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    Wu Xiaoyin watched as Xi was processing the giant cabbage, only to discover that it was at least ten times larger than normal cabbage. Xi broke open the giant cabbage and placed it in a stone basin to wash it. After washing, he tore the giant cabbage into shreds and put it into the meat broth, then slowly stirred the shredded giant cabbage. Finally, a fresh vegetable aroma wafted through the pure meat broth. At the same time, Lei Yan’s roasted meat was also finished.

    Xi called Wu Xiaoyin and Lei Lu, and the four of them sat around the fire pit. But Wu Xiaoyin still did not have the right to sit freely and could only sit on Lei Lu’s lap and started tasting the lunch with both meat and vegetables of the Beastman continent.

    Xi served the soup for Wu Xiaoyin and handed it to Lei Lu. Wu Xiaoyin drank a sip from the soup on Lei Lu’s hand and chewed on the giant cabbage. He felt that his heart had been healed and he was about to cry from the emotion.

    Xi looked at the Xiaoxiao slowly drinking the soup and asked, “Xiaoxiao, how is it? Is it delicious?”

    After Lei Lu’s teaching of the common language of the Beastman continent, Wu Xiaoyin was already able to understand these simple conversations. Even simple exchanges and communication were no problem. Of course, it was only limited to the food-related aspects.

    Wu Xiaoyin heard his question and hurriedly drank the soup in his mouth before replying, “It’s very delicious, so delicious.”

    After hearing this, Xi couldn’t help but feel that the Xiaoxiao’s soft and mellow voice was so cute. He wanted to rub, hug, and pinch him! But seeing Lei Lu’s possessive behavior, he knew that he couldn’t do this idea in front of Lei Lu. But after the little female’s body is fully recovered, Lei Lu won’t be able to restrain the little female anymore, and there will be a chance then, Xi thought.

    Xi said, “Since it’s delicious, that’s good. When you go back, let Lei Lu bring some giant cabbage.” Then he looked at Lei Lu and opened his mouth, “The giant cabbage is growing in the small forest outside the tribe. There are also giant carrots, giant sweet potatoes, and giant potatoes. When Xiaoxiao wants to eat them, you can go pick them yourself.”

    Lei Lu listened to his words and said in response, “Understood, Dad.”

    And so the scene of the family eating together in a warm and affectionate way passed. But in Wu Xiaoyin’s heart, there was endless emotion, because the lack of family affection made Wu Xiaoyin deeply moved and expectant in such a warm and tender atmosphere. He hoped that they could continue to live like this in the future. Unbeknownst to them, this thinking of Wu Xiaoyin reduced many obstacles for Lei Lu’s pursuit of him in the near future.

    After cleaning up, Lei Yan went to the outer forest to patrol and hunt some small animals as a snack for his female. Xi went to the river on the east side of the tribe to wash clothes and tan animal hides. As for Lei Lu and Wu Xiaoyin, they went to the priest’s house to find out how Wu Xiaoyin’s body recovery was going.

    “Priest, are you there?” Lei Lu asked in front of the priest’s cave.

    “I’m here. Come in.” The priest’s voice rang and he put down the medicinal herbs he was studying.

    Lei Lu walked into the priest’s cave and skillfully placed the little female on a giant bull hide.

    The priest didn’t say much. He first examined the little female’s body and then said, “There’s no major problem anymore. The cold condition has improved, and the frightened spirit has also been calmed down. The next step is to make the body healthier and stronger. I see the little female’s bone age is already 20 years old, but his physical appearance is equivalent to a 13-14 year old cub. This may hinder the little female’s future development and growth.”

    Lei Lu was surprised to hear this. He originally thought that the little female was at most 15 years old, but didn’t expect him to already be 20 years old, with only 5 years left before he reaches adulthood. On the Beastman continent, females reach adulthood at 25 years old and males at 30 years old. This is determined by the different growth conditions of females and males, but the specific time may be 1-2 years earlier or later for individuals.

    Lei Lu was very worried about the little female’s body. He silently hugged the little female and nodded to the priest before leaving.

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