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    As he looked at his fairy-like beautiful face, Ashler realized that evidence was not important. Melmond was right. There was something he felt in his heart before his mind comprehended it. The fact that he had revealed secrets known only to the two of them was the next thing.

    Every sensation in his body spoke. He was real. So there was never any worry about whether the prince would fail to recognize him. He had no anxiety because he was genuine. But that was the problem. The sentiment was that it didn’t matter if the prince didn’t recognize him or not.

    As long as the prince was happy, it didn’t matter what happened to him. That was the implication. Watching him quietly, Ashler asked softly, not knowing why this question had suddenly come to mind.

    “A hawk doesn’t get sick from eating rotten meat. Do you know why?”

    At the beginning of the war, when allies turned into enemies and Ashler was about to sacrifice his life for Karas. In that miraculous moment that suddenly arose, Karas asked him so. He couldn’t give any answer. He simply couldn’t tear his gaze away from Karas, who was looking up at the hawk in that high place.

    Amidst the sea of countless corpses, he seemed to be in a completely different world as he stared at the hawk in the sky. He thought only Abel could tell Karas about the hawk. So, if the man before him was truly Abel, he felt he would know the answer. The man, who looked completely different from Abel, smiled as if in surprise, opening his eyes wide.

    “Do you know that too, Sir Ashler? Wow, that’s fascinating. I taught that to the prince. The hawks bring grass to their nests. It’s an herb that won’t let them get hurt even if they eat rotten meat.”

    Melmond, seemingly intrigued by this conversation, interjected as if hearing it for the first time.

    “Really? There’s such a thing in a hawk’s nest?”

    Abel nodded as he looked at Melmond.

    “Yes, my master taught me. My master learned from his master.”

    “What? What are you talking about? I didn’t learn that!”

    When Melmond shouted in surprise, Abel added as if he had recalled something.

    “That’s right. My master said so. Melmond only learned roughly, and his goal was to have a stable job, so he pretended to be sick with a stomachache and avoided outdoor classes.”


    “And during Regas’ class, you always complained, so one day you got stung by a bee while standing outside barefoot…”

    “Stop it!”

    Melmond raised his voice again and turned to Ashler. He cursed Abel inwardly for his cheap talk and spoke to Ashler with a confident voice.

    “Yes, it’s really Abel. I can guarantee it.”

    However, there was no need to confirm separately with Ashler. He was in awe right now. Is it really true that there is reincarnation? But there was something in Abel’s words that he couldn’t understand.

    “I understand your intentions, Abel. But isn’t the decision not to step forward in front of His Majesty already useless? His Majesty has already met..”



    Melmond and the butler’s artificial cough suddenly burst out, interrupting Ashler’s words. When Ashler looked surprised and strange, Melmond grabbed his shoulder strongly and informed him of the truth.

    “Sir Ashler. Abel still doesn’t know who went to the valley with him.”


    Ashler was surprised and turned to Abel. Even if it was Karas, if the other person’s appearance had changed, it would make sense not to recognize him… However, Abel… Of course, Karas’s appearance had also changed, so it would make sense not to recognize him.

    He accepted that idea, but something still felt odd.

    “Does he really not know?”

    Ashler asked Melmond again and confirmed with Abel.

    “Then who do you think guided you to the Crimson Valley?”

    “The Commander-in-Chief.”


    “You already heard from the Commander-in-Chief, right? What I said in the valley… He knows that I said that there is no reincarnation.”

    Of course, he knows because he has heard of it. However, Commander-in-Chief, what?


    Nodding. Abel quickly added an explanation.

    “Yes, the Commander-in-Chief. I’m grateful to him for saving my life, but, um, he seems really scary. He kills people with a sword… He is really, really scary.”

    The gloom spread on Abel’s face as he recalled the corpses that covered the ground.

    “At first, I almost died in the hands of the Commander-in-Chief too, but I was able to survive because I could retrace the traces of the enemies that came. I was really scared at that time.”

    The suspicion of the guide was resolved. However, their frustration grew. Unaware of that, Abel continued to elaborate how scary the Commander-in-Chief was.

    “Of course, even after that, he kept trying to kill me, but luckily his mind changed and I barely survived. On the first day, he disliked me so much that he just left me lying there. Oh, right, hehe, there was also a time when he drew his sword because he was angry with me. Anyway, I think I went through several close calls of death.”

    Abel now smiled as if relieved that it was all in the past, but the faces of the listeners grew increasingly stern. Abel quickly added almost as if he felt he had spoken ill of the Commander.

    “But I am really grateful for the fact that he saved my life. Truly. When we meet, I will definitely express my gratitude for saving me multiple times.”

    With a hint of embarrassment, he quietly added what seemed like an afterthought, as if no one was supposed to hear it.

    “Still, because he is such a scary person, I’m relieved that he is not the prince.”

    Ashler, Melmond, the butler, and Nani have all become statues. Abel, thinking that he might spoke too harshly, tried to find something good to add.

    “By the way, his loyalty to the prince, no, to His Majesty, seems very deep. He even tried to eliminate the enemy king in the Crimson Valley. He also willingly allowed me to become bait to uncover the traps. He even encouraged me to die for His Majesty.”

    There was no greater insult than this. Abel smiled proudly and said these words as a compliment.

    “Although t’s cruel and scary, but it feels reassuring to think that he’s on His Majesty’s side. Thanks to that, the war is over. The Commander-in-Chief also seems to be doing a lot for His Majesty.”

    Of course, it was expected. After all, it was himself. However, no one dared to speak those words aloud. Exhausted from speaking so much at once, Abel wore a faint smile on his pale face as if struggling for breath.

    “I apologize. I guess my stamina hasn’t fully returned yet. Phew. Ah, Sir Ashler, did you have something else to say to me?”

    Everyone turned to look at Ashler at once. Amidst everyone’s pressure, Ashler managed to utter a word.

    “…There is none.”

    Then, as if waiting, Melmond suggested to the rest except for Abel.

    “Let’s have a meeting outside.”

    “Okay, let me summarize again. So, these two people met each other but they don’t know each other’s identities.”

    Nani drew circles around Abel and Karas on the floor.

    “His Majesty regards Abel as a mere guide, while Abel sees His Majesty as the Commander. However, the problem is!”

    Nani tapped the ground with the branch he held, glancing at the three crouched around the torch.

    “The Commander can’t inform his true identity as the emperor, as Abel might collapse from the shock. And since Abel himself said there’s no reincarnation, even if he changes his mind, His Majesty won’t also believe it.”

    Nani’s clarification was unexpectedly clear. Melmond, in particular, looked at Nani with newfound admiration, feeling a refreshing clarity in his mind. He had only thought of Nani as a reckless gambler who lost the house in a bet, but now he’s quite something else…

    “Sir Melmond.”

    Melmond woke up from his thoughts at Ashler’s call and turned his head. Seeing Ashler’s serious eyes, he seemed to know what he was going to say.

    Still, they needed to know each other’s identities.

    Melmond agreed with that point, but the timing was the issue.

    “I suppose someday we will have to tell the truth. But now is not the time. I know Abel’s physical condition well enough.”

    He turned his gaze towards the tent where Abel was.

    “If we reveal the truth now, Abel’s heart will truly stop.”

    The butler nodded in agreement beside him. Melmond then pointed out Karas’ problem.

    “His Majesty shows interest in Abel, but how deep is that interest? What do you think, Sir Ashler?”

    “Yes, he does show interest, but he has never mentioned it. However, soon we will go to the palace. Shouldn’t we inform him before we have to fight the King’s Heart?”

    Once again, Melmond expressed a different opinion.

    “No, if that’s the case, it’s better to not just reveal it at all.”

    Ashler was surprised by Melmond’s unexpectedly firm argument and looked at him. Melmond explained in a dry voice.

    “They’re the ones who’ve already tried to kill Abel once. If they know Abel is by His Majesty’s side again, wouldn’t that make it twice as easy for them to do it again?”

    Ashler had no argument to counter and agreed in silence. Well, it was a valid point. Those who relentlessly tormented Abel, who was already gone from this world, using it as Karas’ weakness, might really kill him again this time if they found out Abel had reappeared.

    “Then, for now, let’s keep this a secret among the four of us…”

    At that moment, a loud voice calling for Ashler was heard from somewhere. Ashler and Nani reflexively grabbed their swords and stood up, and soon a soldier discovered Ashler and approached him. And with an urgent voice, he delivered the news.

    “His Majesty has disappeared.”

    ⊹˚. ♡.𖥔 ݁ ˖ ⊹˚. ♡.𖥔 ݁ ˖

    It seemed chaotic outside. The four had said they needed to hold a meeting and had left, and after waiting for a long time without any news, Abel grew anxious.

    Had something happened?

    He slowly lifted his lying body from the bed and placed his feet on the floor. Standing barefoot, he didn’t even have time to feel the discomfort as a wave of dizziness made him stagger.

    Still, as time passed, he felt more stable and thought it would be okay to walk. One arm was wrapped in bandages and was uncomfortable, but he carefully and slowly moved his steps backward. Abel lifted the back tent and peeked his head out. If they found out he had gotten up, Melmond and the butler would surely be furious.

    So, he wanted to find out what was happening without them knowing. He really only intended to find out what was going on and then lie back down. But behind the tent was a forest, and there was no one around to ask. Hesitating for a moment, Abel bent down and slipped through the split in the tent.

    The stones and dirt on the ground painfully pricked Abel’s tender, callus-free bare feet. It was a pain he hadn’t known before, so he took another slow step. Then, from the end of the tent, a light appeared, and a soldier came into view.

    “I’ll turn this way and take a look!”

    The soldier, who had been speaking loudly to someone, stepped forward towards where Abel was and then stopped in his tracks.

    “Who’s there?!”

    He quickly drew his sword and thrust the torch he was holding forward. Then, the figure behind the tent faintly came into view. It was a blond-haired fairy wearing only a white robe that reached down to his knees.


    The soldier gasped, blinking as if he were seeing an illusion. But the fairy smiled at him warmly and took a step forward, speaking in a beautiful voice as if he were happy to see him.

    “Thank goodness. Is something wrong? It seems quite chaotic.”

    “Ah, well, that’s because His Majesty has gone missing…”

    The soldier caught off guard, replied, and the fairy’s eyes widened in surprise. Seeing those beautiful green eyes grow larger made the soldier feel like he was having a heart attack.

    Clang. He dropped his sword without realizing it and clutched his heart. The fairy asked with concern.

    “His Majesty has gone missing? Have the enemies invaded?”

    Shaking his head vigorously, the soldier, unable to speak, barely pointed in the direction he had come from.

    “I, I will go and… confirm the exact facts….”

    The soldier, thinking only of the fairy’s curiosity, ran off as if he might fall over. As he disappeared, Abel took another step forward, using his weak legs.

    What if the enemy had invaded? What if the fragile prince had been injured…?


    A sound came from the forest. Abel was about to take a step towards where the soldier had disappeared, but he turned his body and looked towards the forest. But there was nothing to be seen in the dark forest. Still, there was a feeling that something was there. Abel hesitated and quietly moved towards that direction. If it was an enemy invasion, he had to confirm it and inform the others. One step, then another. As he stepped off the path and onto branches and roots, a hand suddenly shot out from the darkness.

    With a short wind sound of ‘whoosh’, a hook-like arm popped out and wrapped around Abel’s body in an instant, then disappeared into the darkness again. After a moment, with the sound of footsteps and rustling, the soldier who had disappeared reappeared with another soldier.

    “Here, it’s here! There’s a fairy here….”

    The soldier pointed behind the tent, shouting, but there was no one there. Another soldier nearby teased him, asking if he had seen a ghost, but the first soldier couldn’t tear his eyes away from the empty spot for a long time. It was strange, he was certain he had seen a fairy.

    ⊹˚. ♡.𖥔 ݁ ˖ ⊹˚. ♡.𖥔 ݁ ˖


    Abel held his breath, but it didn’t have much effect. The arm that hugged his waist from behind was so strong that it was difficult to breathe, and the other hand was covering his mouth. Able used his free hand to try to pry the arm off, struggling against the firm grip.

    He was caught suddenly and lost his mind due to the speed of the rapid movement. He finally regained his senses when he stopped moving. Well, even though his legs were in the air because of the arm hugging his back. When he kicked his feet, it touched the legs of the person standing behind him.

    It was definitely the enemy. It had to be a remnant of the opposing nation attacking! Panicked, Abel moved his feet and kicked the legs of the person hugging him. However, Abel’s weak strength only tickled the opponent. Moreover, the opponent didn’t even feel Abel’s small hand trying to remove his arm as resistance.

    He just waited for Abel to get tired and give up all his movements. When Abel’s resistance weakened, he took a step back. Startled by the movement, Abel kicked again and hit the abductor’s leg next to his ear.


    It sounded like a faint breeze. However, he knew there was no breeze that carried such warmth. He also knew that the sound wasn’t this gentle. Although his captor hadn’t uttered a coherent word, Abel, as if under a spell, suddenly ceased all movement. His captor, holding him tightly from behind, had bent his head down. Even without looking, Abel had a sense of who it was.

    As Abel calmed down, the large hand covering his mouth slowly released. Abel turned his head to confirm his suspicion with his eyes. The man was still bent over, gazing down at Abel. His face was so close that even in the darkness, Abel could clearly see his gray eyes.

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