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    Woo-jin gently kissed Jae-chan and made him turn around. He wanted to see Jae-chan’s face and also to diffuse some of the intense concentration.

    However, as Woo-jin’s eyes met the dark brown eyes that were avoiding his gaze and the two blushing cheeks, Woo-jin’s thirst grew stronger. Eventually, he firmly held Jae-chan’s chin, made eye contact, and kissed him hungrily.

    A shiver spreads from the tip of the warm tongue. A thrill of pleasure spread to his cheeks and ears. Woo-jin moaned softly into his throat and kissed him even more deeply. It was while he was slowly making space for himself to fit in, that it happened.


    Jae-chan, who had been responding by sucking his tongue slightly, suddenly flinched. Woo-jin asked, slightly pulling out the third finger he had just inserted.

    “Does it hurt?”

    “…No. It’s okay.”

    Jae-chan smiled and hugged Woo-jin by the shoulder.

    Despite his fingers being long and neatly shaped, they were quite thick, and having three inside made the feeling of stretching different and somewhat painful. Still, it was bearable, and there was a strange sensation beyond the pain.



    Therefore, Jae-chan repeatedly assured Woo-jin that he was fine.

    After that, Woo-jin spent an excessively long time gently preparing the lower area. He carefully inserted his firm fingers while kissing, then slowly withdrew them with bluntly bent tips. The feeling of them dragging against the sensitive inner walls made Jae-chan involuntarily clench and let out a shallow breath. Woo-jin would then press firmly on the tightened entrance with his fingertips before pushing his thick fingers back in, spreading the inner flesh again. The action was repeated several times.

    The embarrassing sound of squelching every time was a given. Jae-chan’s face couldn’t get any redder at the sound of being completely soaked in gel, and even though he said several times that this was enough, Woo-jin didn’t back down.

    “Really, ugh, it’s enough.”

    Avoiding the soft bites on his lips, Jae-chan emphasized again. More than the fact that his back wouldn’t loosen any further, what bothered him was the throbbing erection caused by Woo-jin’s massive, heated manhood, which had been pressing against him and leaking pre-cvm since a while ago.

    “Can I really go ahead?”

    With Woo-jin’s voice dangerously low, Jae-chan groaned out an “Yeah…” and pulled him closer by his broad shoulders.

    With continued urging, Woo-jin held Jae-chan tightly, pressing his lips to his slightly damp hair. The soft, sweet scent of Jae-chan’s body wafted over. He wrapped Jae-chan’s legs around his waist. He positioned the condom-covered tip of his penis at the thoroughly lubricated, soft entrance.

    He entered.


    The moment he parted the narrow membrane that did not allow even a single gap even after loosening it like that, Woo-jin felt his resolve to never overwork Jae-chan being completely shaken. It was so hot. Even though only the head was barely inserted, the pressure felt as if it was going to explode, and the urge to push it all the way into the narrow fleshy h0le and plow through it was strong.

    The sensation was so intense it was almost painful. Woo-jin gritted his teeth to suppress his desire, carefully checking on Jae-chan. Jae-chan, whose face had been flushed, now looked slightly stiff. That pale expression barely held Woo-jin’s reason together.

    “…Are you okay?”


    Despite the evident signs of pain, Jae-chan insisted he was fine. When Woo-jin kissed his earlobe, a thin shiver transmitted through his lips. The fortunate thing was that Jae-chan’s pretty penis, though slightly softened, was still erect. Woo-jin gently caressed the reddish tip and sensitive nipples, trying to induce as much pleasure as possible for Jae-chan.

    Meanwhile, Jae-chan was trying to be able to breathe properly while handling the enormous size that threatened to tear his body apart. It was on a different level from when Woo-jin inserted his finger. Jae-chan suddenly remembered that when he first saw Woo-jin’s d1ck, it reminded him of a gun barrel with an extended barrel cover.

    ‘Wow… this is really too big.’

    He almost swore for the first time since his regression when Woo-jin entered. Tears welled up in Jae-chan’s eyes as he struggled to breathe.

    But then, when Woo-jin, who hadn’t even inserted half, slowly withdrew with the help of the gel and gently pushed in just as much again,

    “Ah, wait, …ugh!”

    Somewhere deep inside, Jae-chan was stimulated and hurriedly hugged Woo-jin tightly. He wrapped his arms around Woo-jin’s thick neck and his legs around his waist in a rush. Jae-chan trembled intermittently, burying his head in Woo-jin’s neck. His toes curled involuntarily.

    He shivered with a tingling sensation in his stomach, and when Jae-chan came to his senses, his stomach was all wet. Jae-chan raised his head with redness under his eyes and met Woo-jin’s shallowly shaking, pitch-black eyes. At that moment, he realized he had cum prematurely.


    It definitely hurt, so why did it feel good?

    The pleasure was different from the sensation of ejaculation. At first, he didn’t even recognize it as pleasure.

    And there was a bigger problem than the premature ejaculation.

    Seon Jae-chan’s face gradually began to turn red. And Woo-jin, who was looking at Jae-chan’s red face with an overwhelmed expression, hugged Jae-chan in his arms and kissed his face.

    “Hey… wait, hold on…! Wait, pull out!”

    Jae-chan shouted in a panic.

    He had always been reluctant to guide during the act, but it seemed he had just done it that a moment ago.

    If he was unlucky, Woo-jin might have caught his true feelings. The embarrassment of premature ejaculation, and the fact that despite everything, he liked Woo-jin so much that he didn’t want to stop. Because of this, Jae-chan couldn’t just accept Woo-jin’s fervent kisses happily.

    “-Did you read it?”

    Jae-chan craned his neck to avoid Woo-jin’s kiss and asked in a questioning tone. He still had a pale complexion.

    “You, you read it.”

    “No. It’s just guiding.”

    Woo-jin responded with another intense kiss. His expression was perfectly composed. But contrary to his calm exterior, his mind was wildly elated from hearing Seon Jae-chan’s true feelings during their intimate moment.

    If it hurts, he should have told him. Woo-jin would have soothed him with his mouth until he were completely relaxed. Was his size too burdensome? But Jae-chan still felt pleasure? Jae-chan came as soon as he entered?


    Did he really like him that much?

    The corner of Woo-jin’s neat mouth twitched. On the inside, he was running wild with joy all over the world. Seon Jae-chan was so pretty that Woo-jin thought he would go crazy. He felt like he could run a hundred laps around the Allied border, breaking world records, just because Seon Jae-chan was so precious to him.

    Woo-jin managed to control himself from wanting to tease Jae-chan with the violent obscenities exploding in his head and spoke in a calm voice.

    “I really didn’t read anything.”


    “I jumped on you because I was so happy that you seemed to like it, even if just a little.”

    Woo-jin’s eyes widened and he repeatedly kissed Jae-chan’s cheek and made excuses. As if to prove his point, he gently stroked Jae-chan’s d1ck, which had just ejaculated.

    “If you’re uncomfortable, should we stop? Want me to clean you up?”

    He kept kissing Jae-chan’s face, which was shrunken with fear of having his feelings discovered. By repeatedly kissing and reassuring him, Jae-chan’s stiff body gradually relaxed.

    So, while holding the warm Seon Jae-chan in his arms, Woo-jin was enduring in another sense. He had unintentionally withdrawn from Jae-chan but wanted to feel the tightness of his inner flesh again. He desperately wanted to reconnect with Jae-chan as before.

    “…Then I’ll continue.”

    Since Jae-chan kept shaking his head at the question of stopping, Woo-jin spoke.

    Jae-chan nodded again, and Woo-jin applied gel to his d1ck and placed a soft pillow under Jae-chan’s waist. This time, he wanted to do it face-to-face.

    He put his weight on it and slowly started to push it in again. Jae-chan’s round eyes widened in surprise, and Woo-jin locked eyes with him, pulling him closer. He kissed Jae-chan’s lips, guiding his small wrists to hold onto his shoulders and head.

    He firmly supported Jae-chan’s trembling back with one hand. Since Jae-chan was clearly struggling, Woo-jin made sure not to go more than halfway in as he began to move.

    Every time Woo-jin entered the tight space, Jae-chan, in surprise, clung to Woo-jin’s neck like a lifeline, causing Woo-jin’s face to flush deeply. The warm inner walls tightened and pulsed in response to his movements. Woo-jin had to use every ounce of strength to prevent himself from thrusting wildly and pushing deeper.

    “Ugh… mmph….”

    Meanwhile, overwhelmed by the situation and the unfamiliar stretching pain below, Jae-chan noticed the bulging veins on Woo-jin’s thick neck. His tightly clenched jawline and the fierce, tense look in his eyes also caught his attention.

    Maybe something is not right?

    Jae-chan, unaware that Woo-jin was holding back, worried that something might be wrong. Despite struggling to accommodate something as thick as a child’s arm, Jae-chan suddenly wondered if he was doing well, a task he had never attempted before.

    He wanted to do well if he could. He wanted to match Woo-jin’s expectations if he was lacking. Above all, he wanted Woo-jin to feel good.

    “…Does it feel good?”

    In the end, had no choice but to ask the person directly.  Jae-chan asked a question in a slightly uncertain voice. His flushed face, which was red as if he had a fever, showed a very faint expression of anxiety that he could not hide.

    Woo-jin, who had been focused on controlling himself, paused. He blinked slowly at Jae-chan’s unclear question and then let out a small sigh. With his face flushed to his forehead, he whispered back.

    “Of course… it feels amazing.”

    He responded by hugging Jae-chan. Woo-jin carefully placed his heated forehead against Jae-chan’s forehead and made deep eye contact, hoping that his feelings would be conveyed. He thought that emotional transmission should be a trait of the one with the supernatural ability, not Jae-chan.

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