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    Wondering what he meant, Abel hesitated before asking, “Yes?” But Karas seemed lost in his own thoughts, his gaze fixed on the ground. As he waited for Karas to finish his thoughts, the reality he had forgotten suddenly dawned on him.

    Now that he thought about it, didn’t the soldier say that the prince disappeared? Could something have happened?

    Abel turned his body anxiously. He just lifted his upper body a little with the thought of looking around. But at the same time he moved, Karas’s hand grabbed his shoulder.


    Before Abel could be surprised, a sharp voice was heard.

    “Where are you going?”

    In an instant, a chill ran down Abel’s spine, and he swallowed his saliva before finally opening his mouth.

    “Ah, I’m not going anywhere.”

    “You moved.”

    With the low words came a firm grip on his shoulder. Ugh, a cry almost escaped him involuntarily, but Abel forced a smile onto his face.

    “I, I just wanted to look around.”


    In response to the cold voice that sounded intimidating as if he was interrogating, Abel had no choice but to answer honestly.

    “I heard that His Majesty disappeared. I thought he might be somewhere nearby.”

    With a trailing end to his words, Abel looked around with a worried eyes. After scanning the surroundings for a while, he realized that the hand gripping his shoulder had lost its strength. It was now just resting on him. Feeling puzzled, he turned to Karas. But something was off. It was strange how the person who had been coldly pressing down on him for moving slightly suddenly softened his tone and gently asked.

    “Are you worried about His Majesty?”

    “Yes, of course. It’s is His Majesty.”

    As he said that, the hand regained its grip, accompanied by a faint clicking sound.


    Abel was feeling confused and worried that he had misheard. It seemed like the Commander-in-Chief’s condition wasn’t good today. He was fluctuating between moods, from feeling bad to feeling good, like a seesaw. Able even suspected if a rock had fallen in the valley and hit Karas on the head. Unaware of Abel’s thoughts, Karas asked again in a somewhat softer voice.

    “Do you want to see His Majesty?”

    To him, it sounded like a simple question that would make any soldier in 1, 2, 3 come running if called. But to Abel, it meant something else.

    “Huh? Do you know where His Majesty is? Did something happened?”


    “Wow, that’s a relief!”

    Abel smiled broadly, sat down with a thud, and added.

    “I thought the soldiers were looking for His Majesty because enemies had invaded or something. I’m glad nothing happened. Is he safe?”

    To confirm once again, Karas nodded and asked.

    “Do you want to see him?”


    Karas’ gaze turned cold at the immediate answer but soon softened upon seeing Abel’s expression. Abel lowered his gaze as if embarrassed and smiled. It was clearly a genuine smile, and a sincere voice flowed with it.

    “It’s okay. I’ll see him from afar later. It’s enough to know that he’s doing well.”

    It was true. As long as he was doing well, that was enough. Of course, he was also very curious. Abel still couldn’t believe that the prince, who had been just an 8-year-old child a few months ago, had become an adult. It was hard to imagine how the sweet child, who was silent and didn’t know how to smile, but tried to express his emotions, had grown up.

    To Abel, he was just an 8-year-old child. He was smaller and weaker than his peers. Moreover, he had lived in exile during a time when he should have been growing up, so he probably couldn’t have grown properly. Still, as long as he stayed healthy, that was fortunate enough. Abel smiled again at Karas, signaling that he was okay. Then, Karas’ lips parted slightly.


    Muttering, Karas lifted the hand that had been resting on Abel’s shoulder. The hand soon moved up towards Abel’s face. Startled by the sudden movement, Abel flinched and leaned back. When Karas noticed Abel’s reaction, his hand stopped just inches away from reaching his face. Then, seemingly surprised by his own intention to touch his face, Karas slowly withdrew his hand, clenching his fist.

    Abel quietly held his breath, wondering what he had done wrong, and Karas looked down at his hand with a slightly furrowed brow. There was still a rationality inside him that did not believe in reincarnation. This was an ice block that had remained coldly frozen for the past 12 years without breaking.

    However, the one who kept bothering him, catching his attention, and prompting him to move involuntarily, slowly melted that block of ice. The problem was that his heart, which had remained frozen and motionless, was also thawing alongside it. He felt his heart race as he reached out his hand. He almost grabbed the other person’s head and pulled it towards him.

    Karas deliberately tried to focus on his still cold rationality. Not until he found more evidence. He needs to find something to be certain. Blaming himself for his lack of self-control, he coldly concluded that he couldn’t jump to conclusions yet, but his leaning heart was already close to making a conclusion on its own.

    Perhaps it might be Abel.

    The real Abel. Just the thought made Karas’ heart beat a little faster. He felt excitement for the first time in a long while. The anticipation of whether he would arrive at the desired conclusion. It would become more certain if he continued to stay by his side and confirm. Since he still didn’t know if he was the emperor, he could continue to hide his identity and find out more about him. So, if Abel were to discover that he had reincarnated without realizing it…

    Pause. Karas quickly recalled something important. Twelve years ago, Abel was murdered. By the King’s Heart. And those people were still running towards him, lighting up their eyes to find his weaknesses and tear him apart.

    There would likely be spies within the army as well, unknowingly monitoring him. Just like when they created the fake Abel, they would meticulously record any vulnerabilities to use them to their advantage. Everything Karas cared about would become their weapon.

    Yeah. I need to eliminate those guys first. Maybe it’s best to send this guy far away and keep him hidden for a while.

    As Karas thought about this, he lifted his head and met a pair of wide green eyes. In that moment, all the cold rationalizations he had made vanished. He barely managed to restrain himself from reaching out again, but Abel, unaware of this, cautiously called out, sensing an opportunity.

    “But Commander-in-Chief.”

    Sensing that Karas might have clenched one fist, Abel subtly leaned back and asked.

    “So, did you bring me here to ask me again if I believe in reincarnation?”


    “Is that so?”

    “Just because.”


    Karas came out from inside the tent when he heard someone approaching. He couldn’t seem to leave the area and hesitated, but he brought Abel with him, he realized that he had indeed brought him here just because. Karas didn’t feel the need to explain but added a brief explanation.

    “Because I saw you.”

    Exhibiting a kindness he didn’t usually show to others, Karas felt a bit proud of himself. Inside, Abel was filled with astonishment.

    What’s this? Was it a warning not to interfere in front of him unpleasantly?

    Trembling, he vowed never to appear in front of Karas again, but he felt a gaze staring at him. He felt an unusually warm gaze and he tried to avoid it, but he heard a whisper from the other person.

    “D*mn, I don’t want to send you away.”

    Send? What?!

    Abel stared at the strange Commander-in-Chief with a firm gaze.

    Is something wrong? Did his promotion fall through? Ah, so that’s it.

    Abel looked at the other person with pitiful eyes. No, he even killed the enemy king and ended the war, shouldn’t he be given authority even as a Commander-in-Chief?

    Abel calmed his weak heart while guessing Karas’ situation.

    Yeah, he’s probably not upset because of me.

    However, the effect didn’t last long. Karas was already stating his conclusion.

    “From now on, never talk about me to anyone.”

    After warning him, Karas added a reason.

    “If you don’t want to die.”

    Because he shouldn’t get caught by the King’s Heart. The most important reason was hidden, and Abel’s expression visibly hardened. He could only hear it as a request for cooperation or else he’ll secretly kill him.


    “Ah, yes, yes.”

    “And don’t pretend to know me when you see me. Even then, you’ll die. Got it?”

    Abel nodded his head frantically with a pale face. Indeed, he was kidnapped because he didn’t want to see him acting nonchalantly in front of him! Able realized anew how frightening the Commander-in-Chief was.

    Karas was satisfied that his words were well received and added casually, looking away.

    “But I’ll come to see you. When we meet… you can be happy to see me.”

    There was no response. Karas realized only then how unnervingly silent the other person was, and he frowned, turning his gaze, only to find a fairy sprawled before him, mouth agape and unconscious. Karas cursed inwardly as he lifted Abel’s unconscious body, cursing the bald king who had made this happen.

    D*mn bald head, why shoot arrows just to make him suffer?

    Even in death, the enemy king couldn’t seem to have closed his eyes to injustice.

    ⊹˚. ♡.𖥔 ݁ ˖ ⊹˚. ♡.𖥔 ݁ ˖

    The disappearance of the emperor was a problem, but there was a bigger issue. Abel was also gone. Melmond’s group stood frozen, minds blank, inside the empty tent. No matter how much they rubbed their eyes and searched around, the tent remained vacant. They all rushed out immediately to scour the surroundings, however, Abel was nowhere to be found. Someone claimed to have seen a fairy behind the tent, so they started searching the back of the forest, but there was no progress even after some time had passed.

    Where on earth did he go in the middle of the night?

    Unable to risk the spread of rumors about the fairy, they couldn’t call in others for help. While the four of them were frantically searching the forest for the possibly unconscious Abel, an unexpected person brought Abel back.

    “Y-Your Majesty!”

    The emperor appeared from the forest and Abel was nestled in his arms, just like when they were in Crimson Valley. Given that Abel had recently recovered and his stamina might still be weak, it wasn’t surprising that he had passed out.

    But why was Karas holding him? He was already missing, and the soldiers were already searching for him. Ashler, who was the first to run towards them, asked in surprise.

    “Your Majesty, were you with this young master?”

    Did he perhaps suspect something? He was doubtful, but his response was simple.

    “I found him.”

    With an annoyed tone as if he had simply picked up a rock on the road, everyone was at a loss for words. Abel possessed a beauty that elicited admiration from anyone who saw him. Was it just admiration? Beyond praise, his dazzling appearance left everyone in awe.

    However, the emperor didn’t seem to care about the appearance of the fairy, whether it was when they were in the Crimson Valley or elsewhere. It was actually more heartbreaking than him not recognizing he’s Abel. Furthermore, they even began to suspect if their emperor had a problem with his aesthetic sense.

    It was especially shocking for Nani and the young master’s butler, who had their hearts pounding every day as they watched Abel. The two men forgot that the other person was the emperor and tried to refute it, however, Ashler spoke first and their lives were saved.

    “We were searching for him because he disappeared. Your Majesty saved him.”

    With a greeting, Ashler cautiously reached out his arm to take Abel. However, the emperor just stared at Ashler without any intention of handing him over. Ashler bowed his head and then looked up slightly when there was no response.

    “I will take care of him.”

    However, Karas started to scan Ashler intently without saying a word. He carefully examined him from head to toe, as if he was seeing him for the first time. He particularly lingered on his handsome face, which he hadn’t noticed before.

    “Your Majesty?”

    When Ashler looked up and called him again in confusion, Karas finally opened his mouth.

    “Not you.”


    Ashler found himself frozen, arm outstretched, making a sound without realizing it. Meanwhile, Nani, who had been hoping to touch the fairy for some time now, quickly popped out.

    “Your Majesty! Then shall I…?”

    “Get lost.”

    Nani was rejected without even a glance. Afterwards, Karas’ gaze fell on the butler who seemed to have no ulterior motives.


    The chosen butler accepted the young master with joy but felt something strange. It was something he always did, so he couldn’t figure out what the problem was. When the butler quickly turned his body to take Abel, Melmond quickly followed after greeting him. However, the emperor stopped him.


    Karas called out to him and after a quick glance, Ashler turned his body. That was a signal for him to follow as well.

    The two blamed themselves for briefly suspecting the emperor. They had felt that he deliberately chose people when he handed Abel over to them.

    They were excluded because he perhaps has something to say to them.

    In particular, Ashler blamed himself more deeply. He had been watching Karas for so long, yet he misunderstood. The conviction that the emperor didn’t recognize Abel only grew stronger.




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