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    Wu Xiaoyin looked at Lei Lu carrying him as they walked along the wide path planned out by the tribe. He felt that Lei Lu’s mood was a bit low. Wu Xiaoyin even forgot to look around the tribe and learn more about it. He nudged Lei Lu’s shoulder and asked, “Lei Lu what’s wrong? Why are you unhappy?”

    Lei Lu was very happy to see the little female caring about him, but thinking about the little female’s body made him feel down again. However, he had no intention of hiding anything from the little female because the little female’s body was more important than anything else. What was most important was the little female’s body. If he hid anything, the little female might neglect his own body. But of course Lei Lu would never let that happen. Or if his mood became bad because of him hiding something, it would also harm his body.

    Therefore, Lei Lu stared intently at the little female’s face and said in the common language of the continent that the little female could understand, “The priest said that your body is a bit weak, not as strong as some 13-14 year old cubs. You will be an adult in about 5 years, which is a bit difficult for you to reach the health level of a normal female.”

    Wu Xiaoyin heard this and couldn’t understand most of the content. He only understood that he had not yet come of age. He couldn’t help but feel strange and replied, “But I’m already an adult, I’ve been an adult for 2 years.”

    Lei Lu knew that it was likely because of the different standards for adulthood in the little female’s previous place of residence. He explained, “Before Xiaoxiao came to the Beastman Continent, there was also a female named Wu Xiaonuo. When he arrived at the Beastman continent, he been an adult for 4-5 years in the place you lived. But on the Beastman Continent, you have not yet come of age. That’s why your body is still developing and growing.”

    Hearing the Chinese name Wu Xiaonuo, Wu Xiaoyin couldn’t help but think that this might be his relative from 500 years ago. They shared the same surname and only differed by one character in their names. But now was not the time to dwell on this. Wu Xiaoyin simply knew that he had not yet come of age on the Beastman Continent.

    He did not refute Lei Lu. He believed that the priest’s power could not be judged by common logic, and perhaps this was a power bestowed by the Beast God.

    The two continued talking as they made their way back to their home. Yes, in Lei Lu’s heart this had already become their shared future home. But little did they know that in the not-too-distant future, they would move into an even better home, one that they built with their own hands. The joy and gratitude Lei Lu felt at that time would be incomparable to how he felt today.

    Because the priest’s words had left Lei Lu with a lingering worry, he decided that from today onwards he would take a good care of Xiaoxiao. So he placed the little female on a giant rabbit fur and stared into his eyes before saying word by word, “Xiaoxiao, I will definitely raise you to be plump and white, without any sickness. Okay, now I’m going hunting, otherwise we won’t have any food to eat today. You sit here obediently, I’ll be back soon.” After saying this, he patted the little female’s head and turned to leave.

    But he didn’t expect to be held back by the little female. Looking down at the little female’s eyes, he waited for him to speak. Wu Xiaoyin grabbed Lei Lu’s hand and said, “I want to go out and have a look too, okay?”

    He even used his hands to make a walking gesture.

    Seeing the little female’s gestures, Lei Lu thought that today he might as well go hunt small prey in the forests just outside the tribe. It wouldn’t be too dangerous, and it would let the little female go out for a walk to clear his mind. After being bored for a few days, Xiaoxiao’s mood must have turned bad.

    After making a decision on the spot, Lei Lu firmly held the little female in his arm and set off towards the forest just outside the tribe…

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