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    Why was Wu Xiaoyin able to quickly discern that this was the voice of a female? This has to do with the fact that Wu Xiaoyin’s major is architecture. As a top student in the architecture department, the classes and even the entire department are male-dominated. This led Wu Xiaoyin to learn quite a bit about the topic of “good buddies” and their stories, even though he doesn’t interact with his classmates much. He also has a basic understanding of the important equipment for “transmigrating to the beastman world”. Additionally, there was Lei Lu’s previous dramatic transformation of turning into human and the fact that there were only males and not females around. All of these confirmed Wu Xiaoyin’s guess.

    Therefore, when a voice different from Lei Lu’s and his father’s came from not far away, a voice similar to his own, Wu Xiaoyin was certain that the approaching person was female. Perhaps this female came to pick fruits and vegetables. As a result, Wu Xiaoyin was able to relax. He slowly waited for the female’s approach.

    The people who were slowly approaching were actually Bin and Xiaokai. The one chattering noisily was Xiaokai, vaguely mentioning the words like “the new female”, “Lei Lu”, and “petite”. It wasn’t until they reached the big tree where Wu Xiaoyin was that Xiaokai’s voice finally stopped.

    Standing at the base of the tree, Xiaokai looked up at Wu Xiaoyin and turned to Bin, saying, “Bin, why is there a lone female here? And he even looks a lot like the female Lei Lu brought back. White skin, black hair and eyes, small stature…”

    Unable to listen anymore, Bin covered Xiaokai’s chattering mouth and looked up. Then he asked the female in the tree, “Hello, I’m Bin, and he is Xiaokai. I hope you don’t mind what he said. He’s just curious about you. After all, it’s rare for an outsider female to settle here in the tribe.”

    Although Wu Xiaoyin couldn’t understand most of what Bin was saying, he knew that Bin’s intentions were kind just by looking into his eyes. As for Xiaokai, although he was struggling to break free of Bin’s hand, his eyes only held curiosity. So Wu Xiaoyin didn’t really mind that they seemed to be talking about him and caught him in the act.

    But because of the language barrier, Wu Xiaoyin said to Bin and Xiaokai, “It’s okay, I’m Wu Xiaoyin. You can call me Xiaoxiao.” Well, to make it easier to call him and communicate, he could only agree with Lei Lu’s nickname for him.

    Hearing that Wu Xiaoyin’s name is Xiaoxiao, Xiaokai exclaimed loudly: “Wow, Xiaoxiao, that suits you so well. Your small stature, your small face…”

    Before he could finish his words, he was covered by Bin’s hand again. After finally breaking free from Bin’s grip, Xiaokai couldn’t help but complain, “What did I say wrong? It’s all truly small. Okay, okay, I’ll stop, alright?”

    Seeing Bin glare at him, Xiaokai finally shut up. Bin continued, “Xiaoxiao, why are you alone in the tree? Doesn’t anyone accompany you when you come out?”

    Sensing Bin’s questioning tone and his own situation where he was alone, it wasn’t hard for Wu Xiaoyin to guess what Bin was asking. After all, the number of females in this world is far less than males. So females are a precious existence. Even in the relatively safe outskirts of the tribe, they cannot move around alone. They must either travel in groups of females or be accompanied by males. That’s why Bin was asking Wu Xiaoyin about being alone.

    Just as Wu Xiaoyin was about to respond, Lei Lu returned with his prey…

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