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    Lei Lu brought Wu Xiaoyin to the forest on the outskirts of the tribe. There were not many large prey animals in this forest. Because the females of the tribe would often come here to collect fruits and vegetables, the males had either driven the dangerous wild animals further away or killed them on the spot. Therefore, Lei Lu leisurely brought the little female to the forest.

    At this time, Wu Xiaoyin’s eyes could hardly take in all the sights. As someone who vowed to taste all the delicious foods and see all the beautiful sceneries in the world, although he had not traveled abroad, the abundant delicacies and landscapes of the Great Celestial Empire had already left him awestruck. It could be even said that he had seen many beautiful sceneries and tasted a lot of delicacies. However, the scene before him now still managed to shock him!

    Vast expanses of green filled his vision. They were in different shades, and each one of them was capable of stirring people’s heart. What surprised Wu Xiaoyin even more was that all over this land were giant vegetables, which differed from Earth’s vegetables only in size. The giant cabbage they had eaten for lunch was growing in large patches. There were also huge red peppers nearly the size of watermelons on Earth. Climbing vines on the great trees bore giant cucumbers and gourds. In short, the forest was a treasure trove.

    Lei Lu placed the little female on a towering tree and made sure that there was no danger around it. He then instructed him to stay put obediently before leaping down the tree to go hunt further away, but making sure he could still sense his presence before he felt at ease.

    Wu Xiaoyin, who was placed on the tree, regretted that he was not able to move around freely. Then he found that the tree he was sitting on was an apple tree. The apples were already ripe, causing Wu Xiaoyin who had not eaten fruits for three days to salivate profusely. But knowing that a careless movement could make him fall accidentally, Wu Xiaoyin could only obediently wait for Lei Lu to return and pick the apples for him. But the apple’s fragrance really teased his nose and made him more hungry.

    To divert his attention, Wu Xiaoyin decided to look around at what other familiar fruits and vegetables he could see. Not far away, there were already ripe watermelons and oranges. There were even lychee and longan trees having large and plump fruits. Wu Xiaoyin couldn’t help but think this was unscientific. Fruits of different seasons and regions were coexisting in this small area, a world completely different from Earth!

    Before Wu Xiaoyin could marvel at this for long, a rustling sound suddenly came from the forest. It startled him and making him fear that a wild beast was approaching and might climb the tree. But before Wu Xiaoyin could feel too anxious, a voice speaking reached his ears. Compared to Lei Lu and his father’s rough voice, this one was more similar to his own. Wu Xiaoyin judged that a female had come to pick fruits and vegetables.

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