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  • While many people were struggling to satisfy Karas’ sexual desires from afar, there was someone nearby who was also worried.

    Thud, thud, thud.

    Melmond dashed up to the second floor, almost causing the stairs to collapse. Without looking around the hallway, he flung open the nearest door. But it was empty. Melmond immediately opened the next door. Whoosh, the door opened with a gust of wind, but it was also empty.

    Now there was only one left. Since all three double rooms on the second floor were supposed to be used by them, there shouldn’t be anyone who’s using it. Melmond rushed to the last door and reached out his hand. Just as he was about to grab the handle-


    A strong hand grabbed his wrist.

    “What are you doing?”

    Following Kin’s voice, the butler who had just arrived also asked a question.

    “Sir Melmond, what on earth is going on?”

    The fake, dragged here by Kin to prevent his escape, blinked in confusion, but Melmond had no time to explain calmly.

    “Let go of me. It’s urgent. I have to stop it quickly.”

    Despite Kin’s interference, Melmond reached out his hand and tried to grab the doorknob again. But Kin, who knew who was inside, would never let Melmond open the door.

    “Get a hold of yourself. Have you forgotten who is inside?”

    “No, that’s not it! There’s… Lil inside! And he might have already drunk it.”

    As Melmond panicked and raised his voice in panic, Kin also raised his voice.

    “Not only young master Lil is inside but also the Commander-in-Chief is present!”

    The loud shout from the commander had an effect. Melmond seemed to regain his senses and had a perplexed expression. He finally realized the presence of the Commander-in-Chief, not just Abel, amidst his distraction with the snake wine. Kin added solemnly while looking at him.

    “You shouldn’t disturb someone of such importance so please come down quickly. Don’t make any noise here.”

    Although Kin was the one making the most noise, Melmond couldn’t refute and stepped back. However, when he hesitated because he didn’t want to go down, the butler approached him and asked.

    “Why did you suddenly act like that?”


    Melmond sighed and pointed to the door with his hand as he answered.

    “It was like this, when Lil went up, he said he had something to give to the Commander-in-Chief.”


    “Don’t you know what it is? It’s the snake wine.”


    “Butler, are you okay?”

    He wasn’t okay. The butler, who held his breath, seemed to freeze in shock and then rushed towards the door.

    “No!! Young master!!!!!!!!!”

    “Ah! Butler!”


    The butler, with his eyes rolled back, tried to grab the doorknob to go inside. However, before he could turn it, Kin and Melmond quickly restrained him, preventing him from opening it. Instead, the three of them collided with the door at the same time, creating a loud bang that echoed throughout the building. Fortunately, because the three of them quickly stepped back, the door only became slightly crooked and didn’t open. With a moment of relief, Kin turned his angry face towards the two.

    “What kind of behavior is this being so loud?! Don’t you realize that you’re disturbing someone inside?”

    The loud commotion was the biggest disturbance, but Kin was too angry to realize it. The butler, with his eyes rolled back, was the same.

    “But he drank the snake wine! Our most beautiful young master Lil transforms into the most seductive man in the world whenever he takes the snake wine, and no man can ever resist him! Even the Commander-in-Chief would be captivated and have his pen1s stand up when he sees him like that!”

    Kin’s temples bulged with veins, his calm demeanor cultivated over six years of various temptations now shattered.

    “What?! Even my pen1s won’t stand up just anytime!”

    “Are you proud of being impotent?!”

    “Impotent…? You b*stard! Who are you calling impotent?!”

    Kin, who never lost his composure even when his comrades died in front of him, lost all his mental and physical training of six years at the mention of impotence. Then, Melmond became perplexed. He tried to stop Kin from drawing his sword and urged the butler to apologize quickly.

    “Hey, you went too far with your words. Apologize quickly.”

    “Too far? Didn’t you hear? He said it himself that his pen1s won’t stand up so he’s impotent!”

    “Shut up! I’m not impotent!”

    “Because you’re impotent, so I’m calling you impotent!”

    “Then, I will make you impotent by force!”

    Thus, the debate about impotence unfolded. Furthermore, when Kin actually drew his sword, Melmond tried to stop him, causing even more commotion. In the midst of this, there was someone who spoke to them. It was the fake commander clinging to the wall, trembling.

    “Um, excuse me.”

    When the frightened voice interrupted, the three riled up people shouted at him in unison.

    “Get lost!”

    “You get lost!”

    “Shut up!”

    Startled, the fake clung even tighter to the wall and moved his fingers instead of his mouth. Right towards the door across from him. The three turned their eyes along with that finger and froze in place. The door was wide open. Someone could be seen beyond it. The first thing that caught their eye was Abel, sitting on the floor and laughing with flushed cheeks.

    It was strange that his hair was disheveled, and his clothes were partially removed that revealed his one shoulder, but no one noticed. Just like the butler had said, the fairy had transformed into a seductive figure that any man would be mesmerized by. However, there was someone in front of him. Someone who possessed the power of a dragon, emitting a dark atmosphere.


    Thud. He grabbed the door frame and exerted force.


    With his low voice, a crushing sound overwhelmed everyone. Karas began tearing the door frame with his bare hands.

    Creak. Thud! Crack!

    Although it didn’t seem like he exerted much force, the door frame, which had been firmly fixed to the wall, tore apart like a piece of paper. That wasn’t all. The thick pillar they had grabbed together snapped in Karas’s hand. Then the entire wall shook and dust fell from the ceiling.


    Everyone instinctively stepped back loss for words. In the face of an incredible force that no one could believe belonged to a human, they all held their breath and looked up. Karas threw the torn door frame to the floor and took a step forward. His half-raised hands seemed like a weapon more terrifying than anything else in everyone’s eyes. Moreover, he was clenching his fist tightly.


    Everyone collectively screamed internally. Karas’ expressionless face looked even more ruthless than when he casually killed people on the ship. Even without looking into his motionless gray eyes, the chilling atmosphere that made one’s hair stand on end told them. That fist would come flying towards them soon. And with just one blow, they would lose their lives.

    His half-open gray eyes tilted sideways. It was a sight that was often seen before he would kill someone, and just this gesture alone made everyone tremble in fear.

    I’m really going to die!

    Melmond, who was at the front, tightly closed his eyes. And as he hunched his shoulders, a bright voice that didn’t fit the atmosphere suddenly came with laughter.

    “Hehe – gotcha!”

    The air that had been tense suddenly burst and disappeared. It was as if the door to the underground had opened, and the dazzling sunlight filled the room. His mind suddenly came to a halt and the fear rushed away like a tide.

    Everyone looked up and saw the person who had uttered the drunken voice. Abel, sitting on the floor, was shaking his upper body and laughing with half-closed eyes, reaching out to the butler. Then he turned and shouted again towards Melmond, who was next to him.


    Perhaps he saw someone he recognized and tried to call out his name. However, his tongue got twisted and his pronunciation slurred. But no one laughed at Abel’s incorrect pronunciation. They just blankly stared at him as he laughed and pointed at Kin this time.

    “Commander, um, battalion um, um…. um.”

    Abel slowly stopped speaking, as if it was difficult to pronounce the long title with his drunken state. Tilting and then shaking his head, he suddenly shouted with a wide smile as if he had remembered it.

    “Commander pig!”

    [T/N: In Korean, “돼장” (dwaechang/commander pig) means “pig head” or “leader of pigs,” implying someone who is the leader or head of a group of pigs. This is a derogatory term, suggesting that the person being called a pig is uncouth, foolish, or shameful. The connection to Kin’s title as a commander is that Abel likely intended to refer to Kin by his title, but due to his drunken state, he ended up mispronouncing it as “돼장” (dwaechang), which sounds similar in Korean.]

    Even though everyone was frozen in fear, they all looked at Kin at once. Even without anyone pointing it out, they all felt it. ‘Commander pig’, like the captain of some animal. Everyone except Karas watched Kin’s reaction.

    Isn’t it a bit disgraceful to be called Commander Pig?

    Sure enough, the eyebrows of the great 1st Battalion Commander Kin twitched. However, he couldn’t express his dissatisfaction yet as Karas still had his fist clenched. Even though the dark atmosphere disappeared when Abel’s voice was heard, he still looked angry.

    Let’s be prepared to have a few broken bones from that fist, he made up his mind, however, Abel suddenly pointed again to the last person.

    He pointed his finger at Karas, who was standing by the door. But for some reason, he couldn’t open his mouth right away. Abel, as if he was dozing off, shook his head and barely opened his eyes. And when everyone was tired of trying to read Karas’ reaction, only then he finally managed to open his mouth. He whispered with a smile in his eyes.



    “Karas, Karas. Hehe, a pretty name… Karas.”

    After Karas’ name was uttered a few more times from his mouth, the sound finally stopped. With a thud, he collapsed sideways. It seemed like he had fallen asleep, but everyone still stared at him, holding their breath. After a moment, upon hearing someone approaching Abel and giving them a command, everyone realized they were still alive.

    “Fix it.”

    When Karas spat out the words, they knew he was referring to the door frame and pillar he had torn apart but compared to being punched to death by his fist, even building a new house is something to be grateful for. Thus, everyone breathed a sigh of relief and didn’t see the faint smile that Karas had on his face as he hugged Abel. It was a smile that seemed a little awkward.

    ⊹˚. ♡.𖥔 ݁ ˖ ⊹˚. ♡.𖥔 ݁ ˖

    Those who had been saved by Abel praising Karas’ name did not forget to express their gratitude the next day.

    “Thank you for yesterday.”

    “Thanks to you, I was able to save my life yesterday.”

    Abel, who had come down and just woken up from a long sleep, blinked his eyes in surprise at the sudden greetings from Melmond and the butler. The fake even bowed his head. Of course, one person was not grateful at all.

    The reason why Karas’ compliment on his name was so effective was because it was compared to the humiliating title he had just received. The person who was called Commander Pig, Kin, glanced at Abel and quickly turned his head away.

    Some greeted him and some glared at him. Confused, Abel asked Melmond.

    “What happened yesterday?”

    “Don’t you remember?”

    “I think I had a drink with the Commander-in-Chief with snake wine yesterday. Is that right?”

    “Yes. But there was a problem before you went to bed.”

    “Before? Ah? Did I say something nonsense?”

    Abel quickly asked, recalling something that came to mind.

    “Actually, I had a dream last night that a group of pigs came out and started a war. And the commander of the pigs was… Ahh-!”

    Although Melmond quickly covered Abel’s mouth, Kin had already drawn his sword halfway out. Melmond awkwardly smiled at him as he glared back and then dragged Abel onto the carriage.

    “You, lucky for you, it went well yesterday, but never drink snake wine ever again. Do you understand?”

    Perhaps because of the scary warning, Abel nodded his head without asking why. It was clear that he had said something wrong yesterday.

    Then, Karas, who came in quickly, also sat down in the carriage without making eye contact. His usual gaze that pierced Abel as soon as he faced him was different than usual. It always made Abel tense, however, this time as soon as he got on, he looked elsewhere with a stoic expression.

    Abel was slightly surprised that he didn’t stare at him. Seeing Kin getting angry and Karas acting strange, it seemed like he had made a big mistake. Abel racked his brain and discovered a vague memory as if it was shrouded in fog. It was Karas’ face, which was very close. It was so close that he too, also closed his eyes.


    As the carriage started to move, Abel gave up on the memory that no longer came to his mind. He should ask Melmond again later. More importantly, he was about to meet someone who might know the secret of the duke soon. The important thing was the King’s Heart that they had to fight against in the future.

    The secret that the fake’s household knew should be of some help. Contrary to Abel’s expectation, the fake, who was crouching down next to Karas, began to tremble with a pale face. Abel noticed his condition, but he deliberately looked away.

    The illusion that he could smell blood already weighed heavily on his heart.

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