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    Lei Lu carried a giant rabbit cub and two giant bull cubs back to the tree where Wu Xiaoyin was staying.

    Seeing the presence of Bin and Xiaokai, he simply nodded. He placed the prey at the base of the tree, easily leapt up twenty meters high into the big tree, tightly hugging the little one in his arms, and then jumped down the tree. He picked up the prey and went to where Bin and Xiaokai were before asking, “Where are Feng and Kos? Why aren’t they here? Are you two out here alone?”

    Hearing Lei Lu’s question, Xiaokai eagerly answered, “Kos and the others have gone hunting and haven’t come back yet. Isn’t there a gathering tonight? So they’ll be back a bit later today. We came out to pick some fruit from this giant red fruit tree.”

    After saying that, he pointed to the tree where Wu Xiaoyin was staying.

    Hearing this, Lei Lu couldn’t help but tighten his grip on Xiaoxiao in his arms. He glanced apologetically at Xiaoxiao. Seeing Xiaoxiao eyeing the giant red fruits on the tree hungrily, Lei Lu felt regretful that he had forgotten to pick some fruit for him to eat. It seems that he still has more to learn in caring for Xiaoxiao.

    He put down the prey and easily leapt up, then plucked two large ripe giant red fruits before placing them in the little one’s arms. Then he picked up the prey again and headed back to the tribe.

    Wu Xiaoyin’s arms were filled with the two huge “apples” without any warning, well, he heard they’re called giant red fruits. He felt that he couldn’t accept them. They were simply too heavy. One giant red fruit weighs around five kilograms, so he could imagine how big and heavy the two together were. His arms were trembling from holding them.

    But the joy of being able to eat fruits from another world overcame the discomfort of the weight. He happily carried them and wondered where to take the first bite.

    Suddenly he heard Xiaokai’s voice, “Xiaoxiao, let’s go back together. We’re heading back too.”

    Wu Xiaoyin’s eyes were full of confusion. It seems they weren’t here to pick fruits and vegetables, so why were they leaving empty-handed?

    He looked at Bin and Xiaokai’s empty hands. Bin noticed Wu Xiaoyin’s puzzled look and explained, “We mainly just wanted to come out for a walk. Since the females can’t go out alone, we made an agreement to come out on a good day to stroll around and pick some wild vegetables and fruits. But we didn’t manage to pick any this time. It’s no problem though, as we have fixed collection days.”

    Seeing the female’s puzzled expression, Lei Lu decided to speed up teaching the little female the common language of the continent. Although the little female’s innocent look was adorable, he wanted to see him able to laugh and chat freely.

    Lei Lu shifted the little female in his arms, letting his head rest on his shoulder, and him cradled in his arms. With Xiaokai’s voice as accompaniment, they walked back to the tribe.

    As they neared the four-way intersection, Bin and Xiaokai headed east towards the tribe, while Lei Lu’s cave was to the west. After making plans with Bin and Xiaokai to come visit Wu Xiaoyin when they had time, they parted ways.

    Lei Lu carried the little female and slowly walked back to their home. The most important task on Lei Lu’s mind now was to fill the little female’s stomach, while Wu Xiaoyin was thinking about how to quickly and completely eat this entire giant red fruit, even though that was an impossible task. But with Lei Lu there, it would be done in no time.

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