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    Lei Lu carried Wu Xiaoyin and walked to the outskirts of the tribe, strolling slowly. Wu Xiaoyin was also able to take another look at the entire tribe and the surrounding scenery.

    The tribe was nestled among towering mountains, with layer upon layer of various trees and plants. If this was on Earth, it would be a rare and secluded paradise. But in the Beastman Continent, such an environment was not hard to find. Lei Lu’s cave was located on the west side of the tribe, while the tribe’s exit was in the north. Going northward, there were vast expanses of forests, where the female members of the tribe would usually gather.

    The area near the western border of the tribe was the transition zone from forest to grassland and eventually to the desert. On the east side of the tribe, a large river flowed from the northernmost snowy plains through the tribe and away towards the east. The southern side of the tribe was mostly grassland.

    Lei Lu carried the little female and walked into the outskirts of the forest in the north of the tribe. After Wu Xiaoyin admired the lush and beautiful forest, he began to carefully search for plants that could be used as seasonings and more edible fruits and vegetables.

    The giant red chili pepper that Wu Xiaoyin had seen before became his primary target. Soon, the sharp-eyed Wu Xiaoyin spotted the red chili pepper he was looking for and tapped Lei Lu’s shoulder, saying, “Lei Lu, go over there, I see the seasoning I want to find.”

    Lei Lu looked in the direction Wu Xiaoyin’s small finger pointed and couldn’t help but doubt, “Xiaoxiao, are you sure you need this plant? I knew it was non-toxic when I was young and tried it, but the taste…”

    Seeing that Lei Lu could not precisely describe the taste, Wu Xiaoyin continued, “Is it spicy, makes your throat uncomfortable and hurts for a while, but then your whole body sweats and feels much more comfortable?”

    Lei Lu nodded after hearing this and said, “Yes, Xiaoxiao. Since you know this, why do you still want this wild vegetable? I can go pick you a giant white cabbage or a giant radish, how about that?”

    Then he started walking towards the giant white cabbages in the distance.

    Wu Xiaoyin hurriedly stopped Lei Lu and quickly spoke, “Lei Lu, although the taste is not good, this is a plant that only exists as a seasoning. While some people may use it as a main dish, more often it is used to add flavor. This way, the cooked dishes will be even better, without being too irritating.”

    After this long speech, Wu Xiaoyin couldn’t help but take a deep breath. Thanks to the non-stop learning over the past month, he was finally able to express his thoughts smoothly in the common language of the continent.

    After hearing this, Lei Lu agreed to Wu Xiaoyin’s request for the giant red chili pepper, but repeated, “After cooking the dishes, I’ll try it first, and then you can eat.”

    Because Lei Lu could detect through his nose that the plant was non-toxic, but could not discern the taste, which had caused him trouble in the past.

    Wu Xiaoyin heard this and was slightly stunned for a moment. From some reason, his heart sped up after hearing this sentence. After coming back to his senses, he said, “Then let’s go pick them quickly. We don’t need too many, just a few, um… just one is enough. After all, one is already so big.”

    Lei Lu followed Wu Xiaoyin’s instructions and bent down to pick the giant red chili pepper. As Lei Lu picked the giant chilies, Wu Xiaoyin, the one who had boldly named it, slid his body downward slightly. Although Lei Lu immediately held him tighter, it was Wu Xiaoyin who moved first and hugged Lei Lu’s neck loosely for the first time.

    Lei Lu’s movements in picking the giant red chili pepper slowed down a bit, and a clear smile curled up at the corners of his mouth as he continued to pick the giant chilies.

    Seeing Lei Lu quickly pick several giant red chili peppers, Wu Xiaoyin hurriedly said, “That’s enough, enough. Let’s go look for other edible seasonings.”

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