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    However, after eating roasted meat for three whole days, Wu Xiaoyin truly realized what this sentence meant—”even the most delicious roasted meat, if eaten every meal in every day, would eventually become tired of it.” So following Lei Lu’s clumsy way of teaching him the common language of beastman continent in three days, he earnestly expressed his unwillingness to continue eating roasted meat. Only then did Lei Lu realized that females are different from males. While meat contains abundant nutrition and energy, eating it for a long time would actually cause the female body to weaken.

    So Lei Lu carried the little female to find his father. Because from today onwards, the little female no longer needed to take medicine. After eating dinner at his father’s place, they would go to find the priest to see if the little female’s body had fully recovered. Therefore, carrying the little female to his father’s not-too-distant home to have a meal should not pose any problems.

    After experiencing three full days of being a “baby”, carried while eating, carried while sleeping, carried even to the toilet… Wu Xiaoyin couldn’t help but wonder, should all patients really be taken care of in this manner?

    So Wu Xiaoyin voiced his objections and wanted to express that he could walk on his own. But Lei Lu decisively rejected this and thus carried his off to his father’s home.

    At this time, Xi and Lei Lu’s father Lei Yan were discussing Wu Xiaoyin. Xi felt a bit of worry as he said, “I wonder how the little female is doing? Has his body improved?”

    Lei Yan couldn’t bear to see his female frown because of others. He embraced his female and said, “With that boy Lei Lu taking care of him, he’ll definitely recover quickly. And you know the beastmen’s medical advancements since that female arrived on the beastman continent. It’s just a cold, he’ll get better soon.”

    At this moment, Lei Lu had not yet entered the cave, so he called out: “Father, Dad, me and Wu Xiaoyin are coming in.”

    Only after Xi responded “come in” did Lei Lu carry the little female and walk into his parents’ cave. It was because once a child becomes an adult, they are considered independent and must get the parents’ permission even to enter their home.

    Xi saw Lei Lu carrying the little female into the cave. He carefully examined the little female and asked, “How is the little female’s body? Is he feeling better now?”

    Lei Lu looked intently at the little female as he replied, “Dad, Xiaoxiao is feeling much better now. After we finish eating, I’ll take Xiaoxiao to see the priest because the medicine he gave has already been used up.”

    Xi heaved a sigh of relief and replied, “That’s good then. And the little female’s name is Xiaoxiao? What a cute name, it really suits him.”

    As the person in question, Wu Xiaoyin heard them discussing “Xiaoxiao” and knew they were talking about him. But after refuting it countless times over these three days without success, he felt tired and no longer resisted. Anyway, Lei Lu looked quite satisfied.

    Lei Lu had been closely observing the little female’s expressions and saw him puffing out his little face. He knew that he still had some resistance to the name “Xiaoxiao”. But no matter, he would keep calling him that until the day Xiaoxiao would agree to it. Lei Lu said to Wu Xiaoyin, “Xiaoxiao, call Dad, and this is Father.”

    Wu Xiaoyin obediently called out “Dad, Father” in a sweet voice. Xi was very pleased, and even the rarely expressive Lei Yan softened his face slightly. Lei Lu then said, “Dad, what kind of wild vegetables do females tend to prefer? These past two days, Xiaoxiao has only been eating roasted meat to the point that his appetite is now poor and he’s eating even less.”

    Upon hearing this, Xi scolded Lei Lu with a glare and said, “How can a female keep eating just roasted meat? His body won’t be able to handle it. Luckily today I picked some giant white cabbage, let’s all eat it together here.”

    Lei Lu couldn’t help but mutter, “Eating meat can restore energy and strength though!”

    Xi hit him on the back and said impatiently, “Constantly eating roasted meat places a huge burden on the female body and actually hinders the recovery of his physical strength.”

    At this, Lei Lu dared not say anything further. As for Lei Yan, he was displeased that his female had physically contact with his son and planned to “educate” Xi good tonight. But Xi knew nothing of the impending punishment. He was busily preparing the giant white cabbage for Wu Xiaoyin.

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