching them and just stared at Kin’s letter with wide eyes.

    They couldn’t believe it.

    The emperor, who had always seemed so innocent, expressing sexual desires?!

    If the sender wasn’t Kin, they would have dismissed it and screamed it as a lie.

    But wasn’t Kin a person who always spoke nothing but the truth?

    Oh my, the emperor isn’t innocent anymore! He is a man after all!

    The problem they had been worrying about, not as subjects but as men, had been resolved. Rubbing their eyes, they tried to examine the contents again when a question was heard in front of them.

    “His Majesty isn’t in any kind of trouble, is he?”

    The sharp voice sounded familiar, but Roster, still out of it, responded first without even confirming the speaker.

    “There is. My god, His Majesty, he—”

    “What about His Majesty? What’s going on?!”

    Roster, who was muttering in a daze, looked up at the loud voice with a frown.

    “You figure out what’s wrong.”

    “What are you going to do about it?” His following sarcastic remark didn’t come out upon seeing who it was. A man in his early twenties, covered in dust as if he had just arrived, stood before them. Though tall, his slim figure, light blonde hair, and handsome face made some see him as fragile. However, his skills were among the top five within the emperor’s army.

    He was none other than the Captain of the Royal Guards, who would stop at nothing if it concerned the emperor.

    Why is this b*stard suddenly showing up now?

    Roster looked at him with a perplexed expression and nudged Ashler, who was still in a daze, with his elbow. After several hard nudges, Ashler also raised his frowning eyes and, upon seeing the grumbling Captain of the Royal Guards who stood tall in front of them, his expression immediately hardened.

    “Did you just arrive?”

    “What’s wrong with His Majesty?! Isn’t he here? What the hell is that letter?!”

    The Captain of the Royal Guards, who had run like crazy and barely caught up with the army to see the emperor, bombarded them with questions. He had come with a faint hope of receiving a word of praise after diligently completing the mission entrusted to him by Karas, however, the emperor was nowhere to be found.

    Furthermore, Ashler and Roster were standing side by side, looking astonished at something. It was clear that something was wrong.

    “Sir Ashler!”

    Unable to contain himself, he shouted, causing Ashler to openly frown. He was still too shocked by the letter’s contents to be openly pleased, and now this guy had shown up. While it was natural for a loyal subject to have a high sense of loyalty, the loyalty of the Captain of the Royal Guards seemed somewhat impure.

    There was also the suspicious history of him being disappointed when he wasn’t chosen to verify if the emperor’s thing was functioning properly during the lots. It was hard to pinpoint exactly, but there was something unpleasant about him.

    “Sir Roster! Please tell me!”

    The impatient Captain of the Royal Guards urged Roster this time. Roster glanced at Ashler before carefully opening his mouth.

    “His Majesty is traveling separately with the Commander of the First Battalion.”

    “What! That’s ridiculous!”

    “Be quiet. Do you want everyone to know about His Majesty’s absence?”

    When Ashler stepped forward to warn, Roster revealed the rest of the contents.

    “But we just received a message from the 1st Battalion Commander.”

    “What did it say?”


    “Don’t tell me something bad happened to His Majesty?”

    “No. Quite the opposite.”

    “What is it?”


    “Sir Roster! If you don’t tell me, I’ll take that letter from you and read it myself.”

    “Ha, it says that His Majesty has felt a sexual desire.”

    “What? Sex…!”

    Shock spread across the face of the Captain of the Royal Guards, who had been squinting his eyes in disbelief. However, the next change that appeared made the eyes of the two people watching him distorted. It was because the face of the Captain of the Royal Guards had turned as red as a ripe apple.

    “His, His Majesty felt sexual desire? Hm, how, how much?”

    He even stumbled over his words. Ashler and Roster both almost drew their swords at the same time.

    This b*stard really is unpleasant.

    If it weren’t for his claim of having a beloved fiancée back home, they would have dealt with him already. Ashler firmly decided to check if he really had a fiancée once they reached the capital.

    “How much? Why do you need to know that? The important thing is that His Majesty is trying to prepare for the meeting with the Regas in the future. In order to do that, we need to help….”

    “I will do it!”


    “I, I can help!”

    The Captain of the Royal Guards willingly volunteered with a smile on his flushed face. He spoke as if he was embarrassed, looking down. Ashler and Roster’s expressions grew colder.

    This b*stard is truly dangerous.

    “You are dismissed from this matter.”

    When Ashler gave the order, the Captain of the Royal Guards hastily raised his eyes in frustration.

    “Why? I really want to help….”

    Swish, swish!

    Ashler and Roster drew their swords. The sight of their deadly determination made the Captain of the Royal Guards step back in surprise, and the two barely sheathed their swords. However, they did not forget to give a warning.

    “Don’t even think about getting involved in this matter.”

    When Ashler warned, Roster standing next to him nodded and added firmly.

    “Yes, if His Majesty needs someone for his education, I will offer my own butt….”

    Swish! Ashler drew his sword again. There were two more enemies within them more terrifying than the King’s Heart.

    T/N: Reading everyone’s comments yesterday made me feel sad. When I was doing this chapter a month ago, I also felt that way. Karas is not a sane person. You must know that. He will kill anyone that gets his way, even when he was a child, we could already get those bits of like a foreshadowing of what he’ll become once he gets old. That’s why he needs Abel. Plus that d*mn potion adding fuel to his already crazy personality T-T

    He’s also suicidal. He does everything of those killings solely for Abel, he has a strange reason for it T-T

    Thats all. I hope you guys won’t hate him too much, especially in the later chaps ><


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