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    During the time that Lei Lu was teaching the common language of the continent, he would often take the little female to his dad’s and father’s place so that the little female would not be bored alone in the house while Lei Lu was out hunting. This also allowed the little female to practice the new language he was learning and become more fluent by conversing with Xi.

    During this time, Bin and Xiaokai also came to play with Wu Xiaoyin. They knew that Wu Xiaoyin was learning the common language, so each time they would speak slowly with him. However, Xiaokai would get excited while talking and his speed would become too fast. At those times, Bin’s role would become apparent as he would cover Xiaokai’s mouth and carry on a conversational practice with Wu Xiaoyin in a cheerful manner.

    This kind of life continued until a month later when Wu Xiaoyin was able to understand most daily conversations and could basically express his needs and thoughts in the common language. During this one-month period, aside from going to Dad Xi’s home, Wu Xiaoyin did not go out of the tribe at all. No fruit picking, vegetable gathering, or other leisure activities.

    He was starting to feel a bit cooped up. During this period, Wu Xiaoyin also confirmed his guess that the diet on the beastman continent was indeed mainly focused on roasted meat and meat soup, with the addition of some giant cabbage, giant carrots, giant potatoes, and giant sweet potatoes as a supplement for the females.

    However, after eating a series of cabbage meat soup, carrot meat soup, potato meat soup, and sweet potato meat soup, Wu Xiaoyin’s appetite began to diminish gradually.

    Lei Lu was a bit worried about this. After seeing Xiaoxiao only eat a small piece of roasted giant sheep meat and a few sips of soup once again, he asked, “Xiaoxiao, what’s wrong? Has your appetite gotten worse recently because you’ve been feeling bored and can’t go out?”

    Wu Xiaoyin looked at Lei Lu. Seeing the genuine concern in his eyes, he couldn’t bring himself to give a perfunctory or deceptive answer. He honestly said, “I’m just tired of the roasted meat and meat soup. Starting from this tonight’s meal, can I try cooking something myself? And I’d also like to go to the outskirts of the tribe to see if there are any seasonings I can use to improve the flavors of the dishes.”

    Lei Lu thought about how the little female’s appetite had not been good these past few days, and seeing the longing in his eyes to go out and have a look around, he agreed, “After you finish eating, I’ll take you out for a walk.”

    Hearing this response, Wu Xiaoyin said a bit excitedly, “The last time we went out of the tribe, I saw a lot of vegetables and fruits that can be used for cooking. Can we go pick some tand try to see if they taste good? What do you think?”

    Lei Lu looked at the little female’s smile and the upward curve in his voice, then replied with a doting look on his eyes, “Okay, but first finish this bowl of soup, and then we’ll go to the forest.”

    Wu Xiaoyin sighed but obediently drank the soup in Lei Lu’s hand.

    Lei Lu saw Xiaoxiao obediently drinking the soup with his hands. Xiaoxiao in his arms was very gentle and obedient. He knew that in this past month, Xiaoxiao had been working hard to learn the common language and adapt to life here. Lei Lu was determined to keep him forever in the beastman continent in the Giant Tiger Tribe.

    After finishing the soup, Wu Xiaoyin looked straight at Lei Lu, his eyes conveying his meaning directly. Lei Lu was attacked by extreme cuteness that he simply tidied up and carried the little female to head towards the forest on the outskirts of the tribe.

    As for why Wu Xiaoyin is still being carried to eat, walk, and sleep, this is due to Lei Lu using Wu Xiaoyin’s health as an excuse.

    At the same time, Lei Lu was always concerned about Wu Xiaoyin’s health. Even though he had been sleeping and eating well in the past month since arriving in the beastman continent, and learning the common language, his weight still decreased. Although Wu Xiaoyin himself didn’t feel anything, Lei Lu who carried him every day could clearly feel the change in his weight.

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