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    Jae-chan, watching the opening scene of the movie with its calm waves and beautiful music, spoke up.

    “I’ve seen this before.”

    Jae-chan turned his head and placed his hand on Woo-jin’s forearm. He remembered watching this fairly famous foreign romance film before.

    “I’ve seen it too. Want to watch something else?”

    Woo-jin asked, avoiding his gaze. Jae-chan looked at Woo-jin, who seemed quieter than usual, and said, “No.” It seemed there was a reason Woo-jin had put it on. Plus, Jae-chan only vaguely remembered the movie since he had watched it years ago without much interest, and he couldn’t recall much except for the ending.

    “I only saw it briefly before, so it’s vague. The music is good.”

    “The story is good too. I’ve watched it several times this year.”

    And Woo-jin looked again at Jae-chan cradled in his arms, whom he watched far more often than movies lately. The shampoo scent reaching his nose was fragrant.

    Woo-jin’s eyes wandered down from Jae-chan’s round head focused on the screen to his straight shoulders, then to the slender waist nestled in his arms. Past the loose pants, his long, straight calves came into view, as well as his slim ankles that would fit in Woo-jin’s palm, speckled with lingering red marks.

    Despite being careful, Woo-jin noticed the marks left by his grip on Jae-chan’s ankles. He thought he would have to hold more gently next time.

    “Ah, that actor has a unique voice. He was originally a voice actor…”

    As the scene changed, Jae-chan turned his head again, pointing to the actor who appeared with a sly look on his face.

    Jae-chan met Woo-jin’s pitch-black eyes that had been staring intently at him. Caught off guard, Woo-jin blinked a few times before his gaze instinctively lowered to the area that had captured most of his interest since earlier. Following Woo-jin’s line of sight, Jae-chan also noticed the embarrassing situation at his chest.


    In that moment, all thoughts of the actor and his voice vanished from Jae-chan’s mind. He turned his back to Woo-jin, awkwardly trying to adjust the shirt to avoid any further exposure.


    Jae-chan straightened up in surprise as Woo-jin’s hands suddenly slipped under the thin T-shirt to caress his n1pples.

    Meanwhile, Woo-jin followed his impulse and buried his lips on the top of Jae-chan’s shampoo-scented head, pulling and stroking the soft tiny lump of flesh beneath the shirt to his heart’s content. He couldn’t hold back any longer. That thought overwhelmed Woo-jin’s mind.

    “Hey, wait, ugh-.”

    Jae-chan was taken aback by Woo-jin’s uncharacteristic boldness and could only press his shoulders to his ears and stifle his moans. Woo-jin’s calloused fingers kept playing with his already sore and sensitive n1pples.

    In the end, it was the moment when Jae-chan tried to stop Woo-jin by grabbing his hand over the shirt, Jae-chan paused. How had he not noticed? Something unusually hot and hard was pressing against his thigh.


    Sensing that Jae-chan had noticed it at the same time, Woo-jin gently kissed the top of his head and gradually leaned more of his weight onto him. In the cheerful early scenes of the movie, Jae-chan found himself lying flat on the bed, with Woo-jin looming over him like a predator over its prey.

    “I won’t.”

    Jae-chan looked up at Woo-jin’s pitch-black eyes as he said those words. Given their positions and Woo-jin’s expression, he found it hard to believe. Seeing Jae-chan’s distrustful eyes, Woo-jin quickly added,

    “I really won’t. You said no more today.”


    Despite saying he wouldn’t do it, Woo-jin was already kissing his chin and earlobe. He continued kissing and nibbling the tender skin under Jae-chan’s chin. Woo-jin’s erratic voice followed, pleading softly, “Just let me touch you. I’ll take care of you.” Kisses poured out along with impatient pleas.


    Jae-chan couldn’t help but nod as he listened to Woo-jin’s desperate plea. The moment he agreed, Woo-jin swiftly pulled up Jae-chan’s shirt.

    Wow, this guy has quick hands.

    Jae-chan felt his face and ears flush as he realized how fast Woo-jin had moved. Meanwhile, Woo-jin’s face was flushed with excitement as he slipped his fingers into Jae-chan’s pants and underwear in one swift motion.

    Woo-jin couldn’t take his eyes off the skin that made him feel like he could cvm just by looking at it. He pulled up Jae-chan’s T-shirt to reveal the red, sensitive tips of his nipples. The sight of Jae-chan’s slender waist, hip bones, and the marks on his inner thighs and knees captivated Woo-jin.

    As Woo-jin tried to spread Jae-chan’s legs to get a closer look at his slightly erect p3nis, Jae-chan quickly rolled over to avoid him. Woo-jin couldn’t help but laugh as Jae-chan kept making the same mistake of only protecting his front as if his backside had no sensitive parts.

    Regardless, it allowed Woo-jin to face Jae-chan’s round buttocks, which were similarly marked with red spots. He immediately grabbed the flesh and spread it, revealing the slightly swollen entrance. Despite being thoroughly washed, the area was reddened from Woo-jin’s marks. Woo-jin touched it gently.


    Jae-chan squirmed, trying to pull down his t-shirt to cover his behind while calling out to Woo-jin. Of course, Woo-jin didn’t care at all and poured kisses all over his buttocks and pretty h0le.

    Hey, you jerk…! Jae-chan’s voice eventually rose gruff like a military senior, and Woo-jin burst into laughter. Normally Jae-chan would properly call him “Woo-jin,” but when flustered, he tended to sound rough, saying just “hey.”

    “Okay. Sorry.”

    After indulging in burying his lips there like a pervert, Woo-jin finally got kicked in the shoulder by Jae-chan’s heel. Pretending the painless contact hurt, saying “Ow,” Woo-jin obediently released Jae-chan. He quickly redressed him and, smiling, pulled the blushing Jae-chan back into his embrace.

    Earlier he had desperately wanted to touch Jae-chan, but now just tightly hugging him like this felt extremely satisfying. Holding the Jae-chan marked by his own traces, bearing Woo-jin’s imprints all over his body, made him feel overjoyed.

    And the flustered Jae-chan, despite being annoyed by Woo-jin’s absurd displays of affection, soon felt happily bemused.

    Though his cheeks burned with embarrassment, Woo-jin’s smiling face completely defused his anger. Woo-jin’s expression, tightly closing his smiling eyes into wrinkles, resembled the “>_<” emoticon exaggeratedly. Jae-chan had never seen Woo-jin make that face over his two lifetimes. Seeing Woo-jin so delighted made Jae-chan simply happy too.

    Finally, Jae-chan raised his head and kissed Woo-jin, even though he made a dumbfounded face. Forehead, eyebrows, eyelids, cheeks, bridge of nose, lips. As the kisses came one after another, Go Woo-jin felt as if he was going to fly with joy.

    “You… Are you okay?”

    Jae-chan asked, seeming concerned about Woo-jin’s arousal still poking him down below.  Woo-jin kissed Jae-chan’s face, which was clearly troubled by the thought, ‘Shouldn’t I fulfill this responsibility in a relationship?’ and shook his head.

    “It’s really okay. Leave it alone.”

    Feeling Jae-chan’s warm body temperature, Woo-jin truly thought this was also good.

    “…Then let’s watch that now.”

    Jae-chan said, averting his flushed face. Woo-jin planted a kiss on his reddened cheek and rewound the movie back to the beginning.

    After that, the two didn’t do anything else and just focused on their movie. They were close to each other, but the only thing they shared was the occasional small kiss or conversation.

    The movie was halfway through and heading towards its climax. Unlike when he had watched it in the past, Jae-chan found his nose tingling with emotion.

    The movie, which combines the time loop genre and romance, had an open ending. The male protagonist sacrifices his life for the female protagonist. It was a delightfully shot sequence that brought back some of the earlier humorous dialogue in a scene that could have been cliche, but it was also sad.

    Jae-chan tried neutralizing his wistful feelings by thinking of silly things like Seon Eun-su’s selfies but to no avail. He didn’t feel this way when watching it before, seriously.

    Feeling tears well up, Jae-chan turned away. He intended to dilute his feelings by chatting with Woo-jin.

    “Don’t you find it sad?”

    In the end, the male protagonist dies. It was a conclusion hard to simply label tragic. In any case, he protected the love that was more precious than his life and raised the topic of what true love is to the audience.

    “That’s why I didn’t like it before. It’s just too sad. It’s too much.”

    Woo-jin answered. Jae-chan looked back as Woo-jin pulled the waist he was hugging more tightly. Woo-jin made eye contact and said in a somewhat embarrassed tone, “But now I like it.” He added.

    The movie ended quietly,  and an upbeat, walking-paced tune played over the ending credits. For a while, the two people just gazed deeply into each other’s eyes.

    As he gazed into Woo-jin’s dark eyes which resembled the night sky in the movie, Jae-chan suddenly thought that this moment was very happy.  He felt almost guilty for being so happy while the protagonist faced tragedy. Of course, having properly experienced tragedy himself, it was only fair he received such consolation.

    Did he not actually come back to life like a zombie? Thinking that, Jae-chan spread his arms. After blinking a few times, Woo-jin smiled and readily leaned his upper body forward. Jae-chan’s thoughts continued as he held Woo-jin in his arms.

    If there were any bastards who endangered this precious embodiment of happiness—

    He would destroy them all.

    Ignoring his aching body, Jae-chan hugged Woo-jin tightly. Unlike the movie protagonist who only knew love and laughter, he would go a step further and protect both Woo-jin and his own life. With renewed determination, he vowed to keep them both safe.

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